No.35 SaturdayRescue

Let’s Review The Facts__My Life__Undone.

Let’s review the facts. 
I think I’m in need of faith.
Good works would  show me to be trying. 
Am I onboard?
Or am I Trying,
To succeed__
without faith__
Of purpose. 

What have  I done, lately?
I’ve been pretty ordinary.
I  can dig_ the same thing_everyday.
I have for years. 
I hardly ever try__
to cry or laugh.
And now I question, 
on this Easter morning.

Where have I been?
Who am I?
Why the questions, Now.
Do I have concerns?
Am I listening to something new?

I think I might be changing. 
There is something new.
For one thing__
It’s the middle of the night,  and …
I am going on soul drive.

Feeling the source
of my arms and my hands.
Holding me.
What is that?
A new regard for this person,
Who felt so lost,  and …

Some shining life__
fell in.
Where have I been?
I see a connection
to my Love.
My source.

I can’t claim
Complete survival, but…
I feel a strong sense of 
Like there is a new person 
In my life.

The doubts of purpose
and plans are gone.
I know there is a way to 
love my God. 
I am believing in the source
of my faith.

I am living __ Live 
A real version of me.
Sounds__ like I’ve disconnected.
But really I’ve been found.
What possesses a person
in the middle of the night?

A balance, that 
hasn’t been there before.
A balance that was present, 
but never cared for__
Where have I been?
I think I know.

The life I am__ is what I am,
but I am so much more. 
I accept the heart of life from
within my soul.
I don’t go on__ without the 
Source of all.

I am,  in finding my lost self__
Another one__ on board.
I love the Lord with all my heart,
and in that ,
I am whole.

I will not shirk my course,
for just another stroll.
I know this follows
No reel__no real 
religious course of 
I guess it was made up by me.

A new beginning, begun
Right here and now.
It started with a song,
Sung to my heart.
By Someone, 
breathing their
Heart to me.

I listened, and I heard within
their words and tone 
the opening,
that opened me__
To being here, right now.

Within the shroud 
of questions__
Are answers to this life.
… and__
Then there is no question. 
Before my God and life,
I am becoming me.

So to end__at this new beginning
 I will ascribe a test.
If I pinch myself ‘here’_ and I feel it,
 then this all must be real.
See, I do have a sense of humor,
 and I really do know how to cry.

Making up the bone 
of my contentions
as a test of faith.
I do attend to knowledge, that knows
I am not the perfect called up action.
But my thoughts do not repose.

I am in lively and faithful
communion with the
Source of all__this life.
God loves me.
I accept and receive, 
and believe,
and I will be faithful.

The biggest change is ahead.
The practice of serving God.
‘Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God,
 Have Mercy On Me, A Sinner’
Believe on the Lord,
He will set you free.


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Thursday March 22, 2007


 Everyone’s A Winner


Say to yourself__

“There is something here worth saving.”
Life is not a foregone conclusion.
The loser is not lifted until he stays
his state of mind
“Click, click, click.”
Who can tell your story.

This rusty old machine
is digressing 
to a worst 
and last scenario.
Reliving the dregs
of the dreadnaught run.

“It’s an ever gathering storm.”
Switching back.
Some things are looking brighter
in the light of day
Occidental conclusions of an oriental mind.__
Prejudicial preferences of one__
who confuses collections 
with reaping from the wine.

From the Da__Da__Da__world
of cliches:……….
“I have to save my skin.”
This is not practice__
This is the ” Real Thin ‘ .”

I am not contented.
It is not enough to dredge it up.
To bring it out
To regurgitate the senses.

No pointless play,
I will rebuild with the simplest of tenses.
The glistening strength__
a thousand fold__ beyond,
my old pretenses.

Make a stand.
To change it here,
and deliver yourself
to overcoming the fraud.

I’ve strained my ear to catch
the theme that originates from
changing time and gear.
Revolving in the present tense,
I hide by changing elements.
With no direction known__
I confuse myself with noise.

The hurtful heart reckons it is done.
When it lays hard and cold
in the trenches.
Pick it up and dust it off….
with the best of intentions.
Eventually to act as one__
who really cares, if his acts,
Are making any sense.

This is not an inconsequential act
of my own recompense.
Not connected still: my sense silenced.
My life in need of real.

To make sense now__
To seize the day.
To learn my way,
To earn my stay
To harbor no ill__
will toward anyone.

Everytime a word is written, it
symbolises a thought or idea
A credit to the brain.
Does it add to my measure?
Does it drain my life away?

Words like, ‘ therapy ‘, 
‘collective of the unispheres’, 
or ‘Nazi’ are 
all, just
what they seem. 
They, by themselves
have a ‘keynote’ aspect.
They tell a story
in themselves.

I would take ‘Nazi’ out, and I could
do that right now,… But__
First, I want to say,
I hate ‘Nazi’ themes,
and every time I hear the word,
I am revulsed.
Begone with Nazi
for ever and ever.
Don’t forget the pain.
Don’t forget the pain.
Which they wrought __
Their hate. 

Reject every and all aspects of this
Evil thing. Be gone with that effect.
Love them.
Hard to do.

