First Daze Memory Haze

If I may reblog your post _ I would be proud to show it there. I don’t know if anyone drops by, but, one day I will sort out the frame of my reference and design in this place & There i will be. No excuses,Deby My blog is under construction, but it really is here and one day I’ll get the old blogstream engine reconfigured and functioning. Right now it is just the transfer put in backward. You wrote a beautiful piece and your blog is excellent. Thank you, again, and take good care of yourself _In the wilds of Yellowstone. You are brave and that is your advantage. Ric

Deby Dixon Photography

The news came via a Facebook post – the alpha female of the Lamar Canyon pack, “06,” was shot and killed in the same area as 754, the brother of the pack’s alpha male, 755, was a few weeks back.

I am a lone wolf out here prowling the roads and trails of Yellowstone National Park for the Winter, determined to see the park and its inhabitants with my own eyes and not be influenced by the views of others. I have no desire to be a part of any group because it is my belief that by so doing it would diminish my truth and credibility. And because any group, it seems, has extremists on both sides that have a way of fighting for one thing while creating damage to others. I learned these lessons the hard way.

After last winter in boring, sunny Southern California, I contemplated my…

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