No.39_ Codes And Keys

Another Lost ,but remembered mote from a warehouse, while waiting for a ride.

Open through the well side inward
Green latticed mantels promote the gaze
of bearing white and stony oars.

Being light in vegetative repose,
the Salamander perambulates
the narrow beach
at his door

The cockscombe houses of  the
Freemantle ladies, couldn’t be
much blinder to the forest floor.

Their dimpled pleasures secrete
varying dews.
And alone could vision the
entire Universe.

Spider dwelling brains
designed circuits of jolly

Mandible, The Forest Claw.
Land bred Shellman,
is ruler in this vein.

The inner journey
through Nature’s ring
passes many doors.

Enter in and begin
Restore the haven formed,
whispered lace of love’s
seasoned plantings.

Purchase the seed of
new beginnings soil.

Islanders All.
The Ocean of Love Regained
resembles all our home.

Home is resuming it’s nexus vision
succinctly…in the Now Time.
Of Feathered Light and Airy Wing.

A Fairy Kingdom in a Log.

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 So What If I Knew Then , What I Know Now

the time of my life is before i knew this was something I might take seriously someday.

I would not kill your cat.
I am certainly asking for it if i print up this old poem from oh! 1971.

I was digging in a box looking to read and throw away these old scans of the brain content, which wasn’t working for me then. Here goes:

Levels of love
involving self
and you
I feel sunshine and
Darkness and day weeping
and laughing
a bauble shiny and
of love
shining in motion
conveys me
in patterned whorls of myth

Understanding my role of man
the more
You: woman, who
has come near
So close that I saw
and remembered

I caught you in the air of sight
Landing on it’s destination
I remembered still
and I knew time

I thought I knew time…then
I didn’t know what time does
but I knew you

A place, a space gone
Another has passed through

That was me
Now what

I end.

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Monday November 20, 2006
 The Last Thing I Do, Tonight…Or Making Up For Lost Time.

  1. This all begins with what went down the other night. I lost a great post to not being careful. Somehow, someway … It was gone and now it is still gone and therefore I will not cry again.
  2. Be gone with the wind. All of my life I have lost out on opportunities, that are here and gone for good. I am not okay with this, because it seems to be the story of my life…but then again? What’s the true meaning of losing your place. You pick it up and move over new ground a second or an hour later. You get back to being here now.
  3. Fortunately, I cannot remember what I wrote, and so much has happened since then. My wife has had an auto-immune condition going on for 10 days and it wasn’t getting any better and her frustratiion reached maximum decibels last night, so we were at the local hospital until about one thirty a.m. Sunday morning. Woke up feeling a lot better, because Doc increased her dosage of one of the meds she was taking. This week will tell the tale. Hopefully by Turkey Day we’ll have our ducks in order. And her recovery will be accomplished. Just like everyonelse,we have big plans for family on that day.
  4. Talked to lots of relatives over the last day or so. It is a great time of year. Everyone is so cheery. Hey, Get this my mom is probably going to get her hip replacement. Her hip repair hasn’t totally worked, so at 82, her age…they’re going to give her- her life back. My dad, has been cramming for the tax preparers exam lately and he passed the test with a 95. They were blown away by his age (his version)…Thought he was in his sixties. He really is a phenomenal specimen (again, his version). My dad is cool. He swims everday-a mile. I can’t check that out, because he is 3,000 miles away. Maybe it is 2,641 m.a.. I could check…nah.
  5. I am not totally involved with the gig of being here tonight. I had a big day with lots of yard cleanup after our windstorm and flooding. We escaped the high waters, but we were visited by the neighbor’s giant Fir tree and fortunately it came to earth, between two of our sheds. Thank you,Thank you, Lord Jesus. I am a variable on the subject of do I have faith in God or the Universe or the latest version of reality. I believe in all of the Above. I believe in people believing in what they have come to know as the strength of their convictions.
  6. I do not believe in folks who would hurt or harm or foul whatever their little minds pick out to hurt or harm or foul. They poison the world with their disease. I cannot be held responsible for correcting them, but I will if given a natural moment of contact, then I will be very obvious and firm in my control of where we are in the world and why they have nothing to offer anyone until they change Their ways. And so it is. Will I try to write that better?
  7. What is better? It is to have this opportunity to keep improving my version of a positive vision of a life lived with purpose and commitment. I, even in my simple existence have every reason to believe, that I am here to try to make it a strong resolute path of purpose and love.
  8. Grinding to a halt. Sunday nights are a little wearing, because it is back to work tomorrow. Funny, I need to work on my attitude. This helps if I do it, even if I am distracted by the cop show playing in the background, while my wife works on her sewing project for the coming production of “The Nutcracker” for our small city in the country’s ballet company. Our daughter is one of the dancers and that is the fuel of her existence, besides school and friends and if we had time church. We have been talking about finding a church again and we did before, but it didn’t work out.
  9. This is life. What you leave out is the real stuff and this is all just the safe stuff. I, of course, have serious concerns about all kinds of things. I try to keep my hat on, when I work on what needs to be done right. I work at my life everyday and it is better. Now , this man is going to take care of the laundry and finish the dishes and get ready for work and maybe read some poetry or maybe drop off a comment to a friend. Goodnight all. I love ya. Trust the Rust,cya.
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