Glacial Tides Are Us *123

Elegant Abstractions in the Sun.

Looking to view the wings_ This bird has flown.
Have I ever wondered more than now?
I am begun.
This is clearly ordained_ in my circumscribed way.
I am believing now_ on wonder.
Driven to order_ the reasons to believe.

I am ordered by my brain and heart to hold_ the way.
I am begun_ to be the second order of myself.
I believe_ I am growing daily_ in my true nature.
I was born__ and I came to grow__ out of nothingness.

The nature of this life is mind-filling,  hence the physical order.
The physical order of stages_wrought with wisdom’s domain.
Quietly accepting changes_ locating at parameter’s breadth.
I know,  because I trust and wait_ in degrees of attention.

Nothing too fast or too slow__ just right, comes_ the management.
Of acceptance…The truth lies within.
The noise without_encounters stillness.
The heart swells to hold the heat of light.
Chest_ strongly/ relaxed___ breathing light into darkness.

I am not a higher order of man. I am identifying a man’s truth.
Life in this ordinary fellow__ believes on the higher order of ordinary.
Having always known the way home, I lost, and fell, and found___ a way back.
It comes to me- as I describe this description of efforts flown.

I will myself to call on a higher order of things.
Within myself__I seek the one true God.
I seek not for myself, but for everyone.
I will this mission to be done.

I am not __I Am.
I am true, and I am here___ on this moment.
On the stage of life, where there is no going back.
I have an unconventional signature in my life. I am a unique being.
My God commands me to find myself. My one true self.

The un_ self. Not limited by degrees of strain and disease.
I know__ I sound full of something__ other than what I would think.
There is a mass of distractions_ all of life can be a noisy conundrum.
I am here now at this moment testing my trust,
in the wires of thought_ which describe this place.

What can it be?
I have let you down,
and you wonder_ who I think I am.
I am describing lines_ drawn at this moment, because I pass this way.
It has come to be a place_ that is now.
There is no other time for me.
I feel the width and depth of my chart.

Sailing on the sea of time.
The sailor views the storm, and still and steady_ as she goes.
Comes to places clearly drawn.
Heartily worn and warned by years of dimensional shifting.
Eventually the harbor of home appears.
The ship sails  into  safe harbor__

Home could be this place I have found.
I am not completely knowing I am here.
This has just been the entry_
I tried tonight_to find the key to my heart of words.

To say that I am done__ will never be.
Always holding hope and love_ here.
The sound of air passing over chords, or the strum of strings,
or the keys to the page.
The words fall_ in order to describe my place and reasons__
For caring, as I do.

I am an ordinary man__headed home on any day in time.
I am striving to hold the best_ in this heart of love.
A willing partner for our universe of thoughts.
Thoughts that hold this human life on earth__ sacred.

We are the design__ and the sanctity of our task is universal.
Life as we know it___ can circumscribe the wasted ways.
We can bring our hearts to bear.
Converse on love and hope and life in every way.
TRust the true center of your memory.

Right here__Right now__I see Jesus Christ.
I have chosen to not hold forth on why__
My life says that to me____
But all my experience says_ God wants me
To be me,
So go figure.

I love you… all.
That is why__ I figure.
You will understand_ my way.
I am only a little less ordinary.
This love God has for us__Is real.

So much hope for the future.
Choosing  love, and hope, and truth.
The light in the window prevails, and lightens the day.
As if one could see forever.
Truth, Trust, and Time.
Sublime Wonder Fullfilled.


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