Publicity Features… Obscuranto!

If I speak…Does that mean I said, Something? I just want to listen in, or read in, as the case may be. The navigation of the stream, always brings me back to here, and if I slide over the side of the boat, this is my life preserver, because the imformation is so practical and practiced, as if it were written by the best, and leading experts in the field. You’re like the town council in a village, where all the children do well in school, and the greatest music oozes from the walls, and it only snows on Tuesdays and Thursdays and the cars are never without gas, because, it’s been years since they were driven. Life about, is a museum to all the best of our mistakes and our successes, and we accept everyone’s differences, because there by the grace of God, go I. We all just have a divine understanding of the unstated, and a true acceptance of the victory of unconditional and unconditioned circumstance in our lives. And even though we don’t live together, It sometimes feels like it, because the life of certain connections seem all too real.

And who could have ever designed this circumstance, because it reveals the possibilities of finally achieving, not a cult, not a church, not a country, but a recipe for a fortuitous moment in time, when the imaginations of a few became the design of a new enfoldment upon the Earth, which had to do with responsibility and respect and love and acceptance and truth, and teachings taught from the heart, with a gift for the gab at no cost to the reader, and the ability to respond and comment, and steer directions in micro grooves or through magnum sized dimensions … toward new questions, which loved the seekers’ vision…to know, that what has been… is again, and that the life of the earth, the true spirit of mankind, is revealed in the art of words__ given from the source, and that in this love the speakers__ speak. Each gives his heart to all, and that is the End,… and now I must read to see if I can submit it to the group for comprehension. The flute is a toot and I am all here, but not. I am pretty exclusively…all about trying to secure this ground that has always rolled under me as a flame, a fire with interconnectedness, and at this juncture in time…I have been this. I am as I Am, as well as this night finds me. Not entirely this, but certainly trying to convey my highest regards for the rendition of love that is conveyed in every loving and respectful way by the writers here.

As to this confection… It exists only electronically and may be dissolved, by a key stroke. I am not able to do that, so I must send it to John to see if he will. I for one, would like to be read as a serious and controversial thinker, who knows nothing, but designs unique subplots to the evolutionary star__travel of our destinational
fortitude. Science fiction comedy of a certain disguise to make sure the wrong people don’t get the right idea. I for One, want to make light of my serious sense of humor. I smile at the density and obtruseness of my brain. It tries and ties and twists… still none of this…is comfortable as certain truth,… and while it is not a proof; It is the explainer of me, and I always do this at John’s place, because I know he can counsel me or cancel me, but he can’t make me go away. And that is me__ twenty-three ways from Christmas on this Friday night. If only I were a musician, I could disguise my instrument and I would have an entertaining effect.

Such as it is I will submit this, as my contribution. I read every morsel of ‘Lord of the Loved’ and all the comments and like all the things that take palace ‘around-this-fireplace-in-this-library’ in The White lodge, I say “Mucho Gusto”. I take responsibility for what I bring__ My white offering, and submit it for your perusal. Please don’t laugh at me. I am very sensitive and don’t take rejection very well, and while I do not expect to be seen as a complete adult thinker, I would like to know, if my true child is showing? Forever Young,TR

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by trust the rust (PM , CC ) on Saturday March 10, 2007 @ 12:14 AM   (del)

Esther Williams: I am honored you have paddled into my comments section in your amphibious, coffee shop-equipped RV. The water’s deep here, as you can see, but very calm.

Let us who pray Remember Sherry this morning.

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by John the Squabbler (PM , CC ) on Saturday March 10, 2007 @ 7:03 AM

TTR – I’m glad you’re here. I would never erase one of your comments. Have I? No – the parent post isn’t complete without its comments and yours always add something we would otherwise miss.

I agree this one has attracted, inspired, or drawn out of its readers a wealth of wisdom and sincerity. Much of our personal experience has been revealed.

I happen to know that people (besides myself) look forward to reading your comments here, TR.

I would say more but I must pursue commerce early this morning.

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by John the Squabbler (PM , CC ) on Saturday March 10, 2007 @ 7:22 AM


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