222_ Invocation

Yuh! How disconcerting is that? I keyed in my fill in the blank posting/title/name/Indubitable Paradox/… And nothing came up. But by default, when I pushed Login… It came up ready to roll. So here I am and not a moment too soon. Maybe I was last here on the stream in March or April. I know, I looked, but I’ve forgotten or I just don’t want to start and this is all some form of crap… it isn’t road ready at this point, so I’ll just bag it – like any other person, who has nothing to say and then I’ll hurt for another few months, because I didn’t try to get back into the flow of going for the gusto of having a hobby – that suited my need to just be a scribe to the life and times of a guy on the lamb in the country, south of Seattle. That sounds like I’m a criminal or something. I meant my nefarious aptitude… of being here with you guys- doing this thing that people are doing all over the Internet everyday. Talkin’ talkin’,’bout ourselves in so many ways as a concept to control our desperation to understand our surroundings and our shortcomings, as to what we could be doing to save the world and such.

It has always been my dream to do what? Say what it is I really want to say, but always the conflict has been- If you have nothing to impart, then impart nothing, but if you never say anything, then you learn to have nothing to say, so that is why we are here … You, me.
We are practicing on each other- like we used to in school, but now we aren’t getting graded, except to say, I guess, if no one ever reads what you write… that is it’s own kind of punishment. I’m okay with whatever this is all about. I am glad to be back. I left, because, not the olde saw of depression or mental illness or ‘being a victim of something’; I left, because I hurt my hoo-hoo. That hurts- just saying it. It brings a smile and a sense of satisfaction to my person to finally tell the truth.

In this age of the practiced untruth … It is not easy to ascribe a truthful reason for doing the things we do, but when I realized that
it was my hoo-hoo, that was hurting. I knew, that it would be awhile before I would tell anyone that my hoo-hoo hurt. I just like the sound of hoo-hoo and the way that hoo-hoo looks and the way that it rolls of the keys. I knew I was on to something and now that I’ve gone this far and all with being honest and all and I know that someone out there has just got to let me know if their hoo-hoo hurts, then you know where to find me, because of my experience and the long road to recovery and my being an expert and all … you just feel free to contact me and I will honestly and truthfully be there for you, so your hoo-hoo will hurt no more. We can all become hoo-hoo experts together.

I know I have probably over-stepped the bounds of decorum and I am sorry for that, but at my own expense …I was only trying to make light of a serious situation… and that is … This world is tough.

It is so tough, that a site like this one in particular, where there are so many people, who seem to genuinely care for each other … that I want to just say… Thank You and I need to go now, so that’s all I can find tonight. But my heartfelt feeling is what I call Love. I know you know about love. I just want to say that I love what goes on here. It may be happening in other places. Maybe I should Google… Sites like_ Blogstream? I read a lot of stuff on the Internet. Mostly on the real malaise of cultural upheavals of our shrinking dimensions of safety in an uptight universe of so many conflicting attitudes and agendas. The good and great part of our worldly universe needs to find a way to staunch the flow of bad blood and bad ideas. We cannot appease or entertain the idiocy of the insane
and despotic. Love you lots. To sleep, perchance to dream. Trust the Rust, cya.222


Megolithica-Bunches Of Oats

By some living breathing lally-gagging vein in my persona I have come to relieve the vessel of the sanctity of the “I’m not here” generation. Through the evolution of our assembled pollution we have encumbered our principles into an all-but certain dimmunition of terms. I explodify on the principles and search for an out to the inward windings of my full on design. The quadra-loops are a new feature in the old model from the time when before this electronic domain …back when we wrote letters to our Grandparent’s and couldn’t believe how cool they were when they wrote back, because we were their child’s child. It meant so much to me, when as a child I would with total confidence sit down to write them. I was in a manner of speaking, in awe of the legacy of being related to them. They were my heroes, because they had protected my mother and her sister and brother during the bombing of London. It was my duty to write as well as I could what it was to be me. I was writing from the capital of Virginia… and I got that it was a former colony of the once great British Empire and “my God,”  they were lovers of King and Queen…and so I gave them respect and was actually interested in what they had to say, especially my Grandfather. It was my Grandmother, who made him better by serving that greatness. He was to me more than extraordinary. We first went to England, when I was a young. We were there in North Wales for something like a year. It was the most formative period of my life… for not only was I a little Anglophile, but I loved everything about growing up as the six year old grandson of Pegg the Power… as he was known in the village at the head of the valley. My grandpa worked across the border in Wrexham,U.K. He was Chairman of the Board of the Regional power grid in the northwestern middle section of England and North Wales…for an outfit called Micro Shelf (Yeah Right!). This is always a one draft term of endearment to me and maybe I’m falling off my shelf. Actually, it was called MANWEB. Acronym…No doubt…still on the internet…or should I say now on the internet. This is all new to me… and eventually I will flow like mercury across the page. When I get serious and work at this as a design with purpose and propositions…It will eventually work… I know that… in my bones. And so it is. You are all trying to achieve the same goal as I. We all want to be known for our deep sense of committment to the connection we all hold together to the future of the life… we are all so fortunate to have achieved. It is not the monetary means, that one has acquired that make life rich…It is the character of your knowing.. the appreciation of the state of grace that God has bestowed upon us all. We have in our hearts and minds the means to bestow upon this earth and to it’s peoples the true principles of the existence and subsistence. Whoa! Bessy…I’ll have to think about that. I probably am just going off on a tangent, but I am forever reaching for the natural fulfilment of God’s real plan not the continued destruction of body and character … The dissolution of the hearts and souls. O.K. We do need the whole ball of wax… A Habitat for Humanity… That is larger than building houses. I’ve built houses and I have never worked for [H for H]. Bravo to everyone volunteering and also to everyone, who gives of themself. We all do what we can and now it is the end. I need to sleep. Early-up tomorrow… work, you know. It was a little bit of a tear I went off on … an exercise …trying to assemble the sectors and connectors of my brain into something more than a morass of computified X’s and O’s. Trust the Rust- Over and out-cya
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Monday February 13, 2006
 The last thing I say- That sounds Final


Dropping in, from behind the curtain of low hills, he surmises the terrain and realizes there are no more than three people on the hill below him. He has just silently entered the kill zone. The opposing sides’ combatants are just now moving out from their encampment. He sees that they have rucksacks and light field weapons. They wear the common patrol attire of the insurgency, which lingers in the hills around the capital. Hit and miss, their daily attacks have an ever wearing affect on the general discourse of life in this country that has come a million miles in the preceding years. The devolution of the effect of their futile attempt to spiral this new and reborn nation into chaos has fallen from the front pages, but the reality of nightly mortar attacks, and roadside bombings take their toll. I am an observer of a raw edge of the world, that has spun out of control for years. I see myself here in a remote way. My disconnect is that I am not invested in the outcome. I am only putting in my time at this point. I have sixty-two days to go and I’ll be flying out to Kentucky on the first plane out. They’re moving now … down the wash between two sparsely covered hills. There is not a lot of cover. They probably have done this many times before. Their weapons are cloaked under their loose fitting native garb. They could be farmers or tradesmen or they could be soldiers, which is what they are. There determination is not self evident by their manner, but their seriousness is. They most likely have a planned attack. At a certain juncture they will be meeting up with identical guardians of the international insanity, that has become the jihadist mentality… The unique freedom to be crazy, insane, and wrong at the same time. This country was ripped from their hands and they will do anything to get it back. Somewhere out there… they must have a savior, who would sit them down and tell them that this is the wrong way and that it must end, but sadely, they are hell bent for leather to treat us to their idea of heaven. Sadely for these three they are soon to be on their way to: There are a few options here; I could write of the obvious, but that would leave no room for character development. I, in actual fact, have never written such a piece before . It obviously came out of nowhere, but did it. I think, we all think about the what if’s of the terror war. Why can’t we come to some real understanding. Is their compromise in a war of civilizations? Why has it come to this? As the world is brought together by technology – It is being torn apart by the divisions of race and sect and class and religion and politics and political theory and economic war and having and having not and just a general lack of respect and regard for history. We’ve been here before. Can’t the hate just finally end. In the inimitable words of Rodney King “circa- LA riots”- can’t we all just get along”. That’s sugar coating= the result of the thesis. There has got to be a way to make this all go away. I didn’t spend my whole life spending: time and effort working for nothing. It never was about money. It has always been about love Now I know that is why I am here. God’s little love man- the guy with the big heart. This of course is merely an exercise and a reveal into the fabulous and fractional world of the great Rusty. All in fun -I went with it …on another dry well- tonight. I write first time- every time… just what the doctor ordered and now it is time for me to say goodnight, because I lost a chunk of my closing. I have to wonder, who is helping me… to edit. Technology is a beautiful thing. Trust the Rust cya
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Friday February 10, 2006
 Sincerely a true blue onion eater and a different goose otherwise


