No. 31_Ten+Twenty-One

Write For An Hour Or Die Trying

Not what I really meant to say, but it is as good a beginning(as any)… if I had had no way to start. I believe this working through is important and if I invade the time of being__ not here, and then I become the coming of now_I have been true to the design of my plan.

I come from far away and my world has many suns and we are in the End times of our place in the service to the end times that have begun. As we reel in the servants of the true dimension, we begin to feel our light is drawn from within, because the rhythms are not here___ they also are within the beat and the struck bell has rung many times, and we still don’t listen and the heart of our determination is waning and we want to know. Are you here? Have you been listening? Would you know the voice if you heard it? Are you listening to the truth?

When we began, we knew it would not be easy. We trained for many years to know the best ways to attach our truth to the decay, so that we could breath in the polluted air, but the time has come for the planet to relieve it’s burden and to begin to breathe again and we need your assistance to train the listeners to believe that the love that they know in their hearts has always been here.

I know you hear me and I want to know that you believe and I am just here_ now_ going over the me(time) that is beating along this path as though I have no other way, because I don’t and this is my task for I am/are a breather of truth and I will be a guide to the task at hand. The feeling of the life that is just here and we are all doing as we will until we believe that the end of war has come, because we say it is so, and the end of the lies are done, because we choose to only speak truth, and the way of the transgretions are reaping their end, because they are not accepted. We are being more truthful and more honest with ourselves and with others/ without even knowing that it is coming. And not the least of these truths: We, (our people) will find the greater part of being is being in part a whole surface of context: of joy,love and hope, and I feel the flow and it is running through my veins and I can breathe, because I have been sacrificed to the lamb. I believe on you God of man.

The cloud of unknowing was what_ was when we chose to ignore the core values of what lies within and now that we are serving the God matrix of love and the coming down of love upon the earth, I believe I will serve best/well by knowing brightly, what I have always known and even if you don’t see me as a fellow, neighbor, friend, know that I wish your part could know where I have been and that what I know is true, and how I have always been waiting for the time of release and I am not scared anymore and the God of my belief must trust the man and the woman of this life, because we are all written into the word of life.

All things are not false thoughts, broken starts or lack of release. I should go down and check the pumps, and see if I need to change this into a comedy about the end of the world… that never came. I am knowing that it just took off like things do sometimes, and even if noone reads it I can live with that. I am looking to a time when I can play the keyboard as you would an instrument. It really has a musical face. I desire to write in a way that brings pure joy to my choices. These choices, that are choosing me and through my interface playing the whole game on an order of faith.

I believe in the music and the words of this life. I am my touch and my control. My choices are certain and they are not without fear for I am reaching back and forward and mounting the inner mounting flame that burns in my life to be here now and all of the fear in the world can not keep me away.

I have stopped here and I will know if I should send. It is not wasted on me that this is… at a risk. Someone might think me right bonkers or certainly off the track. I am not crazy. Think of me as a poetic acrobat and I will crawl across the stage to the outer limits of control to gain the sunrise of the new day. I am surrounding here and now. You won’t see this any other place, but here.

Welcome to the ending of this day and what a place to be. I have come down from the mountain and I am beginning the work of writing from the place I have known forever. It is at least as scary… as the first day at a new job, but I am over the hump and depending on the love of the universe to deliver this lovely infant to the world. I will be fine and fit as a fiddle tomorrow.

This was from the atmospheres of true love, and I hope it captures some of the universal determination to fix__ what we have done by submission or commision. We are (everyone)_ going to own the final result in the end. Get on the life boat of love and plan for the better world__ by living the plan within. Breathe out the bad gasses of expired useless life traps and retire the disease of the world’s failings to the trash heap of time, and begin to breathe Love with every breath, and breathe in hope and joy and faith, and believe on your neighbors, and your families, and the world at large, and even those__you have you have little faith in.

