… Was The Word

John, John, John, I do that sometimes. I have no time > I am out of time -for this night and my fingers hurt, because I had to put on chains this morning, because I don’t have a special car… Like a Lexus or a great Suv, I have a car, like your Rambler with the boat on top, sounds like our great camping vacations in Delaware and Maryland, at the shore. The one time all year, when I felt my father was at home.

John, I most enjoy the thoughtfulness of your posts. They appeal to my sense of the possibilities of all of the things, that I remember doing ,and used to remember everything of, but noone around here had ever heard of me, before now, so they don’t know what I am talking of…so I stopped talking,…until I began blogging. Now I can’t stop talking and my wife thinks there is something wrong with me, because I have changed,… I know she probably thinks I’m having an affair, but I would never do that. And she hasn’t said that, but she’s sleeping on the couch a lot more, and now I’m supposed to go see a doctor and get checked out, so I get this brochure in the mail(today) that says I should get this series of diagnostic tests to rule out strokes and potential life threatening illnesses. I hate doctors, because, they only mean trouble and less money. I don’t hate them,…Just the idea of not being sound. and at 57, I know, I am not the dynamo, I used to be, but I am not ready for the trash heap, either, Your crossfire with Siaann, poster, gave me hope. What a vivid mind. The deal you guys were talking about was over my head by miles, but I loved the clash of the titans. Intellect is a powerful thing. I give smart people props for having dynamic mastery of facts and figures and dimensions and factors of truth that are expoundable by rational delibration and eliteration as to the coaxial coefficients of circumstance and fatigue,…just funnin’you. I am not a dolt, but I am more a shadow or reflection of life . I am an intuitive kinetic learner and yet I can’t (yet) remember where the letters are on this keyboard. When I get that down, I will probably type twenty thousnd words a day …(or a week, if you want quality.)

I really must go .As to your visit to Eden, And query to me -I am still thimking on it, which is good, but right off the bat, I realised that all this blogging is worthless, if I don’t take care of my responsibilities as a father. This is my daughter, That I am talking about. She cannot be taken for granted and I don’t,… and I do want to share something about the best of me… and I guess that might be part of why I am beginning to write, because I want her to know me as the writer, I always wanted to be, but never did in a logical follow through way of practices to prepare for that eventuality. For a long time, I just did physical work, so that I could become mentally and physically coordinated.

I gotta run. I’ve accomplished a lot today. In someways all of the unplanned workings of not following through have made me want this more now, than I ever did before, so now is the time. And that will have to do.

Again, I am not a copyist, I must go the way I go because, that is how it goes. It will change as the connections grow. Your connections are evident in the way that you build the course of the river that is building aroun you. It is a beautiful thing to watch. You know what you are doing and I, for one, am glad that I have met you here.
John, It is like going to a great concert to read your writing, thanks… and the way you do it is so clever, I’d say I was jealous, but that just ain’t me. your fan from near Mountain Rainier,TTR.

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by trust the rust (PM , CC ) on Thursday January 11, 2007 @ 3:31 AM   (del)

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