No.33_ Tripler/Tripled

Fully Loaded Without A Pen__I Live For Your Love

What a beginning_ I just love… how we make mistakes.
I just love to talk about you.
That brain thing _Again!
How about__ how I miss you .
And How I will just die_
If I never hear of your love again.
I miss you more than life.
Who am I to ask? Can you say_ Why?

What became of how we became,
And then who knew__ I would try to be true to our love. I am so in this pain, that is so soft and pure,
Because, I still hope__ I have not made the final outcome.
Whatever comes has been a long time coming,
and I love the way you hold me,
because I am still here,
and the love of your heart is real.

I Love__ has become the circle of hope in my gain.
I roll with the reel of life and give everyday to my lot.
Knowing I am that one special hope of my heart,
because I only know how to love this way.
It is free, and so giving, and the delight,
I have for the soft reveal,
and the light of pleasing aires,
This gives us everything,
and the way of life_
becomes the instance of sweet sacrifice.

I am in my element and it grows in my heart,
even when I am away,
and all that has been,
will never be lost again.
It is all for you, and you should know
that our love opened me to the heart of being_
for the why that I became.

And then their was Rust, who thought a few steps and paces ahead the other day and gave of himself__ on to the page to work up a pattern of belief that is just right, But what is right__ that he trusts his heart and so with no subtraction he gives the start and the stop of the love that flows through him on that day and in this reveal. He__ flows not perfectly or without recompense, but only as __  jazz, fully on and in a place, that is always just ahead and into the thought that what depends on this__love__ is my heart and the love it has for you.

It begins::Out of the edges of prescription
The authenticated describer lives
Unbuttoning from…long sleeved silken shirt_undone.
After a long dry spell
He feels the rain of thoughts
pouring down_unaware of the
derivative factors of intent and substitution.

Nevertheless, The armchair coordinator
deems a certain desparation to control
No longer married to his further
degrees of delineation
He factors in his purpose and patrol.

He knows where he lives
They have come to receive
the sacrement of non-demeaning nature.
Sucre in the fruitful depths of the West.
Presence in the Halls of Reunion
has hastened the Declention
and Investment.

What___has come full circle?
Waiting is over.
The burden is not lifted.
It is heightened and held in great esteem.
Born to breathe the vision,
Tasks soon done.

No rehearsal now.
Breathing reality__final, first, and true.
Run, Ran, Running__Done.
No one can do what you do
The way you do it is__
Just, and and not just, but always you.

Thinking past the reasonable end.
When is time__ without peace.
Darkness comes, but not sleep.
Night shades on the sun. I give all of me to this,
and then it comes down to you. I can’t explain.
The balance of me is you. I can’t explain.

Over and over, I have come here and then walked away, because I can’t explain why__I’m not that brave.
The great reveal of having so much love__just like you.
So what do you say if you hear me now.
Was I wrong to love the dream and forget__
What was real. It’s all the same.
In the end it hard to explain the depths of the love that came.
Truth be told_ I can explain the whole of everything.

Anymore. It is all love and what isn’t__
Is soon to become the Hoped for Wonder of Love.
There is No Hate Anymore.
I should write songs.
I’ve never said that, but words become the love,
that becomes_ from all our hopes and beauty,
and the love of loving you.

This thought. Depends__Deepens.
From loving you, I became real.

This is where the road runs off to somewhere,
where I will leave it.
I wrote:Lemmings on the run…Nice.
Listen with untoward distraction. Holding my place. Coming undone.
Visiting traffic driven outward.

Stop__ Go__ Stop Gap!
Nothing left to save.
Order and reunion saved.
Together as One
Falling over
one and the other
To get there first.

Needing substitution, at last
Assured of their goal.
Nothing this good can last.
Sweet boy, Don’t lose faith.

Except, in the acts of love.
In the exchange of prayer.
When in belief and faith in
Something greater__
Than Ourselves.

Factored in the Truth of Life.

Love Assures Hope.

Hope Assures Faith.

And Faith Assures God.

Believed_ Knowledge_ Reveals

Who’s Kingdom Comes?

Saves the disposition.

The long awaited factors.

Lost was__Not__What Is__

What is Real is Felt.
Hard on the chest.
The weight releases as
Belief begins.
Release resolves the
Solitude of Peace within.

The vibrancy of youth
The unbelievable victory of faith.
Belief in the Prize.
All won on one day,
When in one second,one minute,one hour,one day,
As long as it takes.
All of the years that have gone by.
We can do what we have always __
Wondered_ why?

You choose to live.
Wholly and ably with
Strength and Hope and Love.
The wisdom of your own heart
Left to go to do.

What has to be done.
To remember.
The story of Heaven
and of Love.
Unbounding feelings of Hope
The gift to give
A Friend.
The Real You.
Unbound and Free
To Give.

Love Always.
Every Act of Faith
Is Love.
True Hearts


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Thursday April 26, 2007
 I Get It_Don’t Worry_Be Happy

I am alive. My life is on fire with a passion for existence. What is that?

My faith in my passion for life. What is that? I am alive.

I am happy with me, because I have come home to the life within.

It is not a dream. It is real and it is hopeful and passionate and true.

How do I show how that works as a reason to be hopeful?

It is incredible to think that positive thought works.

It causes the brain to track purpose over intent.

Purpose is God’s, Intent is mine. Together we find Love.

I can’t fool myself into thinking weakness anymore.

My purpose is my faith in me .

I believe in the first form, that I am, and that I have real purpose and a dream.

My purpose and intent is to love God and all that God provides.

God knows what is best. I am learning to observe and listen and believe.

I am learning to love the way of God’s love.

God has entrusted me with the knowledge to fix myself.

I will make my part work as it was meant to.

That is my purpose and my dream.