See the end of hate and the end of war and remain to see the gains of your daily toil and always believe. Have faith and hope, even as the world will sometimes seem to take the truth away. I love you all and I have no other reason to remain or change what I believe. I am always going to be me__until the end. Always TR… Imagination expressed.

Notice: the Mgm’t declares__that any and all statements made by the author of the above are not to be taken as fact, but more as representations of a position of positive reinforcement. Lovingly drawn and arranged by your humble servant…me.

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Wednesday August 22, 2007
 Simply Said

This trap door entered and I lost my introduction, blip all gone. This is an apology for the lost voyage which ended on this page. I came with ideas and was swept off the table and that is okay. I have no idea what disappeared. It really was the best part… of the way this began. I had a serious note to deliver, but it became anything but and I will not wonder if it was not for the best. Gosh it was an amazing rush of words. I wish I could get it back, but this being written just prior to posting is only glue on the page. For a moment I flowed like verse in a prose context. It was artful and fulsome and I have certainly had enough of this audacious journey.

What is there? Was that what is here? It has all that I need for now. I wanted to come back without a wimper or pain. There still is some latitude in my attitude. Forgiveness and acceptance have finally arrived. I am pleasantly surprised. I am not going to even attempt to explain. This is all I have without explaining the missing derivatives of the equation of presenting and retracting and pushing and pulling and getting to the next breath and breathing the context and patrolling the boundaries and preparing for the day when it all comes together and this doesn’t need explaination. I will be happy that I made it back. Anyway… I could.

That would not have been the drive of my arrival in times past, but my locus now is of a higher and more defined aurora. It has the halo of light that I ascribe to the breath of the angels of my existence. I am the most ordinary and common soldier in my measure of earth and air and sky.In the midst of all is the watery veil of light that holds my sight.Existence. Like everyman, I work for my day. I have for many years only wandered on and off my track. It has been the sad casual of causality. When something defining would pop up_I would run the opposite way.

In the end it is all for good and this is only a mission statement in the sense, that there is nothing to lose anymore. I am a feeling friendly kind of guy. I have only the best intentions and my attitude is that of a prayer to everyone who is in this life and the wanting of all of our potentials to be melded into heaven on earth, where we can wax poetic and exclaim joy and kiss the earth and jump in the air and declare. I am here… and I think __’This is It’

I just took a break and read through. This writing. This was not my intention. I have been away for a good while and I knew that a few had wondered why… and that I was gone was not any problem. I was here of course, but I was not here in this life of the art of you_ dear reader, wherever you are …I have the highest regard for anyone who chooses to fathom the fathomings of one who is most humble and believest in the reasonable facsimile of the renderings of each of our breasts as we inculcate our rhythms and thrumb the strings of the heart at the core of our being.

I can’t imagine that there is any other reason for being here. I lost my go pod as I read this and now I am doctoring the equation and wondering not about whether it is or it is not. It most certainly is everything I have at this crazy moment in time.

I say who I am even as I try to hide it. This is my place to quest for the interactive organic breathing being that can’t type, but will because he can, because he wants to, and now that I am moving again. Let’s see where this goes. It has to eventually arrive at a place where I can take a break and relieve my need for the news. I need my daily fix of the worst that life has to surrender. Where are we going when all we relive are the failings and futilities of another day of the major dominating spew speaking gargoyles laying on the crash, the crush and the pain of your fellow voyagers.

I am hooked up and hooked in and I know it is a drug, but I want to know what the driver sees as we drive off the cliff. It is uplifting.
Lots of crazy things going on over here at my place this summer. I had thought I would come back with a piece on the end of summer at the beginning, but I didn’t let the downers get me down. I plodded through and my attitude is really a quiet celebration. At my young age, I am finally getting the drift of playing it for laughs. I see the humour in the demise of control. I am no longer renting out space in my brain, except to the daily news, but that is certainly now on the way out, and I will be taking care of that soon, but not tonight.

