No.29_ Electric City

 Chapter One Of This ___To Be Continued___Begin!

And so it began in a time, not too long ago.
I think I can remember enough to go there, again.
I want to bring my sense of time and place.
This was going to be a roll of order along the lines of a scroll.
I was going to read out the lines of how I came to my truth. I am not the best judge of it all. But there is certainly a new vein growing in my arm.
I want the scribe to scribble the length of the day ahead.
I want the note tuned to the surprise of being in such fine company.
I believe in my chest, that I have waited long and hard to hear this new voice.
My heart hears the call _ the age of the draw I have been holding in limbo.

Where, what, when, he speaks out___How can I write what is on my mind.
I do not See any regret. I see only peace and the ability to call on you as my friends. Where we are going is up to us. When they write of this time__
It will be said, __They heard only the voices within. They wanted to delight in the life.
Wonderful love __hoping for a season of  hope. Happening, believing.
The world needs each and everyone to discover the blend of action and decision. The design of gravity and desire. Falling from heaven’s breath__ the dreams of true naturally ordered worth.

Where I go, when I look for me is not, yet, always a perfect pursuit. I look for the action of the moment,  and the music of the sway of the tones and actions of drawing down my registering of my own creation. I am merely traveling through time and space. My changes are of an order of progression and growth and depend on a certain desire to attain new connections and patterns of protection. The science of me is my ability to attain location and position of my expanding committment to gather up my actions and thoughts into the dreams of the orders that come in the swiftness of the fall. Falling forward he framed the past, and knew he had to trust the voice within.

Describing a moment and not letting the stern task master of critiscm__ criticize  the forward motion of the the path is the eguent. And there I became stuck__struck by a word out of nowhere, which in a moment registered as a somewhat French in flavor, and possibly meaning action , occurrence, or ( at very least an herbal balm).

I had no idea, and I hadn’t even begun. Google the darn thing. Damn.
I am finding it wants me to accept, that I am looking for ‘event’. Okay!

Answers.com__event( )n. Something that takes place; an occurrence.
A significant occurrence or happening.

wikipedia.com__in programming an event is a software message that indicates something has happened, keystroke, mouseclick.

How about a party function. I am not dead in the water, but I was rolling, and I got struck down my a serial event of no more than five letters.

So has any one,  like me,  wondered when I would be getting under way.
My purpose tonight was to write about my trip back to Virginia, because I want always__to remember how wonderful it was to spend that time with my past __in my past with my family_ of my childhood, and to have  my parents still here and to have them in such a wonderfully_ full  way. I was totally enthralled by the season and the deliberate order of the service of this truth.
It was a proscribed order of business driven by a sense of timing and a natural force of nature like a river changing course,   It came to my life by a certain chain of events and actions that brought me to be in Virginia at this most perfect time. Time was not perfect and we weren’t perfect, but all in all, together we had everything we needed to appreciate the blessings of being together again. For me it was all, I needed to get started again, on something very close to my heart.

How am I to make my promises come true,  if I don’t believe in myself.
I think thoughts that are greater than my own needs, but without them I am nothing__for they are a path I envisioned, when I was young.
I am not a great intellect,  nor am I a great voice,  but I have my humble beliefs and I believe on everyone__ falls the choice to take up the beauty of this world, and to carry the world ahead into truth. I am a footsoldier for the Truth. The crashing, breaking, hurtful world of pain and suffering,
which fails to offer the least of these, their childhood hopes and dreams as their success,  is my enemy.  I am aligned with God’s plan for the healing of the world through and by Love, and I will always strive to breathe life into my hopes and dreams. I am glad that my life is small, because that is all I need.

As for myself, I can no longer hide from the Truth. Each of us must cast their shadow across the world as our shield against the hate and pain, and find a way. All the ways it takes to break this cycle of fear and regret.

Where have you been? Using everything within me to bend the moment into a certain purpose that wins the victory we have to strive for. Not to pretend again to know,  that what has happened is out of our control. I am down here as a visual, emotive actor of time and space, and if I could sing it would be of the body electric___for I have concluded that we are not all wrong. We are certainly knowing we have the power to control our own thoughts and to persuade our vision to see the future__ as place worth  holding onto.

