Seven… Eight… Nine…

There is so much to do, and so little time.
But in actual fact there is the now_ that is all.
Everything flows from this moment.
Not from the structure_ that exists outside of this spot.

Fantasy happens in the heart of the matter.
It is the fluid flow of love through the actual door.
Perception counts for everything, when nothing is hidden.
Operating within the possibility of pretending.

The requisition of hope, supplicates_
Upon the breast of kindness,
To dare the pretensions of the unthwarted mind.
The spirit of life will guide you.

Taken by God’s true direction_
We walk forward in a peace,
that will come to those,
Who request.

I am breaking the rules of my purpose,
because I do not cause any of this.
I believe I have waited for the light _
Who am I to dare the fates?
Bringing request_ of the hand
To help my heart.

“How can you know me and I know you?”_ by Raconteurs
My hope is that I do not disturb the path to truth.
I soldier on_ In the fantastic elemental burst
Of transforming reality, and just being true.

Really_ Real is a difficult task.
I am out here on the edge of trying_
Not to be_ An obnoxious resident of earth.

In my passing tones_
Have I served up this evening’s treatise?
It looks as though I just let come_ the result of _”IS”
Civility, comes down to memories of the One.

All_ In and of the time ahead_ Is going to come. Out!
Without a past there is no contextual transition
To the plateau of rebirth_ and into objective consciousness.
We were born to deal_ with that better reality_
Without the ties, that bind…All hope is gone.

Fantasy of the new reality is the rewriting
Of the possibilies of the practice tracings.
It is ascribed to the author_ that will write_
… the past love to contact_ the mission ahead.

If_I am on the path of becoming what is practically_
Puposefully… planted close to my heart.
I am nothing like what was there before
When I gave up_ It was for all practical puposes_
Out of fear.

I am not like that anymore.
I just go through without a loss of dimension.
I don’t say _my brain, my thoughts, my loss, my hope.
My reality is the present tense of now,
Because, what is somewhere_ else.
Is not_ On me.

“Crazy on me”…Heart, the group
Or was that crazy on you?
Forevermore, some other band.
” Shine On You Crazy Diamond”…P. Floyd_
This has all been done before.
So many times, I should dread_
This_ has all been said_ before.

And John, Why is it appearing on your homepage
Comments_ on a Sunday morning?
‘All Apologies’_ Nirvana_the band.
Kurt Cobain is dead.
Some say _ He lost his way_
drugs and alcohol…
Took it all away.
But his stash was not_
a wisdom filled
show of dreams.

‘I,Me,Mine’_ The beatles…from the past and in the future
_To open the eye. To forge ahead_
I am not attacking the drama.
I just want To extricate the man
_ from the blood of the tears.

I have all confidence_
that I can
Come back _
Again and again.

So by leaving now.
I leave without losing
my face.
I hope that you will know_
I meant to be a friendly..

For all practical purposes.
This was like putting on a band-aid
Whilst, under_water.
T’is true.

In actual fact…
It is my fantasy to never lie,
but my contract says I should be
Fantastical, and somehow, somewhere
In a moment_ not too far away
Looking for my funnybone.

I have to go, but it is my hope
That you will accept this
As my best of the moment.
It’s one:10 a.m.
I’d best get to sleeping.

P.s. John, I really meant to convey thoughts related to your post.
I went to several sights and read about George MacDonald. Also the thought that you were or weren’t making this all up…led me to unearth my prose poem bomb technique. I cannot take responsibility for my lack of decorum and judgement. Now that was funny.

I just like the idea of your going to get the blessing of the local laureate. It also led me to look for his MySpace and then drop-in, upon another’s doorstep… afterwhich, I was over at the Flickr site, and almost didn’t make it back.

So probably, my mistake was being lost in time…and if there was any other reason… it was probably …that I just got
too much input and not enough planning. Anywhoo! …better luck _Next time…Right-O! So TR says,”Bye, bye.” Really, I am happy for our exchanges today. Life is good!

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by trust the rust (PM , CC ) on Sunday September 21, 2008 @ 4:30 AM   (del)


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