What Woods These Be

There I am …
Adding a little drizzle into the public box.
Oh! Hey John! I want to just drive over the cliff into freedom.
Is it just there?
… where, you describe the self ownership.
What is my frequency account? I would claim that, but I work for the state.
I can take care of people that can’t take care of themselves, but…
Why? … am I proscribed by a public employees union to pay dues automatically?
I am in semi-servitude to there public political agenda.
This is very disjointed, because I am not yet able to enter the stream.

My wife’s Mom is in the midst of dying in a hospital 130 miles away.
She is doing the end with a splendid spirit and the host of the life
that has remained solidly present. She was never a religious or political atmospherics lover, but, all of her children (10) are very much the grander version of all the schemes and adroitness that life’s swales and risings engender…

If I Am to ever get back to zero. John,You know how tough this is.
Mom was on a cancer treatment regimen for two three years, and somehow the life
… that was_began to fall away faster and faster, and less and less was said.
She wouldn’t make it easier … and move closer.
She had her beloved home at the ocean and that was that.

Her youngest…a borne mendicant moved in and provided a somewhat supportive effort, but, in the End _ His effort… missed the final signs of degradation.

He missed an infection and she didn’t report anything that would have given a clue.
Early Thursday she entered a lonely outlying hospital, which has turned into a blessing, … because, their care through all of this(CCU) has been superior to any big city hospital,
that I have ever been around ‘frequency’ in. In my experience???

She was supposed to exit, last Thursday, but, she is still here locally
with her children…. the one’s who remain near and those who have been and have gone.
We have all been to and from, but, life goes on.
I left yesterday evening, because of work and the need to marshall our rides.
We have had some weather issues… not as bad as yours, but bad enough,

So, what can I say …A great lady, who was at our house two weeks ago_
For respite from _Three days of Gamma knife treatments.
Ever the reader and the conversationalist … She gave her all to the very end.

We had taken off this Friday to take her to a new series of treatments,
which would have required her to staying at a facility in the capital city(Olympia).
She didn’t want to do that, so my wife was getting a motel room for the week, and the
rest of the story is now written.
A brave lady who saw the end before anyone else realized the End
was Done…
She accepted the course.
She knows her way Home.

One last thing _ May God Bless the Grays Harbor Community Hospital,
And the people who go there and the people who work there _For the great care they take with everyone who enters_Their charge.
It was and is a wonder.
Multi dimensionally speaking. I have been moved in many ways this past number of days
By my wife, my children, my in-laws and the medical staff,
and just the way, sometimes, Life proscribes events that change You
To realize That the course of another person’s life
…. can move you.
In such a memorable way.

Great writing John… These pieces _ You’ve done…
You have always inspired me _ To see outside the box
May God Bless You, Sir, and Rosie as well. I love you both.,
TR& Rusty(me)
That they can see the truth again without the goggles of disbelief

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by trust the rust (PM , CC ) on Tuesday March 1, 2011 @ 1:41 AM   (del)


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