This has been fun___I am relaxing now, because I need to go to bed, and that is okay, because I have to go to my state job tomorrow and do my job to best of my ability, and I will be happy, and no matter what you might think of what I did tonight, it was always on my path to take this track and I will always be on this train. I don’t understand this completely, but it is entirely out of my hands. I am taking responsibility for my part,  and I am happy to be on time and my place was held for me,  so I could be here tonight,  and I will roll along and the waves will wash away any blame . The cleansing emotion of love holds my purpose full of hope and the desire for that better world. We will grow together and the chill of love just drove up my back and I am holding everything in a special place in my heart. My breath is breathing me,  and I am remembering my name,  and I am hopeful and this __There is a sweetness to this place.

Read through__ and it is brave to think this way, but I am__ my hero.
Don’t need to explain, I am a grownup___ now.
And those I look up to__ do their best,  and the world,  and we are still here, but there is so much to do. We must inspire each other to go beyond what we have been.   We are looking for real life ___Real hopes and dreams. Love Reigns Over All.

I speak for myself and I know the inspiration I take from others is intact and always brings me to think. What have I done to make the world a better place? It is Five after midnight and I must go, but what I have done tonight is alright. It was straight from the heart and I am satisfied that I spoke from the heart and I will continue to pray and love and be.

Hopefully, a better man____TR10/23/2007

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Sunday October 21, 2007


When I have been this long way home_________________
Getting back to you, and then,
Happens_______ have been here in my send.
I have been home, and when______It comes__

The light has been on my heart___ all these days.
Lightly driven….Life depends.
Made a trip, and finally came back,
and you?
Life re-sorts and I depend on my position,
to find my place.

There I go again.
I want to portray___ the living.
Not in vain___I am on send.
Driven…I will be until…I find the way.
Can You see?___ How I Decide?

Wish we were inside___All the falls.
Can’t hide __What goes on in here.
Want to be on glide and patrol.
The life…so glamorous.

It is a funny way…. I have of coming back.
The scales retract….Exact__Extract!
I depend on the Lord’s call.
No matter, the reel.
What goes on here___ is Real.

Extraction…Getting closer now… to full gain.
I retain the breath of breaths, and the seal is sold.
I have brought___ my beginnings.
Raw feed from the truth.
Strumming on the sun…

I want to be glad.
Hard to come back and think I can’t do it.
What it is __Is not__ to disappoint you.
I can’t lose the draft of fame.
I can’t loose the vastness of the call.

Me, I am running with the fall.
The seasons come and go, but we reside.
Brief, though we are___We come to hold the hand of God.
Speak the truth.
What are you afraid of?

As for me I am still outside__
the wall______ of my own decision.
I’ll find the moment and the touch and the taste and the view___All at once , and lose it again
and again,
and again,
and again.
But, I will never give up.

I am a man, who breathes, and knows his shortcomings,
and still survives.
I’m getting up again.
This wall.  All.

What remains is our place__ to come home… to.
In ways, we need to come to___ the call of our draft.
My acts__reason__ to try to be here.
I have my reasons and I see the greatness of all of you.
Trying to find the key___The key____ is finding___ a way.

Right inside of each of you___ is,
the greatest stream of realization.
It says I am your heart, and I believe on your heart__
to know love.
To know___ that Love is the Way___
One…Understands it_ All.
Love is the fulcrum of creation.

The care of the home, and self and__
The care of loved ones, and the care of the truth.
Behold,  the life un-reproved.
I demand a recall…not of what isn’t, but of_
what could still be, and is in, so many.

The weight of our hopes and dreams__
Depends___ on our dedication … to be all that we can be.
I am first and foremost …your friend.
I will act, and do act, as I ___  rise and fall.
As a meter__ of my determination to find the glory of the celebration,
That__ is this life____in all of it’s…Beauty.

