What’s This? … ‘Blogstream’_ Still Exists

Hello! John…Let us ~ Just say_ I begin here, because I see a very interesting Entry Portal.. You are not talking out of school about me, when You count me ‘In’ as the giant on the couch. It’s quirky and cool and totally appreciated. I find that your insight is _ a most rewarding bit of information. Information that I need.

For some reason this writing thing is important to me, but it really never rises above a hill of beans_

When it comes ‘right down’ to it, I am at a level and an attitude of dismay as far as being wholly here. I have this lockstep~sideways point of view of my ‘exploration~expectation’_ at the moment. I cannot…and ‘have not’ cracked the code to get back to where_ I was before_ I checked out.

Note::Best of all I could just get off immediately and run for the hills, but I really want to regain_ The semblance of confidence _I used to have. I really felt you were receiving all that I put out.

… in spite of the facts_and foibles_ and the velocity of the tributes that I was getting just by being here_ In a true note of honesty…It was well worth_ the Hope…and the Honesty.
I wanted to know that I was lending the same sorts of support to other’s efforts.

What was taking place before..and even still..’Now’_ was all that
anyone_ could have wished for.

I am certainly not a fool and I am not a fan of being miserable.
So, even as, I ascribe to the better way, I am ‘just’_now ‘temporarily’ making all of this difficult_ for myself.

You may get to see that_ Doubts can loom large, when left to their own means. What is there~ Is still there. I’ll be okay. It is all artifactual and circumscribing Of where I want to be right now.
Maybe that is just a better place to start from.

For myself…I am doing ‘the work’..writing down… at the moment…though it be laboring and not of the best means. My heart is strong and the bell still rings through the night.

Greatest respects John, but I still have my ‘temporary’ doubts about me. I took from all the things that were written before…when we wrote back and forth______
They certainly were authentically created…What I did, when I wrote here at ‘The White Lodge’ _Was make in tribute_ A sound of something_reflecting off__
the coalition of sounds and senses that you were creating. I was in a collaborative state, so to speak.

Angular and obtuse:: I was opening to your opening and expecting to fly _so to speak. I just trusted all was__For the good of the ends
Going from where~ We were travailing. The Road Ahead Always

The donut in my brain says, this_ Just came-in from somewhere. Why can’t I just write without reacting to the aftermath. It would sure help my confidence. Thank Goodness for blogging …..

My big down, since November, has been_
Because of the ‘son effect’. Point Blank…I’ll take him off that pedestal_I used it as an excuse to quit.
He said, “I was wasting my time”….doing any of this, but I really don’t care what he said _
I just know how to use that kind of invective_ To keep ‘myself’_from doing _What I am doing.

I didn’t put that [angry2:emoticon] there, but there it is. It makes me feel better, because I need to feel something. Wee!!!

First off…Back to base one. I am doing great and so is the family . We have had our share of challenges this last month or so…Just like everyone else, but we’re still cooking with gas. Moving on down the Highway.

Life is good….and John I couldn’t be happier_
Than to see you are back with all of your unique and in-comparable ways of being very close and very far from us all.

The mastermind. We await your further study of the human condition. There may be no better place to be right now_Than this little corner of the world. Let us sell only our very best and truest renditions of what it means to be Human… and Hopeful.

I have to go, but there is still light at the end of the tunnel.

Just thought: I’d add a little incentive_ Bob Dylan, singing
“Every Grain Of Sand,” _as found on, YouTube,
It is presented by ‘mitaka5tulip’ w/ Japanese & English lyrics.
Nite all_TR


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