The Quick and The Dead

Dropping through__ How Big do you think I am?
No Matter, No one Knows me.

Sensational… this is the plan__I don’T have one.

I was thinking, maybe, you would like to know me. I love to be on this side of the full motion golden diadem.

Crackers are not a fruit I’d like to eat.

So, what we have here is a total breakdown or breakthrough.
I’d love to know, Why?

We put ourselves on display. I want to love the world with the love of all of the ways…
In only the ways that are authorized. By you.

I am merely a silly little output magazine of revolving unsorted counter claims.
On this moment’s notice__ I could just say, ‘Put it away!’

Major breakthrough. I want to have the opening. From within…
The come about___ that always___ has me synchronized with my true feelings.

I have the time now….before I go to bed to say something_

From the very bottom of my heart___I wish the world all of my best intentions. My Heart.

I  Am here __not messing around, but this is the only way I have right now.
I give something now, because I want to begin the real life that exists in the real part of my life. Me.

I want to_ not fake my way through the best part of my life.

What’s left after you finally realize__ I wasted most of my existence on self-doubt. No doubt!

I gave away the possibility of meeting the best of you__
When I didn’t live the best of me. See.

Down deep and not too far away I know where I hang out___There I am.
I am going to be as happy and as helpful as I choose to be.

Open your heart. Feel the gathering love of being on the line with the fine colors of the life within.

How can I claim to be going anywhere?
I just can___even as I know this doesn’t have all, or maybe, even a part of just exactly, what I would like this to be___,
But I am claiming a certain extirpated dialogical freedom to say as I am believing this. I hear you,now.

It holds me to the letter I am writing one note at a time.
I am feeling an internal_ eternal music that lies within.
It is not making claims about certitude,
But I am fulfilling the doctrine of being born to live the life I claim.

I want to love the man I am, so I can be certain to reflect to you_ who are here…. the solid and resounding reflection of your own claim to what your heart desires. Peace,Love _Hope.

The logic…anticipation. I desire the way that would have me knowing my life is breathing the whole of my parts to the future that exists as the plan.

Free my way to be real____And holding the whole world to my
breast, I ache to breakthrough. I want to represent the truth of who I am.

”You can’t climb, until you’re ready to fall”

Where does it end__
For tonight, the life of being
is the breathing and the feeling of being.
This close__ Seeing,
not a plain wrapper existence wrapped in
The ephemeral art of believing, what I can bring to the stage.
What that means… is up to me.

I have earned at this late date_ a certain dependence on
the late appeal of who I used to be.
Because it was easy__ I  could continue to live un-resolved and seal my fate__To never get it right,
Revolving and resorting, over and over again.

I am instead challenging my music
to be more than the rest of those
notes I don’t want to hear.
Negative energy__just always got in my way.
I embraced the decline. Inertia and guilt.
Fear of pushing the envelope.

So if this could be. The…
Dropping through. the…
Entering in.

Constructing in my mind,
A fortress of Love.
A haven of Hope.
A home for Desire.
A  physical construct of Quality.
An eminence front__
Sounds like an ignoble deed,
But, strength and grace are required to survive.
One must carry their burden___ gracefully.

I am, merely an actor on the stage of life,
and in this small venue,
I am exposing my waxen wings
to the heat of the day.
Hoping, I survive to take flight
on the ‘morrow.

See You then,
Hope I do not offend your Ear.
I am Rust_

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Saturday June 30, 2007
 Walkin’ In Out of The Rain….Life’s Running Away from Me!

I want some of that.
It comes to mind. Enough of me.
I’ m all about the gathering fame. Questions?
What appears and disappears. My ears are burning.
I read the proofs.
This ship is going down in flames.
I love to work on this game. I love the down time,
when I can’t even believe…I,I,I!

Am I for real?
I sure like that. I want to be this person, who holds his chains.
I finally answered to my name.
Who knew!
What came, when I asked for the time?

The question asked by one you’d choose. See…
I  have my reasons… to be, Here.
It is the love in my tears.
The breath of being here.
I love the games we play,
and I feel the rhythms of this art.
It is soft and gentle and it just flows,
off my arm like honey from the bees.
I’m loving, lovin’ you.

Listen? why? …Do we run? Run away!
Leave out the part, that loses the place you’ve been.
Come home to me and begin __again.
I miss the heart that we became.
Breathing softly into the years ahead.
I hold this dream for you.

I don’t know why we came this way,
but I became from loving you.
As unusual as it must seem. This person,
I am becoming breathes his life, as the breath of  you.
Let me explain. I am learning a few things along the way.
My counterpart is a feminine beauty of womankind,
who reads me and knows, that I love you. You.

The shape of  this heart holds to the task of  learning
to smoothly taste and feel the long held knowledge
of believing in the life of man.
The emulation of the loving hand.
The hands, the arms, the body of me,
loving the way of the life.

The kiss, the embrace. Tenderly, wanting to hold you.
Your face is as it seems the light of this life.
I am here in my life of this time_dreaming
the life of art filled and music laden desire.
Passionate_sun, warmth of truth.

I am learning the exchange of beauty
for the words of being subjected to truth.
My proof is to gain the beauty of words,
as a heavenly gift that I can give
to anyone with the hope,
that my desire speaks to the heart,
and holds for you the sense of …

We are here for all that we desire.
I can’t lose these gains. Forgive me …
If I presume to see a better way.
We are free to choose. I make this up as I go.
It is words that fall in my throat,
Each spoken through my face toward a place
on the page of the heart of you.

Presumptious to discover a recovery of the two.
The pair, the true dimension of balance and the art of holding you.
So close, the breath heals my eyes with senses warmed.
The rocking, swaying,  gently passing moments
hold the inception of perfect similitude.

That is grace. I know.
I have come back to you.
My place is here,
but I came,
and I recognized.
You are,

Sailing on the great ocean of life.
I became a sailor___ sailing home.
Guided by the heavens.
When I listened, I knew, I trusted .
My place.
It is whole,
and it is here.

If I played music,
You would be my everysong.
This life is not wrong.
Everything on this night…

I will always love you.
I want to believe I have
love enough for you.
I am not ashamed.
I am whole.

You came.
I believed.

Love is not the same.

True love

I hope.
You will hope for me.

Some night.



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