Through These Hopes…

What a beginning_ I just love… how we make mistakes.
I just love to talk about you.
That brain thing _Again!
How about__ how I miss you .
And How I will just die_
If I never hear of your love again.
I miss you more than life.
Who am I to ask? Can you say_ Why?

What became of how we became,
And then who knew__ I would try to be true to our love. I am so in this pain, that is so soft and pure,
Because, I still hope__ I have not made the final outcome.
Whatever comes has been a long time coming,
and I love the way you hold me,
because I am still here,
and the love of your heart is real.

I Love__ has become the circle of hope in my gain.
I roll with the reel of life and give everyday to my lot.
Knowing I am that one special hope of my heart,
because I only know how to love this way.
It is free, and so giving, and the delight,
I have for the soft reveal,
and the light of pleasing aires,
This gives us everything,
and the way of life_
becomes the instance of sweet sacrifice.

I am in my element and it grows in my heart,
even when I am away,
and all that has been,
will never be lost again.
It is all for you, and you should know
that our love opened me to the heart of being_
for the why that I became.

And then their was Rust, who thought a few steps and paces ahead the other day and gave of himself__ on to the page to work up a pattern of belief that is just right, But what is right__ that he trusts his heart and so with no subtraction he gives the start and the stop of the love that flows through him on that day and in this reveal. He__ flows not perfectly or without recompense, but only as __  jazz, fully on and in a place, that is always just ahead and into the thought that what depends on this__love__ is my heart and the love it has for you.

It begins::Out of the edges of prescription
The authenticated describer lives
Unbuttoning from…long sleeved silken shirt_undone.
After a long dry spell
He feels the rain of thoughts
pouring down_unaware of the
derivative factors of intent and substitution.

Nevertheless, The armchair coordinator
deems a certain desparation to control
No longer married to his further
degrees of delineation
He factors in his purpose and patrol.

He knows where he lives
They have come to receive
the sacrement of non-demeaning nature.
Sucre in the fruitful depths of the West.
Presence in the Halls of Reunion
has hastened the Declention
and Investment.

What___has come full circle?
Waiting is over.
The burden is not lifted.
It is heightened and held in great esteem.
Born to breathe the vision,
Tasks soon done.

No rehearsal now.
Breathing reality__final, first, and true.
Run, Ran, Running__Done.
No one can do what you do
The way you do it is__
Just, and and not just, but always you.

Thinking past the reasonable end.
When is time__ without peace.
Darkness comes, but not sleep.
Night shades on the sun. I give all of me to this,
and then it comes down to you. I can’t explain.
The balance of me is you. I can’t explain.

Over and over, I have come here and then walked away, because I can’t explain why__I’m not that brave.
The great reveal of having so much love__just like you.
So what do you say if you hear me now.
Was I wrong to love the dream and forget__
What was real. It’s all the same.
In the end it hard to explain the depths of the love that came.
Truth be told_ I can explain the whole of everything.

Anymore. It is all love and what isn’t__
Is soon to become the Hoped for Wonder of Love.
There is No Hate Anymore.
I should write songs.
I’ve never said that, but words become the love,
that becomes_ from all our hopes and beauty,
and the love of loving you.

This thought. Depends__Deepens.
From loving you, I became real.

This is where the road runs off to somewhere,
where I will leave it.
I wrote:Lemmings on the run…Nice.
Listen with untoward distraction. Holding my place. Coming undone.
Visiting traffic driven outward.

Stop__ Go__ Stop Gap!
Nothing left to save.
Order and reunion saved.
Together as One
Falling over
one and the other
To get there first.

Needing substitution, at last
Assured of their goal.
Nothing this good can last.
Sweet boy, Don’t lose faith.

Except, in the acts of love.
In the exchange of prayer.
When in belief and faith in
Something greater__
Than Ourselves.

Factored in the Truth of Life.

Love Assures Hope.

Hope Assures Faith.

And Faith Assures God.

Believed_ Knowledge_ Reveals

Who’s Kingdom Comes?

Saves the disposition.

The long awaited factors.

Lost was__Not__What Is__

What is Real is Felt.
Hard on the chest.
The weight releases as
Belief begins.
Release resolves the
Solitude of Peace within.

The vibrancy of youth
The unbelievable victory of faith.
Belief in the Prize.
All won on one day,
When in one second,one minute,one hour,one day,
As long as it takes.
All of the years that have gone by.
We can do what we have always __
Wondered_ why?

You choose to live.
Wholly and ably with
Strength and Hope and Love.
The wisdom of your own heart
Left to go to do.

What has to be done.
To remember.
The story of Heaven
and of Love.
Unbounding feelings of Hope
The gift to give
A Friend.
The Real You.
Unbound and Free
To Give.

Love Always.
Every Act of Faith
Is Love.
True Hearts


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