Commentary Reel (1)

Hello there…This is where it gets tricky Moon. You were the one _
Who started the boutique of beauty and spheres and flowers and volcanoes and tea. I never had a chance to even compete with your mission.That is the artistry of what you produce. It is a panoply of stimulation for the senses. I regard
your blog as_ Just the best. It reaches my heart on so many levels.

I, my dear, am at your request, becoming a better me_ By looking up and down and out!!!and smelling the flowers and walking and running and
singing (to myself) and whistling and even thinking and feeling.
And writing and gathering and presenting.

There!_ I have a lot more awareness of the unlimited options
We have for receiving love from the Universe.

We are not a convention of clowns trying to outdo the other.
We are a collaborative and supportive fabric of members, who regard life and
works as sacred and beautiful in all the best ways…and I just write what I feel at the moment.

It is not always easy or possible (to gain control) of the doubt and
to foster_The actions_ Needed to Bring_ the freedom to express the bold love one has for life.

What I am beginning_ To try and do_ Is becoming possible, because I know It will be received as a gift. a presentation of time spent…
To know things and to feel you can’t express them is terrifying.

Wanting to express yourself:Watching and waiting your whole life to get to a time where there is no pretend Is very heartening. I have arrived.
Not at a perfection, but at a state of acceptance not-not of myself, but as a participant in a great correspondence.

Involved in a
A conversation about life and all the elements of worth and great value. I love that there is such a real sense of wonder in our discovery.

What I try to do_ Is_In greatest regard_ For all of those creative partners
Who brought us here… Present and past, and all the lives and
opportunities,which will continue to expand. To finally be a conscious member of the Universe is a fine circumstance. Thank You for all of your best thoughts and wonderful Persuasion.
Thank You Moon TR

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by trust the rust (PM , CC ) on Wednesday October 14, 2009 @

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