Only a few minutes to go and it will be time for the six o’clock national bathing in the dirty water of all of our mistakes and transgressions and the supplication of the sycophants of the higher order of breeding and fortune who certainly have our number as they will tell you everytime. They have polled the minions and they speak with the fishes and find out who we are everyday and they go there with a vengeance, because we still buy what they have to sell and how is it that these words can possibly go together, because I have no idea what I just said.

All to the good. I wanted to make a crazy entrance and being a peaceful boy. I want to be happy and do something good. Like get off the stage. This be: Practicing the art of being real…. and I toast one and all for their efforts and their joy and their focus.
We done good. I love you all,TR

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Saturday July 14, 2007
 Dropping Through

Acoustic Alchemy- ‘The Beautiful Game’ Posted by (Tomita) On YouTube

Dropping through__ How Big do you think I am?
No Matter, No one Knows me.

Sensational… this is the plan__I don’T have one.

I was thinking, maybe, you would like to know me. I love to be on this side of the full motion golden diadem.

Crackers are not a fruit I’d like to eat.

So, what we have here is a total breakdown or breakthrough.
I’d love to know, Why?

We put ourselves on display. I want to love the world with the love of all of the ways…
In only the ways that are authorized. By you.

I am merely a silly little output magazine of revolving unsorted counter claims.
On this moment’s notice__ I could just say, ‘Put it away!’

Major breakthrough. I want to have the opening. From within…
The come about___ that always___ has me synchronized with my true feelings.

I have the time now….before I go to bed to say something_

From the very bottom of my heart___I wish the world all of my best intentions. My Heart.

I  Am here __not messing around, but this is the only way I have right now.
I give something now, because I want to begin the real life that exists in the real part of my life. Me.

I want to_ not fake my way through the best part of my life.

What’s left after you finally realize__ I wasted most of my existence on self-doubt. No doubt!

I gave away the possibility of meeting the best of you__
When I didn’t live the best of me. See.

Down deep and not too far away I know where I hang out___There I am.
I am going to be as happy and as helpful as I choose to be.

Open your heart. Feel the gathering love of being on the line with the fine colors of the life within.

How can I claim to be going anywhere?
I just can___even as I know this doesn’t have all, or maybe, even a part of just exactly, what I would like this to be___,
But I am claiming a certain extirpated dialogical freedom to say as I am believing this. I hear you,now.

It holds me to the letter I am writing one note at a time.
I am feeling an internal_ eternal music that lies within.
It is not making claims about certitude,
But I am fulfilling the doctrine of being born to live the life I claim.

I want to love the man I am, so I can be certain to reflect to you_ who are here…. the solid and resounding reflection of your own claim to what your heart desires. Peace,Love _Hope.

The logic…anticipation. I desire the way that would have me knowing my life is breathing the whole of my parts to the future that exists as the plan.

Free my way to be real____And holding the whole world to my
breast, I ache to breakthrough. I want to represent the truth of who I am.

”You can’t climb, until you’re ready to fall”

Where does it end__
For tonight, the life of being
is the breathing and the feeling of being.
This close__ Seeing,
not a plain wrapper existence wrapped in
The ephemeral art of believing, what I can bring to the stage.
What that means… is up to me.

I have earned at this late date_ a certain dependence on
the late appeal of who I used to be.
Because it was easy__ I  could continue to live un-resolved and seal my fate__To never get it right,
Revolving and resorting, over and over again.

I am instead challenging my music
to be more than the rest of those
notes I don’t want to hear.
Negative energy__just always got in my way.
I embraced the decline. Inertia and guilt.
Fear of pushing the envelope.

So if this could be. The…
Dropping through. the…
Entering in.

Constructing in my mind,
A fortress of Love.
A haven of Hope.
A home for Desire.
A  physical construct of Quality.
An eminence front__
Sounds like an ignoble deed,
But, strength and grace are required to survive.
One must carry their burden___ gracefully.

I am, merely an actor on the stage of life,
and in this small venue,
I am exposing my waxen wings
to the heat of the day.
Hoping, I survive to take flight
on the ‘morrow.

See You then,
Hope I do not offend your Ear.
I am Rust_

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