No.45_One Wide Boulevard

Simple Words-Drawn Together-By Forces-Unseen

To see, To say- That I have a thought -that is here to be- what it wants me to be or say- I cannot believe… that I would will control over to an unseen or understood force that is not of me, so this must be of my heart and mind and spirit,…so it is. And now I begin and not sure where to be …I find that all is well today, as I would hope it also is with you. I had the day off and slept until a time after 10- very late for me, but I had slept on the couch last night ,so I feel or avail no bad thoughts toward anyone who would allow themselves the God given right to sleep in-even on their day off. I cleaned house and wondered why I have not gotten a reply from my son for the message I sent him, but he’s it, and also I am covered with plenty of thoughts of things to do ,but it is 38 degrees and foggy grey today… 60 miles southeast of SEATTLE. God! …Excuse me? I mean to say… Really I have things to do and I better get on it. I’ve been trying to get out of putting a new heater core in my vehicle- so now you know about my road conveyance. It is a well worn and used former police undercover car- In that it has all the residual mounts for their equipment. It has been a fine Crown Vic for 2 years, but now the list is getting longer and maybe it’s just a good summer car, which seems to be… the last time it was really running well. Don’t get me wrong. It’s safe and sound, but this new fog machine business on cold days is really just about it. One day all is well and the next day were’re driving with the windows down to equalize the cool wetness on either side of the windshield. This weekend – later – not now – that is my Project. My wife has had a very busy couple of weeks- her whole life has been busy. She plays free-cell . I’ll do this. She is quite the lady and what a humorous writer. Right now her project is getting the 5 rat costumes ready for our local version of the ‘Nutcracker’. These are worthy of Broadway or the Pacific Northwest Ballet production. She has spent a hundred hours or more on them. They will be worn by 5 adult dancers in the production… in the battle between the nutcracker prince and the toy soldiers and the rat king and his band or if another production-like last year… it was a mouse princess and her court … He’s trying to impress and protect Clare. My daughter loves the ballet and this school is very well run and their productions are top drawer …even if on a small scale. It is a great time to be a part of something so exemplary and representative of what is right with the world. And that would be true anywhere in the world where folks keep their eyes on whether.. . Is this good for the children? I will say thank you for this sight-This SITE. It reminds me that I need to get outside before dark. Love you all- Who want to be- like me- understood and appreciated for our contributions and our steadfast belief that the world is not a bad place and where it is horrible and harming – we must bring gifts that expose these crimes and criminals- warring or thieving- to further examination and reduction. The truth will set you free. Trust the Rust cya
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