Now That’s Funny

Good Evening, TR ~

The thought that my persuasion has done anything to contribute to your current state of grace does me honor and makes me very glad. I won’t say thank you for your “kind words” because I know you really feel what you say. Creativity is by definition a road less traveled. It’s infinitely gratifying to find a fellow traveler who sees in what I see something that lifts him up, too, and makes him sing. (smile) It doesn’t have to be exactly the same to both of us to be an experience fully shared.

What you have given me back for what I do is a chance to see my best efforts reflected honestly in the eyes of someone who can really see, really know, someone who truly feels. And so, it’s a fair deal. Done with love and mutual respect for the elements of great worth and value. You’re not the world, and neither am I. We are the world. Hands across the water, heads across the sky … across the universe.

Bravo, sir. You really get it. 

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by Moonstone (PM , CC ) on Wednesday October 14, 2009 @ 10:35 PM   (del)

Bravo Moon, Very deep. We are at the core,and it is funderful.
I am so excited about what you have said_Here. It is amazing and we are not the only ones, but to connect on the playing field of life and share this way_Is like a satellite flying above oneself…a remote outpost _’Of the pulling in’ of everything, and like n. lynn said ‘Seeing reflections of the under~sea in the images of heaven’.

I borrowed these ‘Deep Space’ images to express a wave length of certain distinction. We are not alone and we are acknowledging_
What being together is. We are surrounded by our own wonderful reflection. If we can only see life_ As so_

It is a meditation of light and sound,time and wonder.

When, I read n. lynn’s comment_that (Undersea life as a mirror of the stars above)_I was reminded of how much I had not even considered…

That sea anemones and jelly fish and all the wild assorted colors
and structure of tropical fish are somewhat almost exactly fair visions of what some of these images of outer space portray. a unified field of sub atomic vision that is broadcast through and throughout time by an all encompassing order of passing signal relays through a cosmic engine that is all thinking and all knowing… and purposed for a reason beyond our ken to be both mystery and delight.

To factor intelligence with ignorance and create balance to both create and to forget, but most of all to Love the vision.
We are in sight of the alpha and omega. The beginning and the end of decision. Our task is to love the placement of time and space and forge the next dimension for the ultimate conversation.

The acceptance of Love as the only answer and proof of all that matters. Our space and time is our commission. I love that I know you. It has made me braver than I have ever been, and if I sometimes seem a few clicks short of a loaf_It is all for the good. For I consider an alliance of good faith to be the best reward_For such beginnings.

I am starting to really write myself. It is like playing pick up sticks. It’s so hard to move one piece and not have another piece respond, but all for the good. I am learning to play the real game of access*life. I have a very strong commitment to the truth and to the access of others who are sorting through and bringing their very best commission to the fore_.

Because we are needed_ We aren’t foolish with our thoughts.
They are for real and well considered.
We are made accessible by design. It is written in the stars.
I am happy. I know you are, too.

Whew! I didn’t see that coming. Moon You are amazing.
It is truly an honor.
Five to midnight…Watching a not so great BBC ‘Persuasion’
tonight, then comparing it to another. Also, got lost watching a bunch of Frye and Laurie clips. I’ll post a funny one right now.

All my best

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by trust the rust (PM , CC ) on Thursday October 15, 2009 @ 2:49 AM   (del)

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