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Gees these blog things can really mess up my head. It’s bad enough that I just had the first poetic polka attack of my life, now I’ve got some multi-layered duet thing going on in my brain. I am not a polka fan! What was that all about? Now how am I supposed to type up a poetic duet?

One of the layers isn’t even the duet. It’s like a narration, something poetically musical that describes what I am seeing and feeling in the duet. I need to get that thing down so that I can move on to the duet. I don’t think that I can trick my brain into ignoring it all, it won’t let go of this stuff until I write it down and put it someplace.

You may be putting more into your words than you realize Shoutie girl!

There’s a beat and a pulse to the narration that I think is related to the duet. Can’t tell yet?

One… two…
Three… four… She’s
standing near an
o- pen door. She
sees her love. Her Ever-
Pulse be-hind.
Feel the time.
(One-ee-and-) a-two
(Three-ee-and-) a-four
one of two
two of one
raven and cello
raven and cello

{don’t let the beat and pulse strangle the words, yankee. let the words slide where they must, the music is in the background. it doesn’t rule the words, it flows around them. go with the feel.}

She’s standing near an open door
she sees her love, her Evermore.
Her love sits standing,
silent, still.
Her soul a void
her Love can fill.
She slowly moves across the floor
Her hand touches the neck of her Evermore.
“I’m here my love”, she says within.
Our love duet can again begin.”
Her touch to Love is warm and soft
Her mind it quiets and starts to loft.
She knows Love’s feel
Loves shape and curve
It’s there,
pressed in her mind,
Now she sits,
with her hair so black,
and leans her Love so gently back
Now neck to neck and neck in hand
I see the hair, the locks and strand.
The fingers touch with loving grace
And now the scene is all in place.
She knows,
that for her Love to sing
She must give Love her voice
for Love is King.

I see it all through the open door
The raven sits with her Evermore.

Well isn’t this just dandy! It could take me a week just to sort out the narration. And then there’s the duet. How am I going to deal with that thing?

One of two
what did you do?

|<   <<   >>   >|

by Old Yankee (PM , CC ) on Monday March 5, 2007 @ 8:55 AM

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