The Walkable Multiverse According to Charles Jencks

On an abandoned mining site in Scotland, an architectural theorist attempts to bring the mysteries of the cosmos to life on Earth.

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Tennessee Williams on His Women, His Writer’s Block, and Whether It All Mattered

…of course. This was a tremendous way to start the day. Congratulations, Mr.Grissom.This is a stellar accomplishment. Seriously, I enjoyed riding along on your journey and meeting you and Tennesee Williams


James Grissom | Follies of God: Tennessee Williams and the Women of the Fog | Knopf | March 2015 | 26 minutes (7,038 words)

Below is an excerpt from the book Follies of God, by James Grissom, as recommended by Longreads contributing editor Dana Snitzky. Dana writes:

“James Grissom wrote a letter to Tennessee Williams in 1982, when he was only 20 years old, asking for advice. Tennessee unexpectedly responded, ‘Perhaps you can be of some help to me.’ Ultimately he tasked Grissom with seeking out each of the women (and few men) who had inspired his work—among them Maureen Stapleton, Lillian Gish, Katharine Hepburn, Bette Davis, and Marlon Brando—so that he could ask them a question: had Tennessee Williams, or his work, ever mattered? This is Grissom’s account of their intense first encounters, in which Tennessee explains his thoughts on writing, writer’s block, and the women he wrote.”

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Procession of the Ljelje, Gorjani

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Procession of the Ljelje in the village of Gorjani, near Đakovo, Slavonia, Croatia (8 June 2014). Each year on Whitsun young unmarried women and girls from the village of Gorjani dress in traditional costumes, and following mass go in procession from house to house in the village, singing and dancing for their hosts. The women wear two types of costume – the older participants (known as ‘kraljevi’ or ‘kings’) wear tall, elaborate hats and carry sabres; the younger girls (‘kraljice’ meaning ‘queens’) wear tiaras in their hair. The Procession of the Ljelje was inscribed on the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2009. © Rudolf Abraham. All rights reserved.
Procession of the Ljelje in the village of Gorjani, near Dakovo, Slavonia, Croatia. © Rudolf Abraham. All rights reserved. Procession of the Ljelje in the village of Gorjani, near Dakovo, Slavonia, Croatia. © Rudolf Abraham. All rights reserved.
Procession of the Ljelje in the village of Gorjani, near Dakovo, Slavonia, Croatia. © Rudolf Abraham. All rights reserved. Procession of the Ljelje in the village of Gorjani, near Dakovo, Slavonia, Croatia. © Rudolf Abraham. All rights reserved.
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First Daze Memory Haze

If I may reblog your post _ I would be proud to show it there. I don’t know if anyone drops by, but, one day I will sort out the frame of my reference and design in this place & There i will be. No excuses,Deby My blog is under construction, but it really is here and one day I’ll get the old blogstream engine reconfigured and functioning. Right now it is just the transfer put in backward. You wrote a beautiful piece and your blog is excellent. Thank you, again, and take good care of yourself _In the wilds of Yellowstone. You are brave and that is your advantage. Ric

Deby Dixon Photography

The news came via a Facebook post – the alpha female of the Lamar Canyon pack, “06,” was shot and killed in the same area as 754, the brother of the pack’s alpha male, 755, was a few weeks back.

I am a lone wolf out here prowling the roads and trails of Yellowstone National Park for the Winter, determined to see the park and its inhabitants with my own eyes and not be influenced by the views of others. I have no desire to be a part of any group because it is my belief that by so doing it would diminish my truth and credibility. And because any group, it seems, has extremists on both sides that have a way of fighting for one thing while creating damage to others. I learned these lessons the hard way.

After last winter in boring, sunny Southern California, I contemplated my…

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Just discovered you J.S. and you are in my hometown.Richmond and I have pseudonym of Glacialtides here. I used to poetize and write at Blogstream, but, it went away > just saying Hello at five to midnight Work tomorrow. Iwan to folow your work and discover how I discovered you by accident. I recognized the richmond skyline Manchester Bridge…. like whatt i have read . i shall return with permission. Night Ulric Hubert Rainard on FB

the tenth muse

de filosofia no sé;
del amor tampoco o menos;
pero me pones pensar tu
si es posible mancar
lo que aún no haya tenido.



this morning the light comes
through glass as if it were

autumn, but there is no poem
in it. in english,

one can say only i miss you,
but that doesn’t cover

by half the september sun
he says i need.

in italian, mi manchi,
you are lacking to me;

a lesson in grapeskins
and empty palms.

in spanish the thing,
like autumn morning light,

gets nearer: me haces falta,
te echo de menos,

te extraño: you make me lack;
you make me less;

i miss you. like a third hand
to turn the door knob

when my arms are wrapped
around your waist.

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Barking In The Dark

I have sent out literally hundreds of thousands , maybe millions, maybe hundreds of millions, of emails and I have yet to hear back from ANY of you ingrates. Not a blessed single damn one of you… none, nada, zero, zilch! Not one single, simple, solitary, friggin’ peep.

Now – I can understand such spiteful dismissive treatment from my 1st wife (who I still like to remain in contact with ‘cause she was really hot), and I can expect this kind of unappreciative, unresponsive treatment from ex- wife # 2 as well (not as close with her, but…), and it goes without saying – but I’ll say it anyway – that I most definitely  expect this sort of unwarranted, shameful, neglectful, careless treatment from my darling children who, with all their faults, still manage a perfunctory pity “hi” every seven-and-a-half years or so, and I certainly, as…

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