Deliverance Refused#3

Here’s something like what I see when I read your work …

Intricate darkness, shimmering ribbons of light, substance and shadow, the infinite delicacy of the nanosphere, form and function, tea and sympathy, comedy and pathos, suitcase of memories. Is it really possible to spin such cotton candy thoughts with so little apparent effort? A glimpse of God in his heaven, and all’s suddenly right with the world.

I’m not really worthy, you know, but I have always worshipped at the altar of your writing, have always wished I had the talent to paint such amazing pictures in the mind. The shimmering door. The divinity of love. Looks like you’ve found both, my friend … in yourself. Celestial magic and all that jazz. Go forth and be fruitful … but don’t forget to write. You do it so VERY well. The second hand unwinds. Time after time.

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by Moonstone (PM , CC ) on Friday September 11, 2009 @ 8:37 PM   (del)

Moon, I love what you wrote. I love what you wrote.
I love what you wrote.
So much you have given me…Just being you, just being you,
just being you.
The way You are~ the way you are~ the way you are.

What meditations I can find in me~ Are there, because I am viewing the impossible plan.

How do You? How does one?, How can it be?. I am just me.
I hear the words and I listen, and I see,
and I want to hold it for all_ It is worth.

Like this song is held_ By these singers…solidly and divinely ~Enraptured in the perfection of purpose. The grasp of Love is so deep. I do not wonder if it is good _It is all_ There is _
At the only moment that is.
Now..and Now..and Now.

We stand on a bridge that looks over a deep chasm_
And wonder if we can get to the other side.
What is it that we are looking for?
Who and what and whom~ Holds the key?
What are the future plans?
What about now?

It is certainly Trust and Hope and Love.
Be free in the knowledge that I am lost,but found~ in Love.
I believe I can weave my purpose at hand_By listening.
I am tuning into the words of my freedom.

Believe that I see you as so accomplished
and also seeking for the world~ The freedom
to breathe with the dream.
What the singers sing~ Of Love.

This is Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan, primarily
But they are in total union with the side players,
Who are as equally driven to the perfection of emotion and feeling.
So this is where I came in. I had intended to say gloriously_
Gratefully and thankfully_ You are the perfect One.

We are good for each other in this way.
I give to you _ You give to me.
My perfect support. I believe in You.
I am not saying_That all friends and family and lovers
Are not, as well, finding_ Your Hopes and Dreams_ Enticing.
I am saying I recognize the beauty of all of this.
How the warp and the weft are coming together.

In this great tapestry of Life
We are giving to the game of Love and Life
All that we are worth.
And It is good.
And True.

More said_ Is more
Than can be settled.
Nothing is not real.
All is_ To the best purpose

Your hopes are Mine.
And I for you.
Hold that you shall
Have your dreams come
~ True.

Well! Now
Back to you_ my dear
Always lovely to run into you.
You make it so worthwhile.


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by trust the rust (PM , CC ) on Friday September 11, 2009 @ 9:27 PM   (del)

You always take my breath away … why should tonight be any different?

Warp and weft are words I haven’t heard in years, but consider how versatile they are. A weaving together of hopes and dreams and faith in the ever-changing tapestry of time warp.

And now back to you.

It almost makes me want to say, “Beam me up, Scottie.” 

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by Moonstone (PM , CC ) on Friday September 11, 2009 @ 10:16 PM   (del)

“What in each of us recognizes
The divinity of Love.


In all ways
By Grace

And always,

Terrific!!!!! well said, TR!!

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by AZRON (PM , CC ) on Saturday September 12, 2009

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