My purpose is to love my neighbor as myself.

All ancillary messages to that effect are also first cause and true.

I will honor the word of God with true faith.

I will learn the ways of the world’s knowledge of God’s love.

I come from the life of experience.

I have known the heights and the depths.

My aim has not always been true.

I have always intended for the best outcome,

but sometimes I have been too personalized.

Had too much resting on the end.

What remained was an in-balance, an un-balanced outcome.

Would that I find understanding and determination to be true to every partner and

purpose therein., asTruth is the only bond

Any engineered out come of cross purposes., stops and starts and endings that never end_

Is herein, no longer acceptable.

It is no longer acceptable to lie within and deceive without.

The tools of understanding are a great enterprise.

Would that I be able to find the way home to this life within.

Learning to live within this man_ a life of higher purpose than my own.

I am not yet being the whole of what I explain.

It is the constant breath of life_ that breathes my sight.

I am working at fixing the carriage of my life.

To explain: I have to believe, to begin.

I have a plan.







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Tuesday April 24, 2007
 Sombrero Sunrise

there is a town in the back of my mind,
and from there __ I will begin.

There is a town…I got that.
Something… and something.

This way is the only way_South of the Border.
Outlined by configurations of stars,
the ships post their notices.
Arrival time has been here__once again.

States of mind__Convolution recurrence_Isolate_
The sublime undertow of truth and friction
Made up now and held up to be seen at some distance.
Take time__Realize the dreams of night’s sleep.

No idea where or why any of this exists, even
here in the privacy of my cardboard room.
Relaxation on the part of our parameter’s host.
Likely there will not  be  much heat__
from this amount of light.

Nature has it’s own voices.
It’s own invigorating reasons__that what is here
has a right to exercise.
Creating tonal masculine and feminine energies…
concluding nothing__keeping alive___first rights.

Keeping it straight.  Parallel persuasions__
Circling the wagons of the light.
Fired embers of many nights__
Firing up
Dying out
What’s outside tonight?

Into the  fifth dimension __second sight…maybe third
Conclusion beyond availible refutable evidence.
Beyond the planes and regions and lines of actual sleep
A daylight enterprise done by the night shift.

There is a part here, which I cannot command to not exist.
The question of death and the soul.
About my perspective_ my actual written annoyance__with myself over what was then (a never to be read expliction of sorts about life and death issues).

I choose life, though death is a part of the process.
I understand.
Why be annoyed by ignorance.
I wish I  could know the things that are __I am
Non-plussed  by the manner of the noxious mind.

Came__ sleep again. Breath taken_
Expirations for heaven’s sake__
And not a sombrero in sight.
Too much attitude and no resonating equinimity
in this written voice.

What is to be heard in such a green-eyed exercise?
Say what’s that noise?  Listen…
That is how it is.
To receive from what is really real.
Thus it has always been.
I’m listening still.

At the edge_fright screams darkly.
Why?__What if otherwise opens the Gate of Light.
Initially, there was a certain feeling__ Masked?
It’ s true, but of no difference now.
I have returned again and again to this place.

Enough! ….My sleep is important…to rest.
Enough of veneer…stirring the lines…dissolve.
Lights out on the overboard thoughts
I am what I am : without these__

Likely I will strike a vein eventually
and then bleed ink all over the page.
Planning to return as Me.
Not another unsorted mass of history and histrionics.

Calm now, I believe in the inevitable course of adjustment__
Animosity__Ill will to the negative side.
I can handle myself_ I’ll make mistakes.
The positive energies remain. Strength is_

Juxtaposed with that wary armor_certain flair and alarm
conceive shadows brightly seen.
Misplaced certainty__Personality__provisioned
Unclothed and redressed__by this circumstance
I seeth at any quest to censure__
As in restrained innuendo__directed to deceive.

Insoluble details clutter past recompense.
Disturbed, restless memories returned __passed reception.
Broken lines  woven from memories chosen.
Brought home for safety in uncertain times.
Questionable strategies? All Alarum__
Don’t quit.

That is how it is.
To receive from what is really real.
Thus it has always been.
Faith in the enterprise of being.
Just to keep it real.

Truth visioned
Actuality, as well conceived and certain
as forests in the Light.
Silence to be seen.
Visions to be heard.

Peaceful history to be remembered
without fear’s reprise.
Past all understanding__ life is tough.
There will be recurrences of fright
Everyday in the light of love .
Be strong, easy and bold.
Hold to the Truth of Love.

In this I do not deceive__
Come back into what seems unresolved__
Perceive the web and scales
screaming over everything.
Still__The Light driven Universe of Truth remains.
Not in vain__but seeing always our peaceful state.

Parallel beyond all shock and control.
Always coming forward.
Nature’sDestined and ever emboldened Reprise.
Love Always, For ever and always. Love again.

Later, that day__back then
when I wrote this in the middle of the night.
Typing it here__for the second time.
I lost it on submit –Saturday night.

Awakening__again. It is morning.
What was that?
Was that the nature of what might  have been?
Recovery of something__that is already spent.
I see a way, but no view of how to be that.

It is the recovery of what? I am not certain.
At least I was not then.
Certainly the myth of the known
is the unknown quality of the gift.
Tomorrow is our gift of yesterday’s dreams.
Yesterday is longing to be again.
We are real, when we love all that is Now here.

So love and I have cast our final note
and word of this night. We are done.
This was my re_enterprise of another night
That was then__all I had__ and I was Lost.

The sublime light has been you, for I am
only what I perceive from your
message of constant love.
We each exist. Beacons in the night.

Touchstones of elegant equations.
The dispensation is pre-figured, exactly as it plays.
To see correctly__one must see actual truth
In it’s evolutionary state.
Existing exactly as it is.
Love is

I am awake now.


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