Cocoa-puffs and cranberries and certain clues along the way. I am in a state of certain extraction and not about to sweep the bed under the rug. I have a path worn and true blank stare and a sublime un-used sense of blame. My beating heart is sticky with blood and the dream of that new life is a long way …away right now. I have not secured the premise of my time to the duty of being completely there. Which is the here-now question of the day. Acting on these inactions I find my self giving sway to the many avoidances availible every moment of the Hours in a day. Especially now, when even… here now… I have a hardly enough connection… to even know I exist, except for my sense of smell…brownies-just made by me and the interference of listening to the ages olde hobby of sharing the Thursday evening super-sonic throw weight of another issue of the mega dwarf [ER]…the show my wife and I have watched for the years we have been married. I think we have been married for about the same number of years as it has existed. It is retail trauma and pain dressed in a pretty dress and blended with latest cultural attractions…. It purveys the lifestyle of the upwardly mobile conscientious cold-pie of the internet age. we are the gadget fixtures and our pain is yours, because you haven’t checked out enough from your personal library. I want someone to just smear me for being the dolt, that brought nothing to this stage and carries on as if any of this leads toward the door of committment. I have been reading like a maniac lately and all of the choices from above have been availible forever, but I had to go there to get here and now that I am back at the beginning I see some daylight. I will evict for now a bit of the old blue star day that is the music of our life. I am forever in every thought and theme of everyday and my love is always for the weight that we carry together and without which our virtue would be lost in a lobe of the ear of God, but because God listens constantly we are always availible to hear the words and directions of our path as the lead lays down the way. I will sleep now, because I am directly in the way of progress and it ircks me that I don’t secure the necessary definition to succeed at the composition of thought forms that have always been in the pleura of my veins, but I have to recognize… that I am freeing up the reality of the way that is unique to me. The Rust is Trusty.cya
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Friday December 30, 2005
 Enlightenment Now!


There is a simple reason for this plea. It is that I have been having the trials and tribulations of a young cub and I want to grow up – soon. Right now, I am enjoying the delight my daughter is having talking about her friends. Her mom is delighted too, in the sense that she is tolerating this youngster’s … goofiness. It’s gidiness -excited- youthful splender. Hope you got that. She is being annoying in a delightful way, but there is plenty of room for allowance and these evenings without the annoying tube are what is best in the world. We had gone to see her dance workshop’s ‘winter intensive’ program. It was at the end of four days of training and dance comradery and she is very proud of what they have accomplished. It is the beginning of her desire to be a member of the company, which is ‘the committment’. She wants to talk to her mom about being in company, but mom needs to step outside for the burning of a small glowing object, that delights her receptors- no end. Was that too insensitive? I feel that the criminalization of smoking in Washington state has gone too far. Where I work – there are signs by every door telling everyone ‘to scowl’ at anyone who is smoking within 25 feet of the door. Reporting the offenders has not been discussed yet, but I am thinking about posting ‘no sex offenders allowed’ signs, here and there, as a form of protest against the state’s strident form of ‘criminalizing’ this the least of criminal offenses. Once they get their facial identification cameras up everywhere, you’ll just get your ticket in the mail. I smoked for a time and I quit, but I just know for some- this is a huge stressful time, and we are all going to go through it together. The beast is political correctness. Just like our poisoned election of last year. One piece of crap flows into the next. Just get in line. It will be as hard to swallow, as the swollen gas and real estate prices, and it will go down about as well as the thematic discourse of the propaganda driven gear queers of the [movie]”crippled crack moutain” and there continuing assault on the sensitivities and sensibilities of an already stressed out generation. Keep your wanker in your pants and quit driving your paid to be gay agenda down every Tom, Dick and Harry. Get out of my face. Must-we?… the insensitive majority allow the disproportionate few to set the agenda and the climate of our day- I don’t think so …. By allowing these thugs and criminals to take our personhood and rub it in the dirt,… until we cry and call our lawyers, so that they can continue to get the sustenance that feeds their crazed demand for more rot and ruin to this great land. Be still my heart – We are a great questioning mass of humanity. And in the sense, that the body politic is starting to rise up in the realization that this too is a part of the clash of civilizations… Meaning that the social terrorism of destruction and reverberation… is building a destructive current onto the underlying themes of our lives. Do?… We run in fear- from ourselves. If? … We don’t deal with the issues of the now “pro forma” ethical question of our time. When? Do we, each, take responsibility every day for the product and the projects of our lives, and are we beholden to our God for sustenance and verity in our rendition of the the one truth. That? God is love and the truth will set you free. Let me see . I’ve thrown in everything, but the kitchen sink. I am obviously not a “professional” social commentator, but that is where my wheel has brought me this night and in the spirit of having no fear… It will be okay and for all of the thousands, who have no idea “what or where” this is – even though, you are here, then may I wish you happy and healthy and holy thoughts in the hours and days ahead. We are always in the time of God’s love. And God does love us, even though we don’t always realize or appreciate God’s patience. It is certain fortitude and the continuing flow of God’s love that informs every righteous choice we make. Go now and make peace with your life and keep up appearances and return always to what you know to be the truth. That is the end of this for now or should I delete this as I have the last few nights. If it gets posted . It doesn’t mean it’s good-Just lucky. So be it+ Whatever happens. Go in peace. Trust the Rust,cya
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Friday November 18, 2005
 Simple Words-Drawn Together-By Forces-Unseen


To see, To say- That I have a thought -that is here to be- what it wants me to be or say- I cannot believe… that I would will control over to an unseen or understood force that is not of me, so this must be of my heart and mind and spirit,…so it is. And now I begin and not sure where to be …I find that all is well today, as I would hope it also is with you. I had the day off and slept until a time after 10- very late for me, but I had slept on the couch last night ,so I feel or avail no bad thoughts toward anyone who would allow themselves the God given right to sleep in-even on their day off. I cleaned house and wondered why I have not gotten a reply from my son for the message I sent him, but he’s it, and also I am covered with plenty of thoughts of things to do ,but it is 38 degrees and foggy grey today… 60 miles southeast of SEATTLE. God! …Excuse me? I mean to say… Really I have things to do and I better get on it. I’ve been trying to get out of putting a new heater core in my vehicle- so now you know about my road conveyance. It is a well worn and used former police undercover car- In that it has all the residual mounts for their equipment. It has been a fine Crown Vic for 2 years, but now the list is getting longer and maybe it’s just a good summer car, which seems to be… the last time it was really running well. Don’t get me wrong. It’s safe and sound, but this new fog machine business on cold days is really just about it. One day all is well and the next day were’re driving with the windows down to equalize the cool wetness on either side of the windshield. This weekend – later – not now – that is my Project. My wife has had a very busy couple of weeks- her whole life has been busy. She plays free-cell . I’ll do this. She is quite the lady and what a humorous writer. Right now her project is getting the 5 rat costumes ready for our local version of the ‘Nutcracker’. These are worthy of Broadway or the Pacific Northwest Ballet production. She has spent a hundred hours or more on them. They will be worn by 5 adult dancers in the production… in the battle between the nutcracker prince and the toy soldiers and the rat king and his band or if another production-like last year… it was a mouse princess and her court … He’s trying to impress and protect Clare. My daughter loves the ballet and this school is very well run and their productions are top drawer …even if on a small scale. It is a great time to be a part of something so exemplary and representative of what is right with the world. And that would be true anywhere in the world where folks keep their eyes on whether.. . Is this good for the children? I will say thank you for this sight-This SITE. It reminds me that I need to get outside before dark. Love you all- Who want to be- like me- understood and appreciated for our contributions and our steadfast belief that the world is not a bad place and where it is horrible and harming – we must bring gifts that expose these crimes and criminals- warring or thieving- to further examination and reduction. The truth will set you free. Trust the Rust cya
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The Horse Beats The Same Path

