We Could Be Famous…

So.. you’re only nice and gentle to people who are here? Where as people who are there you’re angry to?

I think i’m pretty much the same to people here or … here. I must admit though, i don’t get the gist of the chat room. It appears that when i’m in there talking to people, i’m supposed to ignore others that come in and continue talking only to the person i was first chatting with. It’s quite strange John.

If i was out to dinner with some friends, i don’t just talk to the one all night. Every one joins in – i just assumed that’s what happens. Should never assume John, but i do. Beats me. What’s with chat these days anyway? Where is every one? I don’t understand – it’s all good, my Aussie clocks all wrong for most people here anyway.

I’m sorry i came here for a whinge. I just did the silliest thing in my online uni thingy and i’m just a raging storm inside. So stupid!!

Hope my hail didn’t damage your stuff in any way – I’ll leave you in peace now.

I hope you’re dreaming nice dreams…

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by Rosie (PM , CC ) on Tuesday February 26, 2008 @ 12:43 AM

Words matter. For now I am a quiet noise. I feel every word and emotion…from post to comments. Taking care of everyone is not easy.

I’m not saying I do that, or you. It is the faith and hope we have that engenders God’s service and our reasonable understanding of being here…wherever we are. We are only limited by our imaginations….What do I mean by that? I have no idea. Just reaching out of the cacophany of the overload from TV noise. My wife’s hearing is not so good… She watches only this one show, called’Medium’

… I am recovering from a long spell of ‘Hoot owl melange’. Wiped part of this…Squish!!!, and now I have no idea, but something about your friendly approach to the porch of your WT’s home_ caught the thrust of my concern.

Real adaptations of the confluence of our differentness. You wanted to put him,he,sir,husband,man at ease and it is winter and this is not a living room conversation and he probably sees you as the interloper.

Whatever I’m doing here_ John… is just that… doing something to get over not-doing something. You were taking care of business in a very considerate way and he was putting his spin on your being there…whatever you claimed your story to be. You were having the only kind of conversation, you could have
w/ W.T.’s old man. I’m sure he hears great stories about you. He’s wondering how he’ll manage to hold on…or he has no thoughts…only
viseral gut thumpers. He has questions???he’s incapable of asking.
Has he been to your house? Dinner with the clan. Perhaps.

So John I will not worry about how this has come off, Or what the real outcome was, but it was told beautifully by you. I will be back soon and we will put a few ‘hopes and fears’ on the barbie and discuss our hail damaged lives. It’s all good. You are strong, and quite the onion. Many good days and years ahead. Your pictures are outstanding, and with your writing and music and plays and recordings. You are moving into a great niche.

As for me…I am amazed how people recover from tornado destruction and how their lives must be and are changed forever. They have so much to teach us. I want to read of their philosophy of recovery.

I must retire, as tomorrow is another day. I was very busy this weekend.
Take care. Thank you for your last comments and I hope someday you will read my last comment at the end of the ‘flagstone path’ comments page. It is not real if you don’t lay your eyes upon it. It’s just over there…a few cyber valleys away.

All in all…It is a grand vision we lead. What is the price to be paid for such leisure and ledger domaine. A full accounting is in view and we are honestly portraying a developing trend towards a certain end. One that_ I hope_I will sign onto, as a full member with the privilege and the honor of reporting my view. As always. Love all of your brilliant diadems of meritorious service. To that, and in view of all …I bid ado and bon voyage. For tonight, I am gone sailing_TR

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by trust the rust (PM , CC ) on Tuesday February 26, 2008 @ 2:51 AM   (del)

Hi Rosie! I’m confused now. Going back over my post & even re-reading the comments I can’t see anger being in the topic anywhere. But I’m just dense perhaps. I’ll address it: Blogging is pretend – imaginary. Emotions here aren’t genuine. At least I hope not! The Squabbler becomes “angry” quite a lot probably because who I am in real life doesn’t. My boys can make me angry. Love gives them that power, but of course they’re real; they’re not words in cyberspace. Now – when you get into chat rooms – watch out! Those are dangerous places I think because they aren’t writers, most of them; they don’t understand how to stay in character, or even how to create one. But they are freed by anonymity to be the worst they can be. I think there’s a least common denominator social dynamic going on in chat rooms, a kind of prison pecking order, or a High School one. I stay far away from social networks and the like for the same reason. I stopped going to Q-Stream because it was too much like a chat room. Swimming with sharks, indeed!

