No. 37_ At The Cliff’s Edge

Was it not to bare upon the fruit
of cast out doubt.
The deliberate sojourn of night and dark.
The excellence of love,
Conceiling the effort of a broken heart.

Wave upon wave, the light will out.
Taking measure of the initial flood.
Beginning the rise of coursing fame
The dimensions of a lifting body
Lightened in all aspects, by
the newness of being.

All the things of this day. late Spring
and the body is cool in the light.
The man could flee once again.
But fear has passed.

To bring all of this to pass
Not a question or doubt
That love exists is true.
But how, love becomes.

The physical measure of movement
The touch of body to air and sky.
The texture of concrete, wood, and
green grass.
The configuration of body, Forms.

Spatial questions of space.
The last of the endless flow.
Matter configured all in phase.
Will to the body, grow.

Merge with nature of Nature
Our world in which we fare.
The endless plane of existence.
Shared on the level of love, It is.

How do you say,…Love is Real?
It is in me, and all parts
of all that exists.

The charade of saying this and
not being it.
How can this be?
I must entrust my changes to
the higher forms of love.

As in, belief in what I Do
Being happy for happiness sake.
Stop attacking my world with fright.
Reception, …receive life.

The potential of this moment exists, in
the illumination of the sun.
From breaths of air.
The air and earth and water of all the plants, Exists.
The shimmering dazzling aspects
of all of life, revealed.

None, other than you.
Have this gift to be where
you are now.
God is, Are you?

See the question exists
Amongst much confusion
for more than a few.

This amazing ability we have
to be.
To see, and smell, and hear, and taste
and all of that.
To sense what life is really for.
Love has given me, my life.
But it is not Real, Mostly.
BecauseI constantly forget.
I fear. It is not enough,
Yet. too late?

But it is all that I want
There is something happening here.

Now, that you know, once again,
I will ask you to take the measure
of your Heart.
It is calm. Yes.
There is the subtle coalescing
warmth of focus in your whole
You are drawn into attention
upon your task.

This is you.
Believe it.
You are real.

That is not all, but for Now.
This is you, and you are here now.

That is what I mean
With the concentration of function,
will follow form. You are this,
Whatever you do. This is how it works.
Children have it, until unfortunately
the adults in their lives steal it away.

It is the Realness of You.

TTR ..1977

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Friday January 19, 2007
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Love shine
Marvelous glow
of solitude unbounded
in milleniums of
star travel.

Arriving at coincidental
juncture to the initial
thrust of intent,
making marvelous
transportation of
images coincide
in perfect

Effortless symmetry
confides esoteric
of majesty
and motion filled

Two souls conveying,
unearthly existence
in moments,
unraveling the
searching sway
of understanding.

Words on
the very nature
of this love.
Touching souls
that mark
within this
first expression,
the feathery form
of golden hued

Angelic choirs
serve you in heaven made
mission of love.

Love, Loss, Hope, Repeat.

TTR 1977

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Monday January 15, 2007
 Versions of Synaptical Control-Revolutions in Frames

Let out the truth of context and control.
Pull down the wheels,
that roll up under.
Lift the wings
that tear at the portal way,
Ahead, to seem, arrival
Has been found.

Should I understand
what I have wrought.
Knowing not the dream
with mute calm and breath held,
Telling statements told…
Linking, Remanding my proof.

I have answers sworn.
Beliefs that do
and grow

Miracles are plain and simple.
Perception is
I am man,
Being here.

Listening,Listing lines.
Words spoken
Quiet motion.

The feeling is believed.
I am Me.
Satisfied for Now,
I risk the loss
of Center.

Knowledge of Truth
Not Perfect,
but Proof
of Life.

I believe
in You.
Believe on
A lantern

I am
Drawn to life
by your command.

Trust the Rust, Tm2007

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