57 Now and counting. This year did include the big bounce for me, because it had me – getting back – to writing down … what is going on-in the abstract way I do – the life …I see…as mine. Been away so long and now it is time to get on the road back to some good lovin’ and the health, that should have always been mine. I have a little bit of trepidation about what exactly I should call these momentary connections to this new sanity – that I have always wanted, but couldn’t always find. For now I look forward to leaving a little bit of me out there in the universe… as representing the best of my intentions, because – beyond anything I might say… I have this supreme desire to truly represent my generation of seekers… from the heart- that we followed faithfully … believing it had …the way… marked for universal change that would bring the world to peace. Desperately in our ignorance we did things that …in alot of cases caused personal disaster and a fall from grace that had to be reckoned with before we could find our way back to normalcy and acceptance of the truth. We now know we are not indestructible and I am forever greatful that I now know that I am loved and that this is just a part of what I am and it has it’s own rhythms, but it certainly contains the ultimate dream of the true dreams, that I believed through the songs and poetry of the generation… That will always be mine. So much has been lost to the the lies of those who would use the best intentions of the truest, sweetest generation that has ever lived. We were and are the children of the greatest generation. Our parents and their siblings and uncles and aunts and Grandparents beat back the rise of Nazism and the festering sore of Communism. These things are still with us and I am but one who would honor all of America… For me the Nation that is saving the world from the evil that Satan would throw down. The reckoning of my now is because I want to jump ahead and begin to represent…. Because, if you only knew…. I am taking my inspiration from the words of the singer in my head, and I am now representing what I am hearing to the best of my capacity to be this moment that is jamming through my brain …so You see…. this sweet,sweet love is so sweet and I am inspired by you, and I am that fool that has got to learn that love don’t love noone. Noone. I have no pain it is all sweet lovin’ that has within the heart come to me this day- this now- that I am here in all time… wishing I can hold it one more time, because I am learning to reckon what is and what is not and the sorting out is the result of this time that we have and the instrument of God’s repair of my heart. I was lost and now I am found and so grateful for his love. It commands me to listen and be all that is – in purpose – the way that as always been what we have together – to be the heart of concern… for the world is ours to love. Riffin’ on the the sincerity vein of my being – I have probably overstepped the true version of what it is to be this brain thinking about what might have been, but I am allowed a little probity once in a while. I wish that I could just freeform the speed of my careless abandon and free a mind that wants an all-inclusive venue of exchange that just loves the travel between atmospheres that contain the elixirs of un-surmounting joy. Life without hate and the command of the high ground that would say that the true Lord has been found and all the pretenders must now bow down. Game over. I love you, Jesus and now that I know that this command has always been in my heart I am free to command myself to succeed…as who I should have always have been. I feel such joy in this room at this moment – even as I rewrite the capped letters that were caused by my typing misshap. I am not not proud of tonight’s contribution. It needed to be said. I am a singer in the truest sense of the word. I can’t sing, but I can bleed. I love you so father God. I am grateful for your love and your foregiveness of my sins. It is sweet and I am so happy, because it is shared in an abstract way with all of you. I am no longer ashamed of who I am … I am finally me… the one… I was always meant to be and it is now inculcated in my heart. I am no longer messing around with doubt. My concern is real. I am not going to lose the one true life, that would have me being as I need to be. So then, it has to be brought into perspective for now. Time to rest for the time being. Good night and don’t be concerned. I am the same as you… I just remembered what it was like, when I could fly. Trust the Rust.cya p.s. I do have some concerns on (the run through) before posting… I realised … this probably will appear to be really over the top. I do not seek over the top’ness. I want to be seen as a normal guy… on his birthday, who is saying some things that probably could have been left in the hanger, but at this point what do I care. I did not… ever…get dropped on my head more times than the instructions said to. So there. It was fun. Tomorrow, marks the return of Mr. Boring and the dreaded snack crackers caper. TTR
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Friday March 17, 2006


 He’s All Over the Map: so How Can He Find His Place?

From the mouths of babes,… Children, Listen to your father! Daddy, that’s me-Yeah right! I’m just a cuddly olde cheroot, who is once again on the limb – out on the limb – up high in the sky – above the ground… This is some kind of tree. A thing that is a structure that has the kind of feel … that tells me right now that I am paying too much attention to my wife’s conversation with our son, who walked out of escrow today. Heated and heating up and we are just getting started,…Finally, the un-experts came by the right imformation – An angel came to my wife’s workstation and got her to call a broker, who filled in the missing pieces about the way our son… was being played by this guy in the local “dust-up” on the road to being made road-kill by his personable, narcissistic poker playing cretin of a financial shaman/agent… That’s probably an overplay, but this has been rotten deal from the start. The guy has moved the loan already, so it will be interesting to see how they fix the deal- They,(the broker) is in a legal quandary at this point -, because of some of the things that have already taken place. This will get interesting, before it closes … completely… and now some time later, we are now mulling over other..things. Basketball, driving forklifts, promotions and his girlfriend. I discovered some new bloggers here tonight and I always realise,… that this is a fine place and I love you all, because you are real and getting real-er, everyday. As to: posting tonight’s entry in the blogging sweepstakes -I was going to cancel this out and excuse myself as not being up to snuff after the way I started. But,but… I can gratefully say I tried to find my way to a breakthrough on the quality – end of the posting, but tonight’s effort, although sub-standard was in the true American inventive manner- another version of “the dog ate my homework” routine. It’s still difficult to understand why I think we all have something to say, we just have to find our true dimension. The voice of the heart. Why does the caged bird sing? Over and out … Less work… more fun. Trust the Rust.cya
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Sunday March 12, 2006


