No.21_Read It To Me

State Of The Union_ I Enjoyed My Seat __So, Can We Work _ Our Way Back

So John, I suspects_ I’d better make a visit.
That’s the key to my life_Be unprepared.
Justice reels at the sound of the knife.
Breaking out in a rash of Raspberries.

Sonic sayings_ of the irrevocable kind.
I am perchance banking on a dream_
Wanting to know that I can just break-in.
I want to be noisy tonight.

Leastwise wearing the pants in the family
I grovel at the bit, shaking like a leaf
Insubordinate and wanting to carry the ‘Coals to Newcastle’.
When somehow_ the out_picture is curling back to a reflection.

At the end of the line_there is a ledge.
And one could lean out and try for a further end,
But not-doing the least of our cares_ Will carry
There is a bag of sand and sum of salt…to begin.

Origami brothers of the folded time…listen_
As the master pretends_ at the no conquering kind.
Bunching the results of self-induced dimensions_
They leave the rubber road of the left-for-mote.

Dark Spaniard tilting in the vines of roots_ Between
My happenstance of no ordinary kind_ who
Quixotically forever fools with the Wycliffe Way.
I am Christian man, but I live in the world_ that destroys it.

Spiritually speaking, I am the rust, in over-oxidized atmospheres.
Faulting no manner of speaking I work at getting back_
To the elements of change. Fire and flame, Water and blood,
Earth and body, Breath and air_ through me to appear.

Nice changes _ tunes in hand_ I am the mitre mister
Wherefore goes the rogue, who casts aspersions so…
Contrary to the usual terms of my contract_ I will
Make sure that this_ is kindly understood_ I come with a plan.

So kind, sir, I have been too long on the drum_ I need to_
Gather here at the river of Time_ and Blend_Fulfilling
With all that we came with and arrive At_ the Weight
We’ve been carrying for so Long. Life_ The All of The All.

What succeeds to the press_ New wine from old skins, Every scintilla
Passages of ‘Classical Gas’…Mason Williams_ the city of Lost Angels.
Collecting gaffes by the barn-load_ I administer my new found Awkwardness…It befits the fool to remain Humble.

Happy to correct some measure of heaven and hell.
I have gone brown…meaning_ I have muddied the atmosphere.
With certain predictable remonstrance_ I will_ I have been here.
Listen the house is crowded tonight…plastic world of mine

Hard to believe_ I was listening to you_ Uh Huh! I got it all.
When I was reading_ It went left to the right place_
And lit the lamp behind the fear… I am not dead_I said
Rain is on my mind_tonight_even in all this winter son’s shine.

Assuming this is all, as I am not obliged to make_
Much more _a fool_ Myself. To say_
I seek only the Freedom Road of tilting windmills
As Mergansers fly toward the day’s_Sunrise_over the Sea.

The obvious oblivion of not knowing when the pin will drop
Is not killing me at all_ I am sane in my delightful way.
The waiting_ On the wings of life’s ante-room_are not only Blessing
Some very real occurrences_ reveal each day_ wonders to Behold.

So I come to say_ On what remains_ By all that you have said before.
Life Is Work…_and It never gets_ Less complex…Further,
I could not agree with you more_ On the broad understanding of Life.
We are Subject_ To the results of our lack of attention and care.

Not to cast aspersions, but I am not the first to have lost my way.
I have drained the Well of Forgiveness…but my one Hope is True.
There is no higher life than to never give up on being human.
I have a Plan to Learn to Love_Forever and a Day…One Way…Forward

One Dimension_ When Love Surrenders All
‘Supreme’ Actions Actuate The Hope Of Finding Them
In this World We Live Amidst our Trial And Error_To Know_Well
What Overcomes All_ Is The Will To Love Them-All.

On Our Journey to All-Reception, We are Received in Our Hearts_To Know The True Path. Mind, Body, And Spirit.
Once And Only _ In The Hope Of That Love Received.
Moreover, Still, The Ability to Understand Our Gift_ To Love.

Believing has Higher Purpose in Our Love To Perceive_
And Giving Without End_To All Who Receive Our Trust.
Knowing the Plan Of Purpose Is To Grow Outwardly
Expanding and Communicating Love in Truth and Acts.

This is a different kind of post from me_ Was
So entered by Cut and Paste_ from posted comment_
to One_John The Squabbler of ‘The White Lodge’ blog.
I’ll check the date_February 20, 2009…

So why Post it to my blog, Well, because I am trying to show ‘Cause’ and get my act in gear. I like to play with words…I don’t know why! I write this way, but I want to come out from under the sand and float around in the Sea. John, has always just accepted my strange ways and that has been a wonderful thing and I have come a long way, but this is not the finished, product, but what is. We are all_
Works in progress_ trying to find the Day, when we have a fix on the perfect note.

So, My last post was taken from another blog_’poemmeback’…everybody inspires me to write something, but obviously time and real life have their way, but that’s part of it,too…. This blogging is a very small part of existence, but I take it seriously(enough), because I don’t intend to write crap. I don’t have the skills to manipulate the media. Cutting and pasting _ I found that I had made four copies…probably should have started over, but as I deleted I read over again…to what end? Immersion in the moment…don’t know.

Life is too much with me right now. Dishes await and my wife wants attention…time spent in the living room…she’s folding clothes.
In the end this is a diet of passing time. I wish I could know everyone, but it is just not my personality…so I do the best that
I can. Just to let you know I had one crazy day at work, but it is always an adventure. So much for the struggle. Life goes on_TR

I waited too long_ my wife just went to bed…We talked earlier this evening, so I’m good…Going to cook up some home made crab cakes
to take to lunch. Bye Y’all TR

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