No.23_Later Than You Think

There are no other orders_ than to think of yourself.
I feel I can say that because without caution_ I invent.

The other side of this _ is I don’t know why_ I have to fall-over.
This has been my plan for all of the day_that is left.

Where in the world is the end of the reunion of slim chances?
My purpose is not to gain the evidence of this existence.

We have a problem. Can’t move our kid off the dime.
We ain’t moving the mountain over to him.

Listening to my wife _Try to understand why… it is all_Down.
There seems to be no hope for him_ he is Lost. Playing.

Playing_is that beautiful place_where he has to go.
All he wants to do is play war/crap. Drag his heels.

I am dying in here, because I don’t want/to do his work.
Crap is not moving up hill. Not even his. It makes me sick.

Hey Dude!, What the hell are you doing?
This ain’t going_ to go down. It is. Not. Swell!

Let ‘s live like pigs, because we’ll have to drink this swill.
Poisoned heart attack of the deadmen’s quest. No chest.

The dire treasure of the lost soul’s empire. Dire diaries
We’ll die by the time we see this change. Who!

Will we stand for this? No, We’ll go on by.
The time is here. But!

So, I don’t know why_ I am saying this.
A hard discussion ensued. Noisome quarreling

And now the sister’s report to my wife’s closest sibling.
She is ranting and raving. My wife, my wife, my wife.

She is burning a hot one for our two boys, who haven’t grown up.
Mad attack of a_” no friend of the court of suspense.” Living?

Not worth anything to them. They have all_ that they need.
The toys of this disease. Both work, good jobs_What!

Yes! Weighs of success? I’m going to get off the phone.
My wife is a spear and a spine and her hurts_ so bad.

She is crying over this. This is very deep.
These are her side of our equation. Her boys.

I put in my effort to afford them this opportunity,
as much as she has, and we are at a standstill.

The time to strike the iron is now. A house to build.
We must toast the bun and cook the burger. Eat!

Of this we do commend a prayer each night_
For them _who do not know their worth.

Guys, We think_ You are just late, so we will waite.
For at least another night and we will see this done.

As soon as we commiserate together about what is_
Ahead_There is just one big obstacle and that is_

The head of the older one, who is the golden boy, who was_
Once upon  time so full of hope. Now! All he does is make_

Big Wup! Yup! Head’n out now and feeling_What happened here is about life from the ground up. I wanted something.

Don’t know what, but I know I was dissapointed again.
The big meet-up was today, and it just didnt go that way.

Wife showed, and he wasn’t there and she is just _CRY!
All of that_ Inconsolable. Strange. Wish God was here…

If you want it…Come and get it  Ouch! Big  Ouch!
I am so late, and yet I know I am giving birth.

I feel pregnant with the words of the Life.
In these lines is a real life desperately in love_

With the connective glue of memories and time.
I feel the savage response of coming unglued. I will not.

This boat will not arrive without the plan. My Lord.
Is willing our circumnavigation of the sum of “All our Fears.”

See_ There is that circular thing. It is coming thru.
The trust in the love of the truth.What began has begun again.

I am in the life of the river running past the way I came.
I know the math of circumstance. Inevitably, We choose.

Love them for what they do and find a way to reach the conclusion of what-It is the Lord presents_ for their edification.

They may not have the resolution to find the dimensional door of what lies ahead.
There is always more than what appears to be the easy answer.

I am all for learning and now that I am here. Where is my joy?
I love this life, and I breathe the wonder of just being_

On the understandable divide of the heaven and the hell of
Dividing our institutions into divides of what is and what is not.

Munificent elders of the clan_ I am knowing this mechanical device of lights and spheres has gone way past go_

And I know I don’t know anything, but can I just get out of here Without losing my life to the fog of thinking_ I get why I am here.

Right now! I have no idea. Results at eleven.
The campaign goes on, and I am at rest.

Breathing life in, and breathing life out. Life Is!
What’s more beautiful, than what is truly practical.

The light of the wonder of hope and ideals.
Truth structures_ Love in evidence of pursuits.

As Souls unwind. I am just this _ so Hu_man ‘man’.
I didn’t know I would try again tonight. To_

Objectify the Light of Existence.
I wanted to see Something _Hopeful.

Sometimes, that is….

++++++++     +++++      ++++++
The brittle sights of Life’s exigencies.
Sometimes that is _ All that there Is.

TTR 5/2008

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Wednesday April 9, 2008
 EarthCrusher at the Monster’s Ball_ ///_ Where We All Meet When the Money is Spent.