 The Looser I Get -The Leaner the Warp And The Weft

Case in point- I am one wacky thinker. I come to this not automatically, but I do serve it up with a bit of not…. humor, but … somewhat tongue in cheek. It is at this point- somewhat- just a circumstance that I am not exactly comfortable with, because I find that… I would quit it all if given the chance…up to me? Of course and it is only honest, but to acknowledge that I still struggle finding the right keys. When I see with admiration the speed at which my twelve year old flies across the keys- I wonder why I bother… Leave the recording of the present to the next generation. They’re the one’s who are going to have to fix it. My guys had their shot and it came up short. It has been very entertaining and that is probably what America will be remembered for. Oh! and Democracy? But we’re a Republic …and oh!Again… the Yankee dollar. Those were the days. How about all the great things that were invented and developed by America. Nuclear bombs at the top. We had to do that first, so the Nazi’s wouldn’t blow us up. So we used it on Japan and now we and Japan are best friends. All to the good. If Peace were really in the Program, then everything we have helped to engender in the world would make sense…. But we have,… the arms dealers have spent an ungodly amount of time selling arms for … The messing up of large territories and destroying the lively-hood of thy neighbors’ neighbor – as have all the other arms makers and sellers and so now we probably have to have another one of those great big – Welcome to the Neighborhood Parties- to blow up things and take the loot that belongs to that lot with all the excess ( we want what you’ve got) baggage. Humanity sucks when it doesn’t say enough…is enough. We’re all standing around waiting to be taken. Just standing by… waiting to take it on the chin again – We should find a better way to occupy our time. Of all the things we could be doing… Why is it so easy to unlove your neighbor. I love my neighbor of course, but only until he starts telling me how to live, then I want to tell him where he can stick it… then things get heated …and before you know it- I ‘m not inviting him over to my house for a picnic. Are we a family or are we a family of bad actors, who only rest after we have done a lot of bad things to our neighbors stuff. Yuh! I’m a bit cranky tonight-This was an exercise in ” the un-design of the self”. The un-focused derivative of living in these times… that only repeat the mistakes of the past and promise too keep repeating our worst inclinations until the end of time. Believe me?… because I am not original – I am only another one singing from The Chorus of Concern, because it’s already a struggle to do the daily life and present a willing and able demeanor to that task. Don’t want to concern the children. But one has to wonder how great America really is anymore? The media is in the business of trashing this country on a nightly basis, but only as it concerns ( You know who or do you?)… How can we get a democrat elected President In 2008?… and wouldn’t it all just be better if it could be Hillary. Or else? “{I’m done}”. I am not Political, but I read political blogs constantly, because the media has such a skewed agenda, that nothing they say is real- in a constructive way. It’s all-about getting cheesed off about President Bush. I don’t adore the man, but he has had to make tough decisions and the enemy is a scheming pile of excrement… they use their hate of the West to fuel this firestorm that rages across the world. We all need to stop feeding into their hands. This country needs to take a united stand and fight the enemy that would take everything away from us. With every ounce of their being … they hate us and they will stop at nothing to achieve their ends, which is to annihilate us from the face of the earth. Whoa Bessy! I’m thru driving this carping hell hole around… Frankly by nature I am a fun loving guy… Although as my daughter says, She has never heard me tell a joke and she thinks-I don’t ever laugh and now I think it is really time to go, because I have whipped this frothing and beaten olde saw into a frenzy and… it… needs to rest, because really none of this is new and it is only me trying to find a voice, that would be comfortable with doing more than the mundane ordinary things that keep my life going. I’ll finish up with the good things that happened today. Day off…Good …Made a great breakfast of ham and eggs and oj and toast….mmmm good…Then my wife and I were off to a wrecking yard… quite a drive… to get a windshield wiper assembly…saving money… daughter away with friends for the day…she had a great time…just went to bed…My son called from his cabin on the cruise ship… He plays guitar in the band…We went shopping for fixen’s for tomorrow’s special dinner for the son, who takes possession of his new olde house on Monday…That was a whole bunch of stories from January till now, but now that baby is put to bed. His girlfriend is coming to dinner and we are waiting to meet her and so we also have everything else, but it is time for sleep. Wife went to bed a couple of hours ago. Check with other son on our fencing needs tomorrow… We watched the two Bourne movies tonight -maybe that’s where all the animosity came from. Not to worry -It’s just me. Trust the Rust.cya…
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Deliberate Sense

What do I caLL WHAT IT IS i AM BECOMING?  iF i WERE GOING BACK TO SCHOOL TO BECOME SOMEBODY… i WOULD GUESS THAT i MIGHT TRY TO Be AN INTERNATIoNAL pSyCHIatrist. I am not rewriting that mistake. It was meant to look exactly like that … Just so, that… I would scare off anyone, who might think I had answers to the text and tone of this life. I am in truth …a world thinker … I think constantly about the worth and wealth of the peoples and the ways of the earth. I am local to where I am, but my thoughts are with – Our Life – on this planet.The obvious circumstance is the seemingly uncontrollable and disabling intent to destroy all that is good and replace it with only the worst intentions of  the world’s least able, and least loving  inhabitants. The beautiful audacity of such violent daily deliveries of this thoughtless evil content is beyond the ken of the shell shocked world. We must mount the flow of love and concern into all factors of our intentions. We must all daily… and constantly pray and praise our concern and discernment to the factors and factotums that can hopefully bring about an evolution of safety and circumstances that  begins to breed healing. Okay, I am concerned. I don’t know that I have enough of a way with the words… that will be a part of healing of the Life that is our generally held concern for the future of our children.

Children of the future. We are already here and we are hiding away in the crevices and need to come forth and identify each other in meaningful ways that give us the courage to breath the breath of our ancestors and be the whole coming of God’s plan to this earth. I am not knowing this … in true knowledge of absolute fact. I am intuitively saying… we each of us know… the way of being in the world… the way we were meant to carry forth the plan and purpose of Love. Maybe, I will have to abandon my simple life to be more _ than I am now, but  then that would mean I am thinking I am more than I am. I know in truth, that I am only me and that this is just the way the cookie crumbles. I speak to myself in a language I don’t understand.  When it comes out like this I think I need help to protect my family from outcomes, that might perceive, what I am doing…is this a fake rendition of a fiction, that is a dis-ease?

In truth I think – the enemy of real truth and hope and love- has gotten a head start at a critical time in history and we must continue to fight againstthe proliferation of violent means. I will never agree that the U.S.of A. pursues a demeaning end for other nations. It’s true concern is that after coming so far after the last great war, and then having reached the so-called end of the Cold War…we find ourselves well into a new and diametrically opposed  confrontation to our safety and future exiistence. This Cancer is eating away at the very foundations of the moral legacy of the West. And as we go down this road we are half and half about how to go about it. We … the media ,and the opposition and the politics are always about opposing the party in power and planning for the overthrow of our own plan. Let’s not defeat ourselves by our own pen.  We must pursue our safety with  a unified  heart  and mind.  All of our resources must pursue  the accomplished end  of …  “the end of war”.  It is possible. Scientists pursue the end of cancer and other diseases – The diplomats and politicos of the world must pursue vigorously the end of violence and war as the answer. The placement of fear and threat as the most omnipresent evidence of their failure  is a certain  mark of their failure.

Good thing I call myself by  the name Trust the Rust, because that is all the time I have tonight.  Goodnight… I love listening to the bad of the local news, while playing with the keyboard… trying to make sense of my mind as I find it on this night …early in October,2006.

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Not Without Your Hearts


walking in the dark
trees surrounding
glimpses of light
escaping the folage
giving sight to my eyes
that my heart may follow

just when hope seems lost
just when giving up is best
there it is
a glimpse of what was

who is this one?
walking in the dark
unbelieving the dream that was
unrealised in the truth of what should be
when face to face
thee and me

a mirror to the lost
another yet lost
years have stolen
time consumes
left is a shell
what we think remains


through the looking glass
eyes that are not my own
wondering lost
in this dark and lonely zone
we think we’re alone
but no…

there is hope
there is truth
there is power
in one flickering flame

there is love
there is life
there is a way
we can become who we could each be
growing strong
in ourselves
finding much
in the rust…

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by Rosie (PM , CC ) on Thursday March 8, 2007 @ 5:37 AM   (del)


 Celtic Mist   |<   <<   >>   >|


by Celtic Mist (PM , CC ) on Thursday March 8, 2007 @ 1:00 PM   (del)

Heartache is enough
to keep you
under pressure.

Still saying
you’re a singer.
Past comes from…
love undertows,
wandering ever on.

Being all
in One
the Heart.
May the…
working bones…
not asking…
Still singing,
The singer sings
Desert Rose
The glows__
We meet.

Dimension arching,
Arcing onward
in phosphorescent
You know,…
I love
the wonderful dream
You are 
making here.

You are sweet
Death of me__
A dream
How do I 
a prayer.

There is light
in these eyes.
You see too clearly
There in brief
Art in words.

We are 
who we
would be.
We can breathe…

Seems__ I cannot
from you.
We are one
And only this.
to finally know
Our gifts.

Words have been

I write

Saw myself, as
a giant sea turtle
moving slowly
across the land__
or was it
the bottom
of the Sea.

It was a brief vision,
and so__
The song continues…
I like__
My shell
and my ancient body.
It lingers with me.

Life is__ 
so Temporal.
I need my helps.
Can the ifs__
have ever been?

When in history’s past
Some likeness

Answers given.
But what was 

Body and soul__
Man rarely equates
the presence__
To lift
the body
and be

To see matter
as Light.
To vibrate
of love.
At such a
phenomenal rate.

Then I disconnected,
My mind freaked.
My aim was to
receive your
gift of proofs.
I was lost, because
Amazement is my truth.

There is a power surge.
All is flowing into One.
Your thoughts
were beating me
as your heart
in trust.

My aim
is your Proof.
You see things
that cannot be seen.
You prove things 
that are not believed.

If these Proofs__
are true,
Then to 
thine own self
Be true.
We are One__

Love of the World
The Breath.