The place to be__ in all of our acts.
As we pass through the day___Calling each Breath.
The One breath___ I breathe each time…
Told as the love of the stream of life,
Words calling out the draft,
and dedication of our call.

After all____That, which came before____
The above has been my rededication.
To get back to work in a hurry.
I am confident with__ the no fear policy.
I will find my LIfe.

I am your friend.
Each one of you have brought me back to here.
I am no longer afraid of just being real.
It is the least,  that we__each of us___ can bring.
After the fall, before the fall, while falling?
Looking for the metaphor for the step taken.
There is no What___Might have been?

There is Only__Where have you been?
Loving you, as I sigh.
I’m breathing life.
Driven, not ruined, but stronger,
than the day I found You.

Can’t let go, but this, too___ must end.
It is a piece of a part of getting____
the soldiers of my heart __on to the rhythm of sighs.
We are all together__ a gathering.
A place of ultimately__ routing our passage
back to when and where and how.
What is now__Now__the only moment in time.
The breaths you take are the heart of the soul___
and the love you commit___
Is every breath you take___ as ___
The intention and sacrifice___ to
Really Love.

After the fall, you got up, and got after it again.
Remember, where we began___
The rise from our first fall.
We each are the truth.
We hold the key____ to it all.
Easy__ In the heart… Breathe.
Your love___ is the beauty___ of it All.



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Thursday September 20, 2007
 My Message Remains…Everything Is Here…Now

Quietly,cautiously, life stirs and the tune becomes real.
A floating point of touch.
A place of deep faith forms, and fills the space
within the heart of being.
Over the air flows the willowed breath of birds,
seeking the winds and currents
of faire sailing.

Free formed, wholly selected tastes of succor
flow__from the tree of life.
The center of the forest is damp in the early morning light.
The glade at the edge of dawn is overflowing
with the creation of the natural universe.
Buds and dragonflies and birds, are high in the trees
and on the lower limbs.
Dewey flowers primp for the raising of first light.

The smaller animals of the early day rise.
They are finding their way to the edge of their earthly home.
They, all, are taking their places at the rising of the sun.
The sight of the new day gives their birthright it’s form.

Their beingness is formed in the absolute recognition
of purpose and plan.
They were born for this life.
The words of a man does not change any of their desire
to live the day as it unfolds.
It is all for the taking.

That on this night, I was in my heart moved
to scribe the mind_
that sees all_is a precious gift
to my soul.
That which Is_and has ever been and will forever be
_is just another peaceful meditation.
On the light of love and the glorious being
_who is holding our destiny in the arms of God.

We, the undivided whole, are holding Love
in our hearts__and we are being
the truth of our parts.
God’s plan to heal the Earth is heading
home _In_Love.
The Magnificent dream of our souls is being
found every day in the increasing
velocity and rhythms of this flowing Love.

Your magnificent gifts are a dreaming basket
holding possibilities of purpose.
Everyday brings more order and form to the
beauty of mankind’s participation in the perfect
understanding_that Nature has already formed
and ordered_within it’s Kingdoms.
All things wonderful speak and add to the
true wonder of God’s dominion.

The practice, the meditation, the work and
the play of Life.
The prayer of Love.
The healing of Mankind.
The reward of_being Alive.
To see God’s Kingdom Come.


I dedicate these words to the art and hope of your life_
‘shoutoutgirl’_You are a divine soul_
I love your way.
From this life’s words_ in notes you become.
You are the music_I hear,TR

The above poem_
Written in comments by me(TR) on blog_’poemmeback’, authored by shoutoutgirl.
April 27, 2007 in the middle of the night.
I came across it today.

It represents a pure connection I had with the art of shoutoutgirl’s
concept. I never lost that moment, it will always be with me, because
she identified the holy sequence of Faith over Matter.
We are all poets and singers and writers of Love.
I believed I could know her_ by poemming her back.
I did the best I could, as did many others, and we were surprised at how wonderful it was.

I miss the art and love of you, shoutoutgirl.
Please come back and grace this stage.
You are missed.
I did not ask to do this. It is just my way.
Saying…We love your Way,and Peace to you dear child, TR


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