All Things Are True#2

Ron, Now_ It gets complicated. You laughed, and then,
you laughed out_ again,loudly, because you were confused.
Or were you finding me confusing? I think it was the latter.

Easy Button:Coming up.
Push down Now_ On the button. It Squeeks!.
Makes a sound of some sort.
Somehow everything _
Suddenly, Becomes clear.

I already know you have moved on, not knowing what you have left in your wake…but knowing I can take it.~I think LOL at me. OK!

After all, You have hopefully moved on to higher truths and more certain outcomes. You know, I love to write back and forth with you and Moon and John and Fair and n.lynn, and Mokie, et al.

Now, who else can I bother. The button works for me.
And I can say

That Was Easy!_

gOOD THING yOU’RE NOT GRADING ME. On my presentation. So_

I worked today and enjoyed the full Moon at both ends of the night. Ate a fine porkchop,taters and broccoli for dinner, no TV(football) and so, I watched a fine
Scotch detective ‘Hamish Macbeth’ solve crimes in the
Scottish Highlands (DVD from the library).

What a change in my world. No tv…am I crying? Not at all. I have never really been a correspondent.

There is no question that I am a professional amateur at everything. I try, but, by now_By this means_ I am just so happy to lend a hand toward unraveling the only big question?
Why do we exist? and What?_ Are we doing here?
By writing and presenting here_
We are doing our best to make sense and to make it easier
To be ourselves.

I think it is easy to remedy.
I am practicing the art of befuddlement, and being assured
that I will figure this out…eventually.
I am sharing my diffusion with any and all… Out loud.

It is still beholden upon you, that you must laugh at another’s expense. Only if it furthers the transcendental explanation of the frame. In this setting and sequence_I think that was the perfect alert_To me to say what I mean and mean what I say, but there are no guarantees.
Now I am laughing, too. Not outwardly, but knowingly.
At this time there is too much water over the bridge.
To worry about anything.ALWAYS A JOY* rON______TR

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by trust the rust (PM , CC ) on Tuesday October 6, 2009 @ 12:12 AM

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