Sweet dreams, yes!

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by John, the Squabbler (PM , CC ) on Tuesday February 26, 2008 @ 6:45 AM

Well now, what in tarnation is hoot owl melange? I like it, got a good ring to it. I’ve read your comment on that past post many times, TR, and I’ve cancelled as many replies. It deserves to be answered in a way the context of the White Lodge doesn’t really allow, or have room for. It is amazing – as always – but extremely sincere, and I don’t know how to do it justice.

You may be right about the prince of darkness. I was wondering if the gypsy reference wasn’t some pop culture code or other. People are loaded with these reality TV terms these days. I haven’t the faintest idea what they are talking about most of the time.

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by John, the Squabbler (PM , CC ) on Tuesday February 26, 2008 @ 7:18 AM

John, in reference to the symbolism of the icicles, suppose they were never there, or suppose you never touched them…if you never touched them it would have put you out of character. You are a house care provider, after all. If the icicles were not there, the analogy of your relation to Elizabeth and her dark handsome replacement of yourself, would not have been as poignant. Don’t you think? It is ironic that he was reading your mind as you admired his gypsy features and he asks you if you are a gypsy. You left and felt light, the oppression of the heavy weight lifted. The ice between you was tossed aside and it is melting. A very good beginning.

luv ya,

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by n. lynn (PM , CC ) on Tuesday February 26, 2008 @ 10:24 AM

That’s pretty good, n.lynn. At the time I was hoping to get out of there before the dog from the old house made it across the field to eat me. He was on his way – a small black barking dot on the landscape, but a growing one. Of course, I didn’t mention that till now, so I suppose it’s no fair introducing it at this juncture.

It was a good day. Every day I manage to not die and not end up in jail is a good day.

Good day!

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by John, the Squabbler (PM , CC ) on Tuesday February 26, 2008 @ 6:18 PM

Gotta luv ya John, bar none.
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by n. lynn (PM , CC ) on Tuesday February 26, 2008 @ 7:43 PM

Having a sense of humor is one’s only hope of getting out of this blog with his marbles intact, n.lynn. I guess that’s the whole point. It’s like knocking on strangers’ doors and asking if you can appraise their furniture. Ah – memories… |<   <<   >>   >|

by John, the Squabbler (PM , CC ) on Tuesday February 26, 2008 @ 7:53 PM

You are staying in ‘character’?

Well i must say – you do appear to be very good at it. I tried to do a few other blogs but i can’t help being … me. I tried and tried but just not good at it i guess. Not that ‘pretence’ isn’t a part of life everywhere life is – but i’m just me i’m afraid.

Sharks? You managed to make it here without so much as a nip from a shark – to do the interview – and i’ve seen just how big those sharks can be! Ohh no.. you’re good.

Do you really think that these are just words? Just words in cyberspace? Hmm, i guess we all approach and perceive the things we can’t fully understand differently as the individuals that we are. My emotions here are very real. I see you not as a character but as a person i’ve met. I actually get upset when you say your sad or feeling bad. I worry about you as i would anyone else i know. Perhaps differently only in that i can’t just pick up the phone and talk to you or, jump in my car and visit you if you needed the company. Though that is frustrating – i also understand that i don’t really know you and must guard against my imagination – my imagination plays with my thoughts and emotions.

John – i’m not a writer either. I’m not in character. I’m a real person and what i say are real thoughts.

But i’m ever grateful to you for telling me the truth of who you are. I’m also very glad you have really nice dreams. Cheers to you…

|<   <<   >>   >|

by Rosie (PM , CC ) on Tuesday February 26, 2008 @ 8:46 PM

Well art is supposed to imitate life, Rosie. I think it shouldn’t turn into life, though, like Pygmalion. It’s not an emotionless process, but things like family and jobs deserve more attention than we can give them if we’re plugged into these devices in chat rooms and the like. There’s emotion aplenty in overflowing abundance from the real world. If anything this ought to be an escapism – a way of getting away from it. Well, I should speak for myself when I say that. It’s a new medium to me. I still have 8-tracks. But I guess the point is it’s all about appearances here, and being anonymous we have a much larger measure of control over these appearances. That’s very liberating, for better or worse. I guess it depends on who’s doing it – just like anything else, right?