Trust the Rust-2007-

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by trust the rust (PM , CC ) on Thursday March 8, 2007 @ 11:03 PM   (del)

Wow! From that stream of consciousness, sounds like you have a lot to say. And well said! Glad you stopped over to my place, and glad to make a new friend.
  |<   <<   >>   >|


by Equus (PM , CC ) on Sunday March 11, 2007 @ 6:01 PM   (del)

It was wonderful to read this. 
I’m so glad you’re writing more now and writing poetry in your comments – strong visuals, deep emotion.
Thank you for the journey.
  |<   <<   >>   >|


by NW_Matters (PM , CC ) on Sunday March 11, 2007 @ 6:28 PM   (del)

Good to see you’re writing, TR. I know someone who plays the cello.

I’m going to print this so it’s real. Glad I am that you are well.
Thanks -j

  |<   <<   >>   >|


by John the Squabbler (PM , CC ) on Sunday March 11, 2007 @ 7:27 PM   (del)

my love….

i am just home, and it is late.
but having just read your post i must take a moment….

to breathe and to sigh in the comfort of your words.

catch me, for i am falling without tether.
tumbling through the ether into the web of your words

tracing the pathways of a heart open to the masterpiece of love.

knowing truth of self is what we seek…
and it was in seeking that the weave of my cloth was changed forever.

i am a clear vessel, an open channel for spirit.

this as always my prayer…

i love you….


hope this makes sense, so very sleepy….kisses and goodnite….

love is love is love is all things…

the pleasure of it too much to bear…
and i make no sense…for i am gone, taken by a flight of gods angels into rapture.

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by shoutoutgirl (PM , CC ) on Tuesday March 13, 2007 @ 1:24 AM   (del)

To Equus, I thank you for dropping by, sir. I am glad that you were entertained, as was I when I came to your site. It was very remindful of another time and a different way of looking at things. Thoughtful. we are all so good for each other. Life is good, even on the bad days.
I am thankful. Best Regards,TR
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by trust the rust (PM , CC ) on Tuesday March 13, 2007 @ 1:33 AM   (del)

How does one notify another,
how much they mean to life.
Life spans the page in words 
and clothes me in the sound 
of your voice.

As I want you in ways,
forever known to man and woman.
I can only be found here in plain sight,
as are you, because, you are availible to all,
who come to have their breath instilled.

We know our voice remains in our bodies,
subject to birth of thoughts control.
Pinpointing the casting of the source,
The last counting terms of times patrol.
We are viewing valued time and love in stores.

Time travelers are bringing
their valued depths, and voices to the fore.
Knowing by feel the presence of their love,
The encoded purpose comes to reveal hope.
Purpose driven language to console.

Electrifying motives__
Trusting artists, believing in the past.
The presence of truth redeems their trust.
Venturing daily into casual and serious domains,
Acquiring language that both persuades and explains.

So, once upon a time, you know, I knew this guy and he told me,
I’d meet you, one day, and it would all be very clear.
It’s clear alright, unexplainible things are happening,
and we keep meeting like this,
and I don’t know how that happens.
So__ All I can say….Is
I can dig it, because you are a gas, my fall out girl.

Shout out girl. It is always 
fun and serious and beyond compare,
To meet you, and that can be anywhere,
Because you share with all of us,
this incomparable ability,
to meet us where we are.
In the moment, of the moment, that is.

Anytime, anywhere, whoever, you are with,
Your words shower me with the love of your day.
All ways__ on the way__ with brilliant space and time.
Sublimity sublime. Dimensions of wonder.
Words, patterns__ musical of note.
Your meditations and rest,
find a place in my heart.

So if I were to say goodnight, right now,
And say, that I know, you are always there,
where you are__where it is is bright and true.
I salute and pray for your way
of bringing this art of life to our command.
It is our new way of coming 
to the art of the heart.
It speaks volumes of our trust

There is the little voice within,
that says go here.
We are the little ones,
who know we are small,
but we are great
in our love for mankind,
Because we believe language
can regain the heart
of the life of the mind.

We are learning the design
and patterns of our internal
and eternal supply.
We are Heart Life Command.


Not bad,…Hey! I aim to please.
I go out on a limb everyday.
Everything is fiction,
Until you believe.
I love you, shoutoutgirl.
Sleep wonderfully,well

  |<   <<   >>   >|



by trust the rust (PM , CC ) on Tuesday March 13, 2007 @ 3:09 AM   (del)

NW Matters__, I have to come by and see what’s happening with you. Your words are too kind. I had been quite ill until, just a few days ago, but now that is behind me.

As far as poetry,…I don’t know if that is what I do, because it comes off the hand, just as it is. I don’t re-write…if I did, would it be better? I’d have to learn more about poetry_ to do it up right.

As to the inspiration, I have to say, that shoutoutgirl, has done much to loosen my fear of flopping. She just rolls with it. A universal 
lover of the freeflowing word. A bard in her own time.

I think __ I’ll leave it at that. Just as I was about to comment to you, I got a “Shout” and I had to take the call and __look what her words made me do. First time, I started, and my daughter kept trying to read over my shoulder, so I erased and started something all together new, later, after she had gone to bed.(I don’t need to be explaining love for the language), when I am merely trying to learn how to speak, with the highest regard….wanting only to remove the doubting and critical contagion of the mind. I am learning how to do this. It is a slow process, but I am working it out. Thank you for your thoughts and I would add that I am very impressed by your writing.
Gotta run, see you soon,TR

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by trust the rust (PM , CC ) on Tuesday March 13, 2007 @ 3:33 AM   (del)

John, Thank you for coming by. You know how I feel about your(way),and your (work). It is an honor to have you say, what you have said. I take it as a mighty encouragement to continue working on my thing, because it must be real enough to raise your attention to a wonderful insight, that I receive, humbly, knowing I am not deserving, except to know, that I am not giving up, and I will continue to go on, because there is so much going on here. I want to be a part of the very incredible and immediate feedback, that is present, here. It’s almost, like being in live performance, especially for someone, such as yourself, and the crew, who get into the comment (discussions). I think they are a highlight of the Blogstream experience. I can’t do that yet, or at least, I don’t think I can. I read them all the time, and I will eventully learn to track well enough to stay on board on one of the long running ones. They are all so interesting and everyone there contibutes so much and the music is a gas.

Gotta go, John, Your father is coming, and all kinds of good things are happening, everywhere. Luv ya,TR

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by trust the rust (PM , CC ) on Tuesday March 13, 2007 @ 3:58 AM   (del)

I’ve been reading your poetry….and i love your work.
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by River Rat (PM , CC ) on Thursday March 15, 2007 @ 3:56 PM   (del)

just a quick pass
a hand upon the face 
touching, checking in….

a mere thought of life 
my breath to your ear
gentle thought
of breezes mercy sending 
incredible happiness to you.

a quickening of hearts
flutter to receive a moment,

of love…

  |<   <<   >>   >|


by shoutoutgirl (PM , CC ) on Wednesday March 21, 2007 @ 2:47 PM   (del)

Always Wanted This To Be True

well…hey there…what do ya know..? whatya know?
a song comes to mind…beautiful piece TR…absolutely..

this one is so fitting

“Revolving in the present tense,
I hide by changing elements.
With no direction known__
I confuse myself with noise.”

yeah…i confuse myself with noise too
when the silence becomes nearly fatal
with it’s truth

peace to you,

  |<   <<   >>   >|


by purple fly (PM , CC ) on Thursday March 22, 2007 @ 4:38 AM   (del)


trust the rust

i have found meditation the way to turn the noise into a whisper.

from the natural traditions i have learned that the wind speaks the loudest, if your mind is quiet enough to hear.


  |<   <<   >>   >|



by wingfire (PM , CC ) on Thursday March 22, 2007 @ 4:40 PM   (del)

breath deeply and think of water flowing……hope you don’t have to pee…she said smiling.

meant to be read with your natural breath…..

soft wind beside your ear……

shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, my love……

be still……….


i shall blow a comfort 

to your hearing….

shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, my love………

with gentle breath 

i sing…….the wind, 


remember …..

the way 
of the wind………..

