Somehow or other, I must be brought  to an understanding.
Why did I choose now to begin this course?

I see I have been surprised again.
The natural setting of what it is like , When ?

What is happening is enough__to make you wonder, If ?
This can’t be happening, but it is.
I’m not sad__That it is.

I’ll enjoy my life for what it is__ Not.
….For what I don’t understand.

That’s all of  it__ Again__
I’ve done what never seems true.

The rest has already been sent, drawn up.
The display of the parts and the script
are already there.

The last_torn up version, was never _Real.
OhGod!_ This makes me_ sad.

The disturbed version of the vision
of a man, who felt ,  he was mad.

Truly undeserving of any  reprise__
He has been shown another way_
into LIFE.
Of another man__
Who left before his Time.

Happening is his__
This time.
In life __Is


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Thursday April 12, 2007
 Yowa, Yowa__ Who’s Got the Power?_The Great__I Am.

Yowa, Yowa__, Who’s Got the Power?

Editorially speaking: Going through this a second time_
A day after the maw ate my machine.
Transmit /submit lost. Ethers refused__
The Trust. Rust is resolving Art____ Maybe?

Grandmother’s soup is the best; or else
I believe I am not_not.
Tortured prose suffusing the tart heart.
My love is not broken. I lied.
My editor, My second brain, my conscience,behind the works.
The way I breathe and Speak. My light upon the page.
Conceives of me as ‘Clear’__Saran Rap__’clear’

Take my word__Lies as truth works, as well as Truth as Lies-
I’m not buying broken syntax and no brain economics
Where is the Language of Love?__No action is a bust
To be compromised by a deep seated committment to crap.
The art of veneer___Ego As god.
Not my gig__________a Trick.
A past Defect.

First things first. Lights,curtains.
Cookie dough ice cream
Way down yonder__Down on the farm.
“Life is better the second time around.”
Repeat the line.
I’ll break into song__not mine__apropos.

“What breaks my heart,
Suppose I never left you,
Suppose I never, ever met you.
Suppose I never ever saw you.”
___Love songs__Regina Spektor__
“Break my thought __All my friends say,”

“It’s going to get better,Better, better.”
(breaking notes_ with abandon) she sings,
” I hear in my mind__all of these words.
I hear in my mind__all of these voices.
I hear in my mind__all of these songs.”
The music filters in__U_Tube-ified.

Back to what was lost,… Some might say,
Better to remain un -dignified.
The idlest chatter does not stink on the page.
Lost, forgotten and remembered.
The “Art of Carting before Pony_ing Up”

I was actually born in a basket
Spontaneously__formed in a lab…
I remember KFC napkins laying about.
‘buzzing of the birds and chirping of the bees”
Say again! Thank You!

I’m thanking God__because You are here.
In the background there were herds of Buffalo Wings_tm.
Running the floor toward the Door to Perception.
A more natural, un-embellished presentation was present.
Just outside the door was war__
A war for nothing, but the sake of embarrassment.
I tendered my resignation.

Operational Mischief Ensued,… Behave!__Get a Clue!
Overhead, above us, only sky__a soft powder blue.
There was a pond, a lake, a surface of rippling blue_
I leapt toward the place with good intentions.
I knew it wouldn’t scroll back, then forth and past.
Was that my small boat on the water__downside_up?
The fish fry by the waterside,
had the aire of soft pattering, pretending voices.
With no plan, I was blind to me.
I was out and gone.
Umbrellas and rain

Choosing choices in the brain.
Lucky, I can’t remember a thing,
as I watch the River of Life go by.
I thought, I knew more, but
Now, I know less.
I know there is a reason for settling On and In.

Seeing the relaxed Immersion
of running the day in through, and over my eyes.
Peace and place coming from fortifying design.
Do I find much here on my mind?
That is the ‘Question’__You, ask Why?

Working through the difficult Flight
My Word Gathering Fraught with
Linger and Legend.
I am surprised__I came this way.
What’s worth saving__ if I lost it, Already,
24 hours or more__in the past.
What are my standards for Lost Hope and Confidence?
Everything is not Worthy.
Right now, All Chips are In.

What is just dessert for one,
Who supposes there are boundaries.
Those, who have read me,
In the past, that is Here
Are most gracious of heart__ More
Lift and Loft, Than I have ever known.

None of this Rhymes. What is it?
Obviously, I believe It is on the Way to something Good.
My compact with Inordinate Coordinates__
has evolved over time.
Lost out, looped up, driven down__
Everything, gone and confused.
This is a Game. A Truth. A Play.

I pray for answers, right now.
Find here a word, a wand, a way.
I am a man of my Word.
Always have been, always will be.
I am driven by distraction, and getting
Traction from the Truth.

I’m unconventionally ordinary,
and extraordinarily different.
Perhaps, including confused.
I don’t say I direct outcomes.
I participate__Partnering Choices
Made under consultation with the Proof.
The Love of God in man-kind__and Both
Truth and Hope.

What I asked_Is a Question.
Where would you be__ without Hope?
I have finally found a Home.
An ‘electronic cage of sorts’,
I, The ‘bird of myself’__consciously,
Singing my ‘song’,
The tune, I sing__ is This.

Good night , All
Remember_Why we each have our own homes.
So that First, we can get a good nights sleep, or not.
And Secondly, This Draft is mine, after that it is in God’s hands.
God said go ahead and act the fool,
but don’t come back to me crying.

I pray that I have not embarrassed myself, too much.
I am attempting to get Unstuck.
A work in progress__
I love the life of being Real
Live life.
Love out, Love In
I am Out, I am In
There is clear life ahead.
I’m All In!


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Monday April 9, 2007
 Olde Jacket __Worn and Tattered

The road to Heaven proceeds you on this path.
The way of the Heart has opened wide.

You will find the Truth is lessons learned.
And all the wills and hope__born to survive.

We are the Holy Modal Round__Up.
We are visionary quest.
We leave no stone unturned, or
path hidden from request.
We hope and pray for Truth.

Our life is instant called up Action.
Holding loving purpose as our Proof.
We do in kind__Provide.
Security and Succor for All__
Individual study.
Internal and eternal
Hope and Love.

Our hearts are so open.
They cry out __
not in tears and fear, but
Strong with everlasting Love.

The sweetness of the Breath.
I feel the Hope of moments
Connected in this Life.
Living Incontrovertible existence
Purposefully driven
by certain Beauty
and Cautionary tales.

We believe the stronger you get,
the greater the Challenge.
The Struggle within to Complete__
Competing on a standard of Completion.
That requires Total Attention__
Attention to Detail.

Love starts Here.
Hand laid upon the chest.
‘one Love, one heart, let’s get together,
and be alright’__B.Marley


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