No.36_Don’t Forget The Friends You’ve Made

day March 8, 2007


 Written in memory of a Cello playing friend

Go now across
the Ocean.

Capture the reminders,
then thread them into
Into the feeling.

Beyond compare.

Write of the time when
it comes down from where
I am waiting
to throw myself into

The source… flowing,
Running to your love.
Final motive desired by a man
who loves a woman.
Who loves her loving him.
Reason to touch the glow
that resolves in conclusion.

He lived with no source of life.
Giving love to free his melting toll
Going into superb reverberation.
Rendering love warmth 
to share unselfishly.

I love You.
Your loving pleasure
touches me. 
Intentional motions
of loveliness.
I am yours.

These many years ago. 
A moment in time,
Yet so deeply revealed,
Love is all in kind,

There is this sensation 
of being, one in the same,
but momentarily, I am
by the beauty  
of your tonal
palette, vibrating sounds.

Thrills, Sensations,…Examining
This space in Time.
Motive made
Cylinderical sounding seeds
Skittering, Scattering…
Through air.

The breath made 
fur tones,
that brush against
All bold spills of climbing 
bound for beauty rides 
in aural conquest.

Progress through labyrinthine
Modes of connection.
The structure of concentration
on shape makes
the song hang suspended
Perpetually in time.

Seeing my hearing.
Hearing the ride.
You take
in your vehicle.
Mystically made_

From your physical body.
Whole self merging
with spiritually musical attunement.
Make the experience
of what
I am 
Now Doing 
Seem the way 
It is.

Can I get a connection here?
How can I be… in the space,
Your in?
There is
 the art of love 
in you. 
How can I work,
like this?

It is not hard to be easy. 
At ease in the rests.
Instrument of peace and contentment.
I am this
What is.
Question not the tune or the time.
You are not late.

If this is how I find myself,
then this is how I come to being.
It was what I wanted then,
and it is what I am wanting now.
Truth finding its way back to this life.

Expression of self undivided,
Breathing in, breathing out.
Reaching for the stars.
I want it to be right.
Singing out of tune .
Singing in tune
is sweeter.
I love that.

Being,…in tune.
I am the voice 
of myself in words.
Still searching.
Reporting on my reach
to collect …
what I hear, and see,
and read, 
and to report back.
In my way.
The good news.

This was brought 
back to me,…
written in pencil,
in the seventies.
In my box of dregs.
There are literally
hundreds of them,

But what are they?
I am just trying 
to raise my sense 
of where I came from,
when I didn’t think,
so well of myself.

Oh, I had fifty ways, and
I was always with
someone with more talent,
and lo these many years, 
I have had regrets, but now,
Somehow, if I can regain 
the current of the Time of my youth.
I could heal.
This body of who I am.

I could remember,
Reaching for the best of life
time and again.
And always giving it back.
Or I could remember
What a great life,
I have had…
And share the truth
of my heart.
Knowing full well,
that I am merely a man,  
like other men 
with a story to tell 
and the time to tell it,

So hey, I’ve been really sick
for the last week,
So this was my comeback,
So such as it is,
It is a way of getting started
Once and Again.
Thank you fellow Blogstreamers
for all the wonderful stories.
I love this place.
It reminds me of home.

(My friend is a professor of music in Atlanta, now. I have not talked to her in years. She was an unforgettable person -spiritual and musically gifted.
And so full of love for life. ) 

Trust the Rust-2007-

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Sunday February 18, 2007


 Mind Over Matter = Love = Trust

Mind over Matter
I’ve heard is a way
of conquering your troubles
Have you heard that before?

It’s only the way of entering
the feeling of waking reality

My mind is a lot of trouble
Especially, when I let myself 
get trapped by it’s games.

The maze thwarts pointedness.
Focused amazement is created
by direct action.

I don’t need no limp noodle,
coaxial transpositional tangents
interrogating my purpose.

Surplus_____using time____
to sway___
my circuit riding transitions.
Minds eye is… me…perception
Different mind___safe___
from portage
carried forward___
from past___repeatedness.

Looped up, wrapped out___
Dislocated circumlocution
creating nothing___Useful
Fill the void with voidness.
…until answers
generate terms
of transmission.

Energize… on
located purpose,
Efforts intended in success.
Intuitive instrument
of Time.

Energy is Abundance
Abundance is Desire
Desire is Creation
Creation is Divine Matter
Divine Matter Is God
. . .
God is Love.
. . .
Love is Unending
Unending is Time
Time is Now
Now is Eloquent
Eloquent is Clear
Clear is Free
Free is Sympathetic
Sympathetic is Feeling
Feeling is Emotional
Emotional is Divined
Divined is Felt 
Felt is For
For is What 
What is How
How is You
You are Me
Me and Thee
Me and Thee is All
All is Everything
Everything is This
This is That
That is Something
Something is Happening
Happening is Active
Active is Worth
Worth is Value
Value is Life
Life is Identity
Identity is Unique
Unique is Difference
Difference is Reality
Reality is Energy
Energy is Love
Love is Love
Love is Unconditional
Love is Love is Love
Love is Love is Love 
Is Absolute
Absolute is the UltimateTruth
Absolute Truth is Relationship
Relationship is Us
Us is Them
Them are We
We are You
You are We
We are This,
and We are Everything, but This
But , That Doesn’t Mean __This Isn’t.
It isn’t Anything, but Everything
And Even if This Wasn’t on Your
Inventory of Righteous Testament,
It was on Mine.

When I excused myself from a mission 
for sugar,certo, and cigarettes___
To write this all down while listening to a baseball guy
remember when….about long foregotten base stealers.
Now, Jazz form is fine rhythmetica
diversion____for longing___to Form
Fission Felt Diversion
Custom Fitting Form
Experience to Be
Native Has Arrived
. . .

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