and breathe 

and blow ………


the way 
of the fire…………

and sparkle 

and glitter 

and glow……..shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….

remember …
the way of the water ……….

and ebb

and flow……shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……

the way of 
the earth…….

and grow………..

ahhhhhhhh, feels good doesn’t it?

that was a song, with a haunting body, i wish i could sing it for you.

we are spirits wearing skin 
to be here 
to feel this
all our heavenly gift…
to feel to wonder 
to get caught up 
to push us outside 
and back.

all the way

to quiet.


  |<   <<   >>   >|


by shoutoutgirl (PM , CC ) on Thursday March 22, 2007 @ 5:58 PM   (del)


Maybe you don’t need to learn to be a better self, maybe you just need to love the self you are. Breathe once in awhile, stop and smell the rain in the air, go with the flow. Peace.


  |<   <<   >>   >|


by Sherry’sCherries (PM , CC ) on Thursday March 22, 2007 @ 7:59 PM   (del)


there is nothing wrong…
you are perfect in your expression.
you set the sun in the sky 
and give a voice to yearning….

this sweet longing of flesh remembering,
in soft felt corners of mind
the imprint of heaven….

i find solace in this
as i practice contentment.
it is meant to be so…

our longing keeps us moving
in our traces, this pulling of our bones.
felt deep in the soul….

still the envy of heaven….

i love you……

  |<   <<   >>   >|


by shoutoutgirl (PM , CC ) on Friday March 23, 2007 @ 1:10 PM   (del)

Shout out, We are piece of a part.
I love you and you don’t even know.
I am here and__
it would be too much to bear,
but can I hold your hand?
With my mind__

Breathe in the air
that surrounds you. 
I am not totally focused,
but I am off today__
and I have just been 
to your new ‘poemmeback’
To see if it’s begun.

I poemed you back__
in the guestbook.
I just finished
hand copying it.
I know, ‘cut and paste’.
Check it out. I’m thinking
I’m going to post it on my blog__
Crossed my mind,…It did.

To your heart, I will appeal.
Is it our thing?,
because I know this is real.
We swing a very beautiful__
hammer, together.

There I go __
the mind is playing
tricks on me. 
Let life be fun.
Your words are so fine.
Words are one thing, 
but the appeal of your heart
is smooth and glorious,
and wonderful, and all too much.
Please don’t stop…
__ just keeping it real.
Yubba, Dubba, Du__ 
Going with the 
Woodland theme.

I’m going back to read
your comments again,
just for the feel.
To be with you,
and to get back__
to you with the poem,
I had coming back.
Not there yet, so
Leave it there.

Poem me back
shout out girl
trust the rust
indubitable paradox


  |<   <<   >>   >|



by trust the rust (PM , CC ) on Friday March 23, 2007 @ 1:36 PM   (del)

To my friend, purple fly,
Thank you for dropping in, and what you said was enough to say,… Alright!. I smiled a tear. You always send me. It was nice that you liked what I had posted. It gave me a smile and you know, I’ve been by, and we talk, and it’s all good. We’re experimenting.

I think my next project better be to get outside and do some gardening. We had a massive garden, last year, and the yard was perfection, so I guess, I’ll be giving this up, to some degree, but I’ve never been so happy, as since I began letting this fly. I have a good attitude. It is, all me. Warts and all. I like it that way.

I’m not overthinking. I thought I was losing my mind. I couldn’t remember anything. I was just not paying attention. I am doing better, according to me. I take care of my responsibilities and I blog a little.
What’s the harm in that? So for now, my dear__ the best to you and have a great weekend,… wherever you are. Good cover,Huh? TR

  |<   <<   >>   >|



by trust the rust (PM , CC ) on Friday March 23, 2007 @ 2:17 PM   (del)

Project Wingfire: Permission to come aboard, Sir? 

I am not making light or keeping things gay(serious/not serious), but I need to find my humour again, and I just like the English way__My Mum is from London.
What you say in your posts is so amazing, and I am glad you are here, because as happy as love gets me feeling,…I know there are technical limitations to the possibilities… if thought of as a form transformer.
Which brings us/me back to meditation.(Not to scratch?and not to itch)__To be still with breath and hold attention …to not attending to intermittent noise… Breathe the wind. Done correctly, and with an open exchange__ It would really help. I need to do that. It was a part of my life…Once. Now I use sleep deprivation and noise… to shutter the windows in the mansion of my mind. It’s only words and they can say things, that make folks uncomfortable, so I look to find a natural discourse and just keeping it real, mistakes have been made.

Wingfire, I am off today and need to finish my housework and head outside. For now, we only have drizzle and deer and weeds. Working in the garden…yard .Is a great meditation. Many moles,too. Maybe only one, formidable ‘Super Mole’.

I will never have a scientfic mind. Your discourse on what you have discovered in your research, and your zen time, and other spiritual pursuits, including your life challenges and your relating of the strength of your partnership, are all about keeping this real, so thank you for dropping in, and for communicating with me. It’s neat that we, are the same age and adjacent, in our states. 

I look forward to reading more from your study and your life. I appreciate this great contribution. As one human to another__Is it not amazing__ how real this is. I say that, because I have not cultivated friendships through my whole life. I just have played it, as it lays.
Life has chosen me,… the terms of my existence. While that probably is not literally true. I have a lot to learn. I want to build a life that has vibrancy and balance and satisfaction. No more hiding and running scared.

I’m not living on the dole, I work for the state,…The people I serve are served well, but the state part of this, is one frustration after another. Now I’m going blind(Not literally-figuratively) I love my life and my wife and my family and I am OK, So bye. Have a great Weekend. TR

  |<   <<   >>   >|



by trust the rust (PM , CC ) on Friday March 23, 2007 @ 2:55 PM   (del)

Sherry, Hi!, You did a good deed. You said it like it is. It got my attention, and while I know you… so well, from all the postings, I have read__ with John and the winter and all the postings on your own site and seeing you around. I have never really said hi, formally. Hi, Sherry.

I love the way you guys carry on… on the crawl and,…to just read up on what’s happening …after you guys have been playing all day. It’s all zingy-zingy fun. I love it. See I’m not morose. It’s in the bag. I’m a sweet little puppydog. Ruff-ruff.

You are always fun and I love the cat. First time, I saw it,…It reminded me of the crow “Lips”, who used to live on the top of our refrigerator__that was with (last wife, wife no.2). (Now, I am no.2, and she is no.3). Anyway, something like that, So much for anonymous.

I can’t understand why someone__ would want to be someone else, so they could steal their money. Identity theft is going gangbusters out here. Glad I’m not that. So, I am in the process of not changing anything and just breathing and smelling the coffee and farting without fear. Is that better? Really, This is all pretend. I luv ya.

There is a woman at work who swears at the wierdest times. Everytime she does. I say,’One’,’Two’,’Three’…in my announcer’s voice__ she thinks it’s funny. We smile. This just started, so I think it will be over soon. Silly, Is’nt it?

Sherry, I do want to tell you that, I was following what was going on with your Dad and I was feeling for you and I don’t know how he’s doing, so suffice it to say, I hope all is well and that he is doing ok. My parents are their 80’s and still at home. Mom got a hip repair that didn’take__ last year and wasted a lot of time, not getting well, she liked that oxycontin, too much. Now she’s doing great__got a new hip end of December, and all is well. Dad swims every day he can. I think she is back doing water aerobics.

Hey there, Sherry, Thanks for coming by. I’m not that active a poster, but I love to read others and all is right with the world.
It is Spring, even in Rome, up by L.Oneida. I was in Buffalo for the great dumps of ’76 and’77. Quite amazing. Put a mountain blizzard in a city. People have no idea.