Imagination can be terrifying. I mean, just the fact that we have been given this gift… It’s everything we create, the place in the mind where diseases are cured and rocketships are dreamt of. It’s where I live. I really do have intense and wonderful dreams. Sleeping is not always restful as a result. I used to write a lot more about my dreams. I may return to that.

By the way, I was thinking of you when I streamed this week’s Fibber & Molly show. Teenie, the little girl from across the street, has an extended role. I know you like her. In general though it’s a lovely example of great ensemble comedy.

|<   <<   >>   >|

by John, the Squabbler (PM , CC ) on Tuesday February 26, 2008 @ 9:36 PM

Sorry John,

I was just doing a little teasing of you last night. One of those female moods. Now, excuse me I have to go read your new post.


|<   <<   >>   >|

by Sherry’sCherries (PM , CC ) on Tuesday February 26, 2008 @ 9:41 PM

Females! Well, y’all smell pretty so a little teasing is never too burdensome in your company. |<   <<   >>   >|

by John, the Squabbler (PM , CC ) on Tuesday February 26, 2008 @ 10:45 PM


Extra Extra ordinary….Pop'(and i was gonna run and tell Ice about ur stuff only to find he was the first to post a comment so i tossed in an extra Extra…a joy to read)

|<   <<   >>   >|

by lalepop’ (PM , CC ) on Wednesday February 27, 2008 @ 4:16 AM

My Squabbler,

I’m sorry for not getting over here earlier. I always was a day late and a dollar short.

That’s okay…sometimes it’s nice to get here after the crowd thins out a little, you know?

You are not so lacking in compassion as you say, John. You just get weary of all the drama of life…..it’s kind of mind numbing, you know? Especially for one who has a heart for the underdog.

“I do what I want and to hell with you…..”

I’ve never gotten that from you.

I know about that spiritual connection….felt that before. Gee, talking to The Lady as if she was yer Mom…….I kept looking for that place, John. Guess it wasn’t mine to find. You can’t blame me for trying though. Guess I don’t have the history and it’s hard to overcome not waking up next to a dead 15 year old. It’s all good, sweetie. Life goes on. Busy, busy, busy……always so much to do, you know about that, right?

BTW, did you get the storm? It’s all white here now.

|<   <<   >>   >|

by prisonerofhope (PM , CC ) on Wednesday February 27, 2008 @ 5:48 AM

POH! Where the heckiedoodles have you been? Nobody has understood “I do what I want & to hell with you.” That entire paragraph is dripping with irony. It means precisely the opposite. The point is one’s actions will tell you exactly what he is, not how he feels or even what he thinks.

Now, if you had called at 11:37 that night I would have spoken to you in just exactly the way I spoke to my friend The Lady. In fact, every time you have called that’s exactly what I did. And for five bloody hours – not just 15 minutes. Don’t compare yourself to blog characters. You have the advantage, being real.

Dang I’ve missed you… Storm? No, we only got 8 inches or so, but it’s all white, baby. It’s all white now.

|<   <<   >>   >|

by John, the Squabbler (PM , CC ) on Wednesday February 27, 2008 @ 7:39 AM

Thank you, lalepop’, and welcome. New names, interesting ones. I understand you are a painter? Oh I would that I had the gift, but sadly I do not. I’m limited to words but I want to show, not tell. |<   <<   >>   >|

by John, the Squabbler (PM , CC ) on Wednesday February 27, 2008 @ 7:45 AM


great post, thanks for the window (needed a new one to look at from my view here which i am wiping off some old dirt on mine)
no sugar coating, just real…

it sounds like a place we all wish we could be in somehow…beautiful peaceful seclusion..although i do know in places like that sometimes its an oxymoron..

glad you are with the white..
again..sweet post! 

|<   <<   >>   >|

by Anonymous (PM , CC ) on Sunday March 2, 2008 @ 8:59 AM

Thanks, Anon. It’s good to see you again through my window. |<   <<   >>   >|

by John, the Squabbler (PM , CC ) on Sunday March 2, 2008 @ 11:22 AM

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