Summer Storm #12

Sometimes, but not always, hardly ever, actually.
I am beside myself, as the observer of the declension.
Meaning by that, another word, or in other words,
I am a creature of the nature of the purpose of my being.

The life of the letter of being the communique of the moment_
is left to my sense of when can I ever be what happens…when!
I sense your presence as the words hang from wires overhead.
I am under your eyes reading back to you my sense_

Of what my heart supplies. Unbound by the art of the moment. The sun.
Scribes the page with all that comes molten from the pen.
Capture the yen of the time, when…I can realise_
I have eyes to see and a sense of timing, but my music is_
Noise…Out of the night of my co-dependence I find crevices.
Moments of duality and lightened stretches at the edge of supply.

What for: Do I do this? It could just be_ that I have nothing to say.
The trappings and the harness of overbridging rigidity draws me.
Out of my hiding place. In the ultimate timing…versions flow
I want to rise to the true creative serum of forward inspiration.

Drawing out the end of my lost world enterprise.
Buzzards flying overhead..No worries now.
I see the scripture of true light.
My blown cover is a windy day, walking down the lane.
Without a care in the world, I absorb my threads and materialise.

So to that end, I enterprise in hope.
I depend on nothing else.
There is real life, as we know it.
And then, there is the Hope of
Real_eyes, seeing sight.
Depending on the heart
to see the Light.

Threads of when_
And my hope_
that You can see_
I am your friend.
The End

Your eyes.

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by trust the rust (PM , CC ) on Friday February 8, 2008 @ 1:04 AM   (del)

loved it!..


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by Anonymous (PM , CC ) on Saturday February 9, 2008 @ 9:34 AM   (del)

Thank you Anon, for being here on this page. It means so much to me.
You give me light and a very deep desire to achieve..something worthwhile. That said …This is right now, and we are close
…too the Edge. Trust
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by trust the rust (PM , CC ) on Tuesday February 12, 2008 @ 2:45 AM   (del)

Well, I was certain I left a comment on this one when you first posted it, TR. It seems I only thought I did. I’ve read it. I always read your posts. I’m not much of a poet. I would respond in kind except that I haven’t the skill. I enjoy reading, sometimes coming back several times until I begin to understand it. (or, think I do.) But that isn’t news to you. My expression of admiration and understanding must suffice in place of intelligent criticism. It’s what I have. |<   <<   >>   >|

by John, the Squabbler (PM , CC ) on Saturday February 23, 2008 @ 5:56 PM   (del)

Could it be
We need not know?
We need not care that we know not?

Could it be
That we reflect the sun
That the sun shines ever?

Could it be
This place is a creation
Just for us

Just for we who need to find…

Thinking of you Rusty… be well

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by Rosie (PM , CC ) on Thursday February 28, 2008 @ 8:35 PM   (del)

Rosie….I need to go to bed, but before I do_ I must say, “Hello! again.” How are you friend? I take this as a privilege to even try to contain the contact…the touch of God’s breath on our enterprise.
I do believe_ we are stardust. We have come a long way to get the rest.
Our place is here_ but we know where home is.

The breath of God’s love is not a generic remedy. It is an exact prescription of beautiful determined pathways that carry exacting remedies designed to carry their exact messages_home. I love you as you speak of your path and your home. Your light is out there to be real in this world.

At the moment_I am in the ‘doghouse’, so to speak, but I have faced more ferocious forces. This is merely a contract negotiation referral references tendered…tempers_ tired and tried…

I would love to know why I came out this way. How long have I been going on? I write this like it matters. It does, because it is now, and then it is over, but I cared about what I said, because each and every communique is fully in force. Words mean something. Then and now. Good night, Rosie…Rusty

Your thoughts were beautiful and well reflected to my life. I was moved. Your light is beautiful and true. ‘Smiles’

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by trust the rust (PM , CC ) on Friday February 29, 2008 @ 2:10 AM   (del)

Sleep well. Yes, it’s small but it matters…
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by Rosie (PM , CC ) on Friday February 29, 2008 @ 6:10 AM   (del)

TR, I see you have come out from under the stairs and have set sail under the star light. It is profoundly envigorating, to sail in the night, without fear.
luv ye,
|<   <<   >>   >|

by n. lynn (PM , CC ) on Monday March 3, 2008 @ 10:52 AM   (del)

yes.thanks. I didn’t rush…more of a sidled upon, crab-walk. I’ll be more direct next. make a helluva mac-n-cheez ask SQ (my son).
|<   <<   >>   >|

by luluaussi (PM , CC ) on Tuesday April 15, 2008 @ 1:15 AM   (del)


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