Let’s get up for the review of the books.
What was said is true…I believe I  have reached_
a review of the stage.
Where I am_ is a new sector of being_Around the bend.
A heart of gold has lost it’s mend.
Stolen in the light of a pitch perfect night.

Entering in and getting_ On-board, all at once.
Bringing a semblance of order to the proceedings.
Why this night, when I came down,
Wakening light, driving forces, wish I had the sight.

Mission being_ a rough ride overland, astride.
Dark horses on the river ride, a hair’s breadth edge,
or a mile from the ledge_Have no sight.
Flying blind for whiles, that pass without organized  light.

I am a man, simple planner, planning rides.
Question is _Can I blast that effective rust , off my eyes.
See the dirt is grifter’s gifts of ill-fortitude and famous lies.
‘Maison d’etre’_ air supplies, breaths of light. My_ one_

Recently crafting new eras of questing earth and dense articulate.
My heath in rows of factored artifacts, and histories drawn down particulate.
This is more like the imagined dream of the new
subjects’ acquired dream dawn.
I am fully raising the able word of my e-mission
floated dimension.

I raise the dense curtain, clear the stage, lights up-On.
Broaden the attack and bring forth the range of e-motions.
We are pre-densified by our attraction to the past.
What acts will follow have been known for all time, and when it comes.
I will have arrived and know how to proceed.

Soon now the range of rising tones_ blend and gather , scurrying,  percussive  smashes and claps, crescendos, lean down in attack,  not a false note floats above the crowd. The gathering of players resounds in breaths of sound_ singing tones to the melody afore their hearts.
Quietly a hum gathers and wings the beauty of the day rising in sun’s full glory.

New days ahead fill the heart with beauties light.
I can only see the art of life as being what we came here fore, and why we came to be.
To write of expectation and believing all is love and glory and right.
I believe this life is heaven’s breath brought to breathe through our life.
Making each of us_ All that we can see_ Our way to be.

I am loving that_ this ordinary life is still full
of the magic of life.
Entering into my being is the reality of storing and being in store.
I have always been here and I have always been alive.
Remembering to arrive in each moments breath_
brings the light.
On the other side of this wall my family remains in complete disavowel of my fame. To me.

Keeping the truth on the night_ is my cortege and my stage of path.
The rise of human  writing to the day, when we read what we live.
Breaking down the act of being alive_ Into resolutions of light and love.
Being alive is the sacred act and the wife of each of our acts.
Our children survive all attack, because we believe in the right of survival.

We fight all attack_against the Grace of Hope.
And  forever, in our touch, is a belief in the real action.
The compassion of giving back_ Our lives.
All surrendering_ To survive the attack of lies.
Fully and absurdly, realising there is no going back.
I crack at the dense curtain that has thrived .
For all time and in the present, yet there is a new dawn ahead.

I am down to my last breath this night,  for there is a time to leave the floor.
This has been strange for anyone, who has read what came from my door.
I am here and I am home and I see this little fiction as a fulfillment of a pattern of change.
It is the same as I have always been, and yet I am more articulate.  What if?
What was a hair’s breadth from the edge or a mile away.

Showers down all around and in under the door of my home.
The window’s light shows the dawn of a time to come.
Oh!  sweet mystery of life, I am given to believe
my path evolves for thee.

To my Lord, Jesus Christ, I am given to come to the fore of my leading edge.
My meaning_ is_and of this, and more, and in the rest of my life _I am being courageous and strong ,
And reasoning, well, I will become more able.
At my age there is only what lies ahead, and I believe the time is near for no regrets…What’s More!

I have no regrets_Everything I have given has brought me to this and more.
To record the actions of these moments and portray
the writing of this life.
I am authentically this change that has come over me.
I want to be free of ever having to call my name in shame.
All things are just as they are written and no room is left for false requests.
I am not inventing this. I am seeking the true heart of me.
We are making history. This night.

I say this because I enable me _ by coming to the fore. Authentically presenting the art of ‘my being’ _in this forum of light.
I evolve and grow to extend the range and worth.
My fortitude is my hope…No lies!
I love this life, and regard you all, as friends.
Thanks for being there for me.

This has been quite a night, filled with distractions,
And yet  displacing everything I made the effort to
rise above and smell the breadth and range of love abounding_in all of it’s enterprise.
We rise or fall by our last request.
On equal terms with all possibility.
I do not pretend to know my next request,
but I will to my last breath_
Convey the best that I can See.

In the living rooms of my life_
I am growing into a real home
for the savage wanderings
of all those lies.
Running through all the bones and ill defects,
There is a final request for actions taken.
Somebody, Please ! Turn on the Lights!


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