Wife called with message,…Get busy, not exactly. She wants the name of the guy, who crashed into our local state trooper, who was killed two days ago, when he was hit by this drunk. Gotta roll. TR.

  |<   <<   >>   >|



by trust the rust (PM , CC ) on Friday March 23, 2007 @ 3:45 PM   (del)

Hi ttr,

I sit here with your words running through my mind…….filled with thought. I suppose that was part of the intent to have people filled up with thought…….your words that you write are boldly brave and ring true throughout.
Thanks as always for giving of yourself on the Stream:)

Loveya, Celtic Mist 

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by Celtic Mist (PM , CC ) on Saturday March 24, 2007 @ 5:26 PM   (del)

Celtic Mist, I am glad you came by and it is good to know that somehow my words are reaching you in a way, that moves you to say such a nice thing; that I am moved by your consideration and care. Your words are chosen for me to hear and see and feel. As it should be, we are sharing parts of the pieces of the greater part__a piece that is all of our hearts together. Sharing our hopes and dreams and frailities and our deep abiding regard for this time that has come to bring us home to ourselves, as who we will become. We are doing as we will the truth and the connection. The finding of the field of knowing. 
We are guided by God’s loving hand to reach for the stars, to bring back stories to inspire and reveal the hope of the plan for our safe arrival. I am seeing more everyday, about how I have come this way.
I am losing my fear of being alone, The world is a greater truth than we know. It is perfect in every way. To say this is more out front than I would go, as yet I am not all here, to be the person, I know myself to be. The time will be taken, as we all must do__ to hold our hearts and words in store, but as we speak, consideration for the trust and truth will all but reveal a plan to bring peace to all the earth, before it is too late. Think of this as a poem or a story about a time to come and hold it in your mind as a pledge. We will find a way to show the light upon a path to truth__ and we will be safe, and
we will come to know love and hope and truth. To send or not to send,
That is the Question. Imagine me__ saying this. What if we all believe__We can be so much more. Take up the mantel of love. Reach out and bring this world home to peace. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. TR
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by trust the rust (PM , CC ) on Sunday March 25, 2007 @ 3:52 AM   (del)

Rusty, you are expressed.
You have been heard
Your mind is leaping the oceans of this world
and you are expressed

I see you and i see myself
We were born to live
Nothing else
to live

They do not have to be different
And can not be you
You can not be them
So let yourselves be

Breathe and smile
Inside rest a while
Deep in you – let the rest breathe for you
We – who relate easily
Stand together
You hold me up and i you
We they and they us

Allow time
Fight yourself for your right to time
And embrace it
Fully and

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by Rosie (PM , CC ) on Sunday March 25, 2007 @ 7:57 AM   (del)

Hi TR. How good it is to see you posting. How is the Spring for you, my friend? Much work, I gather. I print you to read at leisure and with undivided mind. And I will be back tomorrow morning. -j   |<   <<   >>   >|


by John the Squabbler (PM , CC ) on Sunday March 25, 2007 @ 10:07 PM   (del)

You’re really inspired when you wrote this. It’s wonderful, insightful. No, we are not drained when we write the words. What goes around, goes around. Good messages go back to the sender.    |<   <<   >>   >|


by starwalker (PM , CC ) on Monday March 26, 2007 @ 4:13 AM   (del)

“those that have are always right
everyone else is blessed by their poverty.” 
I love those lines. This is heart-wrenching, 
mind seeking work. That’s what it is. That’s 
what it should be. 
I envy your words. You have a good mind, rust. 
Keep us thinking, 
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by joesblog6 (PM , CC ) on Monday March 26, 2007 @ 8:51 AM   (del)

starwalker. I was at your place tonight and your thoughts are beautiful and very needed. A lot of acceptance of responsibility is in the offing. The time has come to stand up. There is no future without now. I see that you know that. I, like many of us have not wasted our life by living it, but sometimes there is a time to say, that in spite of the difficulty, I must take what I know to be true and stand up for what is right and express the true dimensions of what it is that we feel on our hearts, so that others can also know, that what they have held close to their hearts, must also be expressed and known.

We are the support field of the love force that will heal this earthly home. Call it my imaginary friend or whatever, but I believe I know What I have not done, because__ what I know about, what I have already done, says that I have not done nearly enough__ to support my purpose__, which was to follow God’s plan and serve mankind.
I don’t take that as a big job. I only serve one at a time. The person in front of me is next. It’s not perfect, but it is a beginning.
The end for now is good night and thank you for being you.
G’Day TR_here

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by trust the rust (PM , CC ) on Tuesday March 27, 2007 @ 2:58 AM   (del)

joesblog6, Hey cool daddy, I don’t know how this works, but do I write here, that I appreciate what you said. That’s the easy part. I appreciate the props, and the memory I have of your writing on the blues men in Greenville, Mississippi, and other times I have been to your blog and enjoyed, but didn’t leave a comment for what ever reason. Know that I will never do that again, because I just am learning, the feeling that encouragement brings…it spurs us on to further explore our perfect truth,…The one we were given at birth, The one that will help bring the real world into being. Write to the love in your heart and we will love this life together and I feel the gathering stream is a part of this plan. I am on board as a student of these times, trying to gather up light and resolve to express thought filled expressions of hope and reunion. Peace brother__ TR_here_   |<   <<   >>   >|



by trust the rust (PM , CC ) on Tuesday March 27, 2007 @ 3:12 AM   (del)

It’s a love sit in
and it’s in your back yard
I had to search far and wide
but here I am
and here I sit
It’s a love sit in
and it feels so good.

The sun surrounds us
not one frowning face
no negatives, no thin skins
We are who we were born to be
holding hands through
this world called life.

Idealists, dreamers, artists all
from the day of our birth 
to the day of our death
never letting go.


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by n. lynn (PM , CC ) on Friday March 30, 2007 @ 9:15 AM   (del)

N., You are so aweet, I could eat you, metaphorically speaking, of course. I love words even when I mess up. I went into a used bookstore
today and bought several Norton’s Anthologies. modern poetry and english literature, and also a book entitled, ‘The King’s English’,
and last but not least,’Collected Poems_Dylan Thomas’. All for one dollar and eight cents. Less than the price of two candy bars.

” ‘You know, you are balmy’__wonderfully, glowingly, endlessly__ welcome. I am glad you are here, for a while, and that you left a lovely piece of you to share in our love_in. It’s everywhere, isn’t it’?” N., you are definitely happy. It explodes from your lines. Thank you. I am refreshed.

This literature craze for me is from reading the postings and comments here and that I want to write well enough, and everyone is always throwing out references to writers, and I can only vaguely remember what I’ve read. I had my reading glasses stolen a few years back. I 
haven’t replaced them, yet. My eyes are eight inches from the screen right now,…at ten to one in the morning. My dear wife is asleep and I am O.K.__It’s as if I am on one knee, praying,…hoping I say something witty and relaxed. I am on one knee praying, oh my! 

I just want to be real. I should just increase text size, but I like to endure my shortcomings in mysterious ways and I am only somewhat normal… So last night,I was reading parts of ‘Hamlet’, starting with Polonius,… and about Saint Thomas More, because John mentioned them and a bit about Merton and all of these things, and I might end up having to go back to university, but mostly I don’t worry, I just want to relax and climb the mountain with all you guys. Am I crazy? The ‘stream is taking off’, Isn’t’ it? 
I must bid adieu, sweet lady_ ’til the morrow comes. TR_here

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by trust the rust (PM , CC ) on Saturday March 31, 2007 @ 4:00 AM   (del)

my love ….

your breath i breathe 
on bended knee, with angel lips 
i press to pray 

and kiss your weary eyes,

though damaged by the work of time….
they see gods love shine.

love of lover, mine…..

these grains of sand….
an island built….
the source, the soil, we…

so hard to be simple…..
so easy to be hard…..
but supple we must bend…

this love so precious be.

i will not question it’s
messure…my love, only extend my hand,
and we shall dance the most exquisite
life could ever sing….

harmonies of love thoughts dance, to the beat of spring.

love rains….

