Over The Mountains #14

What Better Place Than Now

Exactly as I wished it to be.
I cannot set my HTML.
For the life of me,
I only want to depend on
the existence of the gestalt.

Wholeness of order, and surprised
to exist on the transformative bridge.
Resolved to be a true and gallant Christian,
and yet in this world, I need to gather my structure.

Be a stand up man and write of my life.
Through all of the backward stands.
In this land of disatisfaction, I find_
my simple enterprise holds me enthralled,
Because I believe in something _

Greater, bigger, fluid, and small, always moving
In consciousness, it has brought me thus far,
and I can finally see the shape of things to come.
I am consciousness of action. 
I depend on my reception of the life within.

There is a song in my heart.
I can flow like water on a table tilted, every which way.
What does that bring me?
It calls to me.
What does the voice say?

I am listening,  and tonight.
I am breathing within_ this life I seek.
In the science of God’s mistakes, I am a bridge.
If I am a mistake, then I am making amends.

The Life of this world needs my great heart.
I Know God wants me to find my voice.
Speaking of action. Take this, as that.
Ultimately, with but few believers,
I will come to the head of my life,
and sway in the winds of time, as the great oak.

On this you can depend. 
From my, yet, small demonstration, 
I am casting the waves of my wind.
I am drawing on the truth of senses.
Corresponding with the one true Love.

It is difficult to trust the gathering.
I trust the gathering.
Like the bi-fold door, my two sides meet.
I am adjacent to my gain, as I am losing my place.
Outside, of this door, there is a swinging hammer,
I must walk under, as I pass back and forth, in time.
It wants to take me away.

What wills me to not be anything other,
than what I have become, is a deep faith.
Fostered, by my total dedication to the 
depth of faith, hope, and love.
And then the remonstrations.

What will pass as fact or fiction? 
What creates doubts and pretense? 
Who is this man? What can he possibly mean?
He thinks_ he is a prohibitive favorite? 
That he has a place, I know!

I’ve made my mistakes. And they are greater_
Than you can possibly imagine, but,… but, I can still_
Imagine that better place and feeling.
I imagine and believe in the ‘fairy tale’.
The true reality….,
that we were meant to cast our greatest witness_
to the joys of aspiration.

The life of un-pretended fulfillment,
and satisfaction in our time_ in place.
Being in this moment __Do I commend myself _
to the act of Being? 

The Paradox is…I have always known my Trailways to the stars.
I am the real deal. A scientific traveler from the other side.
I have been a casual observer in a world of the children’s
Well laid plans.
Why is it, we can’t seem to get it right?

The answers are magnificently arising over the horizon.
We can no longer face our own demise.
Who can pretend the world is not broken.
I don’t have the answers tonight, but 
My enterprise is to cajole and encourage _first light.
To bring thoughtful introspection.

Faith within…
Each, of us, grabbing our own  bootstraps.
Realizing, not our political or economic configuration,
but that God has a plan.
First, we are loved. Second,
We have not been foregotten.
Third, Have faith, and fourth,
Remember to breathe.

I love you all.
I am just a simple man.
Written by the imaginary me!

Hello!, and how was your day?
I hope my thoughts are compatible,
with the shape of things to come.

Let’s not pretend, anymore.
One mind, One heart.

Anywhoo!  TR_Out!
Sublime and lemon.
One, 2008

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