Love theme
“the peacefullife”
the quiet and joyful noise, music, 
students of the love of life__
The Art and Building of a better world.
We (can) save ourslves from those
who think we have fallen. Real action
Love, Love, Love__
Emoting universal
kindness and peace
for everyone to believe,
For real__humankind.

We are growing in our resolute way
The real world of love is coming.
In many ways__ it is already here.

So, this is what, I am really about__
Nothing else will do.
This is what __ I see.
To be strong enough __
To believe in One’s self.
To accept, that this is real.
To start, to begin__
To not give Way.

After breaking in and changing 
round, I’ve seen progress
from last night ’til today.
I feel, that what was happenstance, before,
has become something
to be recognized.

For more than one, the skin was strung
upon a passion found.
With flowers round, he brought the
sounds of light and day.
I’d give this up,but it goes of it’s
own accord.
There is a reason for my void.

For one bloody day, I held
in sway, the skin, that holds me in.
Truly thin, transparently so, it cradles
my vast space and all my parts.
A tiny package with every note__
focused in phase….
It moved without 
the limiting mind
of personal self.

In a relaxed and peaceful stride 
it ran toward all directions
The pleasure of your company
resolved the toil of my play.

To bring in everything that was
cast clearly__lit and honed.

Back to the cast 
that fear brings__
I fought the waves and wind
To be strong enough__ to prove
my name, even when I was hurting
Don’t feel sorry for yourself
This is all in the past now.
You proved it all, last night.

Get out of the way of your selves’
You are unified__you’re whole.
No shame or blame is cast.
No crying now,
Ratify your existense.

It’s not enough to be only__ this shell
To crack and not break outright.
What was before is no longer, 
What is now is created, again and again.

I must claim this voice and rework
his valid truths.
Till they are clear and beyond
all doubt.
The best that I can do.

While China slept,
the world did sleep.
Each country kept it’s particular illusion.
Each generation keeping it’s own counsel.
They all think they are right. 
Real truth is not sold by corporation.
Corporations, think__
They are the Trust.

Communist or Capitalist
West vs. East
Vectors on the map.
They are self limiting
programs in demise.
Morality is not their stock and trade.
Of Western minds or antithesis… despot’ s dreams__
They have their own agenda. The protection plan 
What’s yours is mine.
Th Protection scale.
Those that have are always right.
Everyone else is blessed by their poverty 
The lack of filthy lucre.

Speaking of proof 
This is coming to a screaching halt……Chop, chop
Before I go much under.
This has been self- indulgent
and possibly, very vulgar.
I hope not too offend__only to open up to
the new beginning__
that sweeps up, from behind…
To begin again.

To recognize…I am leaner now in thought.
I am not the prey of my own conviction
I am worthy of pity or respect.
Changes were there.
I worked today, even if you won’t see.
I hardly made any dust,
It is true.

I worked today,
I earned my way 
Love me for this,
and say, ” good day ! “
“good day! ,” I say,
Back to you.

” He cares about what matters”
Sometimes, just to find the space, 
To live, is 
just so very hard.
I am not a drowning man.
I own my vessel.
Take responsibility for command.
Don’t grab on and pull me down.
I’m bailing out this ship,
before the ghosts of prey__can circumvent my mind.

“You, over there “,….
the me that finds it hard to help__
“Your uneven oar is swamping my boat,
with incredibly thoughtless conceit.”
Disunitive, abrupt, and caustic thoughts…are
Interruptions from your fear.
” Don’t let me do to myself, what I would not hear of, from you”

Accept in these, the sojourn, that
this forelorn dread has wrung.
Discouraged by the lapping, arduous, waves of fear
the mind, that hung itself__ for not believing
In a faith so strong__
where honesty and truth and love__ prevail.
What time has wrought,
the journey done.

This is more than nothing.
It has to have it’s say
To work out all the kinks
If not today, then later today.
If not today, then when?

It’s all the same time.
The paradoxical moment of truth.
In place is now. 
In place is here.
Everybody knows,
It is Now Here.
The covenant of Peace.

I know this__ 
I have not let go.
This is the way, I stride today.
It came to me to relax and allow.
It is creation being found in the act 
of mind and hand and heart.
A soulful longing for my better self,
that is always hiding in the eaves.

I’ve learned a lot__
Thought is an overall collective. 
Left unstrung, it flops about and 
too easily comes undone.
Hopefully, today, I gathered up my iniative
to survive the downs and lows
and sub standard piles of crap
I always seem to gather. 

I have the gleaning powers
of a garbageman.
I will sit and listen
to the same news story
over and over again.
Truth be told, I’m a sucker for 
the daily life.
and the trouble it can bring.

Then I went off on some 
diatribe about crappy attitude
and the non healing linear mind. 
Can’t remember what I did wrong.
I’m not going to be mad
I’m going to be real.
“If that’s all there is, my friend, then let’s keep dancing”
Miss Peggy Lee, singer of the song.

Go about your work
And leave undone the actions
of malice.
The cure exists as Love.

Love is all there ever was.
Love has to be
The rest is undone and without a thought.
Remembering itself__for it’s own existence.

A new stage will come in me this day.
I will flow with love and all of it’s intention. 
Love is all I will feel, and all that I see.
Over and over, I strive to see and feel__
You are seeing me in peace and hopeful
Go now into the day and 
Be Real.
Love is Kind
Help out.

Trust the Rust-1985-

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