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by shoutoutgirl (PM , CC ) on Saturday March 31, 2007 @ 12:19 PM   (del)

shoutoutgirl__ I say good bye, before i arrive.
‘Gotta go darlin,’… but you blow my mind. You know, I love you in every way and I want to be all that I can be and you have given everyone, so much. No poem here, but time is short. I have to drive my daughter to rehearsal for their spring performance…14, dance, but last night, she and friends went to the movies. so life is in balance. The beginning of spring break. I will gift to you a poem, this very day. My heart just said that. You attract much love and your poems are the sweetest most adept confections. The tasting buds sing of your play. I love you, dear one. TR_here.
  |<   <<   >>   >|



by trust the rust (PM , CC ) on Saturday March 31, 2007 @ 12:38 PM   (del)

love my dylan thomas…and thank you humbly for your open arms…your light is also blazing. enjoy some exploring. i loved my 2nd hand book stores in minnesota, i have to explore here more.
  |<   <<   >>   >|


by n. lynn (PM , CC ) on Saturday March 31, 2007 @ 1:58 PM   (del)

Prospects Abridged

Say to yourself__

“There is something here worth saving.”
Life is not a foregone conclusion.
The loser is not lifted until he stays
his state of mind
“Click, click, click.”
Who can tell your story.

This rusty old machine
is digressing
to a worst
and last scenario.
Reliving the dregs
of the dreadnaught run.

“It’s an ever gathering storm.”
Switching back.
Some things are looking brighter
in the light of day
Occidental conclusions of an oriental mind.__
Prejudicial preferences of one__
who confuses collections
with reaping from the wine.

From the Da__Da__Da__world
of cliches:……….
“I have to save my skin.”
This is not practice__
This is the ” Real Thin ‘ .”

I am not contented.
It is not enough to dredge it up.
To bring it out
To regurgitate the senses.

No pointless play,
I will rebuild with the simplest of tenses.
The glistening strength__
a thousand fold__ beyond,
my old pretenses.

Make a stand.
To change it here,
and deliver yourself
to overcoming the fraud.

I’ve strained my ear to catch
the theme that originates from
changing time and gear.
Revolving in the present tense,
I hide by changing elements.
With no direction known__
I confuse myself with noise.

The hurtful heart reckons it is done.
When it lays hard and cold
in the trenches.
Pick it up and dust it off….
with the best of intentions.
Eventually to act as one__
who really cares, if his acts,
Are making any sense.

This is not an inconsequential act
of my own recompense.
Not connected still: my sense silenced.
My life in need of real.

To make sense now__
To seize the day.
To learn my way,
To earn my stay
To harbor no ill__
will toward anyone.

Everytime a word is written, it
symbolises a thought or idea
A credit to the brain.
Does it add to my measure?
Does it drain my life away?

Words like, ‘ therapy ‘,
‘collective of the unispheres’,
or ‘Nazi’ are
all, just
what they seem.
They, by themselves
have a ‘keynote’ aspect.
They tell a story
in themselves.

I would take ‘Nazi’ out, and I could
do that right now,… But__
First, I want to say,
I hate ‘Nazi’ themes,
and every time I hear the word,
I am revulsed.
Begone with Nazi
for ever and ever.
Don’t forget the pain.
Don’t forget the pain.
Which they wrought __
Their hate.

Reject every and all aspects of this
Evil thing. Be gone with that effect.
Love them.
Hard to do.

Love theme
“the peacefullife”
the quiet and joyful noise, music,
students of the love of life__
The Art and Building of a better world.
We (can) save ourslves from those
who think we have fallen. Real action
Love, Love, Love__
Emoting universal
kindness and peace
for everyone to believe,
For real__humankind.

We are growing in our resolute way
The real world of love is coming.
In many ways__ it is already here.

So, this is what, I am really about__
Nothing else will do.
This is what __ I see.
To be strong enough __
To believe in One’s self.
To accept, that this is real.
To start, to begin__
To not give Way.

After breaking in and changing
round, I’ve seen progress
from last night ’til today.
I feel, that what was happenstance, before,
has become something
to be recognized.

For more than one, the skin was strung
upon a passion found.
With flowers round, he brought the
sounds of light and day.
I’d give this up,but it goes of it’s
own accord.
There is a reason for my void.

For one bloody day, I held
in sway, the skin, that holds me in.
Truly thin, transparently so, it cradles
my vast space and all my parts.
A tiny package with every note__
focused in phase….
It moved without
the limiting mind
of personal self.

In a relaxed and peaceful stride
it ran toward all directions
The pleasure of your company
resolved the toil of my play.

To bring in everything that was
cast clearly__lit and honed.

Back to the cast
that fear brings__
I fought the waves and wind
To be strong enough__ to prove
my name, even when I was hurting
Don’t feel sorry for yourself
This is all in the past now.
You proved it all, last night.

Get out of the way of your selves’
You are unified__you’re whole.
No shame or blame is cast.
No crying now,
Ratify your existense.

It’s not enough to be only__ this shell
To crack and not break outright.
What was before is no longer,
What is now is created, again and again.

I must claim this voice and rework
his valid truths.
Till they are clear and beyond
all doubt.
The best that I can do.

While China slept,
the world did sleep.
Each country kept it’s particular illusion.
Each generation keeping it’s own counsel.
They all think they are right.
Real truth is not sold by corporation.
Corporations, think__
They are the Trust.

Communist or Capitalist
West vs. East
Vectors on the map.
They are self limiting
programs in demise.
Morality is not their stock and trade.
Of Western minds or antithesis… despot’ s dreams__
They have their own agenda. The protection plan
What’s yours is mine.
Th Protection scale.
Those that have are always right.
Everyone else is blessed by their poverty
The lack of filthy lucre.

Speaking of proof
This is coming to a screaching halt……Chop, chop
Before I go much under.
This has been self- indulgent
and possibly, very vulgar.
I hope not too offend__only to open up to
the new beginning__
that sweeps up, from behind…
To begin again.

To recognize…I am leaner now in thought.
I am not the prey of my own conviction
I am worthy of pity or respect.
Changes were there.
I worked today, even if you won’t see.
I hardly made any dust,
It is true.

I worked today,
I earned my way
Love me for this,
and say, ” good day ! ”
“good day! ,” I say,
Back to you.

” He cares about what matters”
Sometimes, just to find the space,
To live, is
just so very hard.
I am not a drowning man.
I own my vessel.
Take responsibility for command.
Don’t grab on and pull me down.
I’m bailing out this ship,
before the ghosts of prey__can circumvent my mind.

“You, over there “,….
the me that finds it hard to help__
“Your uneven oar is swamping my boat,
with incredibly thoughtless conceit.”
Disunitive, abrupt, and caustic thoughts…are
Interruptions from your fear.
” Don’t let me do to myself, what I would not hear of, from you”

Accept in these, the sojourn, that
this forelorn dread has wrung.
Discouraged by the lapping, arduous, waves of fear
the mind, that hung itself__ for not believing
In a faith so strong__
where honesty and truth and love__ prevail.
What time has wrought,
the journey done.

This is more than nothing.
It has to have it’s say
To work out all the kinks
If not today, then later today.
If not today, then when?

It’s all the same time.
The paradoxical moment of truth.
In place is now.
In place is here.
Everybody knows,
It is Now Here.
The covenant of Peace.

I know this__
I have not let go.
This is the way, I stride today.
It came to me to relax and allow.
It is creation being found in the act
of mind and hand and heart.
A soulful longing for my better self,
that is always hiding in the eaves.

I’ve learned a lot__
Thought is an overall collective.
Left unstrung, it flops about and
too easily comes undone.
Hopefully, today, I gathered up my iniative
to survive the downs and lows
and sub standard piles of crap
I always seem to gather.

I have the gleaning powers
of a garbageman.
I will sit and listen
to the same news story
over and over again.
Truth be told, I’m a sucker for
the daily life.
and the trouble it can bring.

Then I went off on some
diatribe about crappy attitude
and the non healing linear mind.
Can’t remember what I did wrong.
I’m not going to be mad
I’m going to be real.
“If that’s all there is, my friend, then let’s keep dancing”
Miss Peggy Lee, singer of the song.

Go about your work
And leave undone the actions
of malice.
The cure exists as Love.

Love is all there ever was.
Love has to be
The rest is undone and without a thought.
Remembering itself__for it’s own existence.

A new stage will come in me this day.
I will flow with love and all of it’s intention.
Love is all I will feel, and all that I see.
Over and over, I strive to see and feel__
You are seeing me in peace and hopeful
Go now into the day and
Be Real.
Love is Kind
Help out.

Trust the Rust-1985-

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