Out Of Control #4

Glad to see you are up and writing, inspired by the thoughts of spring I presume.

Yum, crab cakes for lunch, hope you enjoyed them!

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by n. lynn (PM , CC ) on Wednesday February 25, 2009 @ 12:12 PM   (del)


that is one of your most
beautiful pieces…i have
to re-read it again and again
to pick up…what i missed.
It’s really tight and concise
and very very good.

Your work is just wonderful.
You really shouldn’t stop
writing at all for any
length of time. And i 
read John’s piece and it
i read your piece first
and i found that it fit

That’s a sign of true
art. Shew…blew me
away this day.
Thankyou for writing
again friend. 
You are so talented.

Anything off of my
blog, you want to 
cut and paste please
feel free to do so
as well. I’m thinking
of either doing away
with blog 3 or 2.
Probably 2 because
i’m not thrilled 
with it.

Anyhow…great works.
Keep this up please.


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by lizzie gott (PM , CC ) on Wednesday February 25, 2009 @ 8:10 PM   (del)

n., I ate the last crab-cake today, Yum! We had 4 inches of snow last night. Very beautiful soft tender fall onto every tree, that lasted just long enough to say…Hey! Look at me. All but gone this evening. Looking out for the Spring…We all await. TR   |<   <<   >>   >|



by trust the rust (PM , CC ) on Friday February 27, 2009 @ 1:53 AM   (del)

Now… for Miss Lizzie Gott. I thought you were gone forever, when you left… and then it was the best… when You came back, and I didn’t want you to leave again, so I just watched and listened and read, and sang_ along with your music. I got your life_ In the heart of me.

So Lizzie, when You say_ You are getting me as a writer_ of something I don’t quite get _ yet?… I begin, to see, we have come a long way, because we are communicating as artists…for that is what I always wanted for us …Honesty. The most magical breath of love is to know that others find the same elements in the atmospheres of ‘Staring at the Sun’
U2…You know the song.

What! you are!…You are the one, who, just, inspires me to beat back_ To the drum, that is beating in my heart. There is not a total understanding of trying _to be there_The waiting on the vision. Too much too soon? Don’t want to go blind. How to wait_for what is to come. Am I _
Needing the tension of self torment to extract the next vesting of 
implement. It is abstraction_ not to confuse, but to augment.
Straight ahead!

I am looking for a derivative of language that is symbolic in the sense, that in the common vernacular_ I am as ordinary as I have ever been, but I want to create a snowfall of dropping rain like swords that penetrate through the didactic chords of hidden debate.
I want to write songs of verse that can be sung out loud in pain or 
with joy… love. With raw emotion, that has an intellect of native source. 

This may sound wacked even to the most sophisticated mind, but no compromise…I am not there yet, in the most obvious ways, but even that I disturb the mode enough to have you_ who are preeminent to me as one who scrubs up the rawest and most beautiful evocations of the struggle_ To perform the work, that it will take_ To forge a better spoken truth.

A real world analysis of the art of existence as it is emoting the power of survival. I live. I can be free…if I choose_ To. Be. I.Am. 

I have got to go to bed. The lazy truth is…I didn’t write a thing tonight, except this, and I’m just sticking to my gut, here, but I hope you understand. Must say good night. I am anything, but angry at myself. 

There is joy in the learning of this life. It is a course in personal acceptance of self and taking on_
the tasks ahead. The truth of knowing you_ Is so much more than you know… that you have encouraged me to be brave in the face of my fear_ about acceptance…Is so powerful. I’ll write. It will get done, soon. I don’t know_ really, but why would I want it to be otherwise. I will try to enjoy the purpose of Love. Write man, write.

I would hope that I have returned my honesty to you_ For you are one great human being, woman, mother,friend…and we have never met, but we have always been held_ By some great power of acceptance of our connection. We go with the God of Total Understanding and Total Love.

I want the best of the world for everyone in the most evocative devotion to finding the course we lead…To face the light and serve Love on behalf of Humankind. That is all for now. I am right. Rust

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by trust the rust (PM , CC ) on Friday February 27, 2009 @ 2:52 AM

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