No. 20_Far Away Land

Indubitable Paradox
Sunday April 12, 2009
 Thoughts…Redux _By Cut And Paste_Dedicated to a Friend

Quietly,Cautiously,life stirs and the tune becomes real.
A floating point of touch
A place of deep faith forms and fills the space
within the heart of being.
Over the air flows the willowed breath of birds
seeking the wind and
currents of faire sailing.

Free formed, wholly selected tastes of succor flow_
from the tree of life.
The center of the forest is damp in the early morning light.
The glade at the edge of dawn is overflowing with the creation
of the natural universe.
Buds and dragonflies and birds in the trees and on the lower limbs dewy flowers primp for the raising of first light.

The smaller animals of the early day_ rise.
They are finding their way to the edge of their earthly home.
They all are taking their places at the rising of the sun.
The sight of the new day gives their birthright it’s form.

Their beingness is formed in the absolute recognition of purpose and plan.
They were born for this life.
The words of a man does not change any of their desire to live the day as it unfolds.
It is all for the taking.

That on this night, I was in my heart moved to scribe the mind__
that sees all is a precious gift to my soul.
That which Is__and has ever been and will for ever be_ is just another peaceful meditation__
On the light of love and the glorious being_ who is holding our destiny_
In the arms of God.

We, the undivided whole are holding Love in our hearts_ and we are being the truth of our parts.
God’s plan to heal the Earth is heading home_In_ Love.
The Magnificent dream of our souls is being found every day in the increasing velocity and rhythms of this flowing Love.

Your magnificent gifts are a dreaming basket holding possibilities of purpose.
Everyday brings more order and form to the beauty of mankind’s participation in the perfect understanding that nature has already formed and ordered within it’s kingdoms.
All things wonderful speak and add to the true wonder of God’s dominion.
The practice, the meditation, the work and play of life.
The prayer of Love.
The healing of Mankind
The reward of being alive
To see God’s Kingdom Come.


I dedicate these words to the art and hope of your life_
shoutoutgirl_You are a divine soul_I love your way.
This life of words becomes you. You are the music_I hear.TR
|< << >> >|

by trust the rust (PM , CC ) on Friday April 27, 2007 @ 3:16 AM (del)

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Sunday March 29, 2009
 Come Into the Fourth Dimension

Let’s make something impossibly clear_ I don’t know
What the fourth dimension means, but I am going_
To leave it there, because it works for me.
In the righteous way that all things_
Are made clear in the end.

I stumbled on this apt dimension of love_ in flux.
The invigorating reason to square the third
and set the world free in the world of maths.
I went, Oh! “mein gott in himmel”_
What was he thinking! His page…the light.

Wherefore art thou o’ lantern at the lectern.
My purpose changes every time I begin.
I want to have a page of pure light_
Factoring facts of circumscribed adulthood.
Edifice ender what is the true dimension of inner fortitude.

On this earth_ we are living in the Third, but are we?
I sense other words of pure simulacrum and verisimilitude.
I twist around all the corners_ I find
I score myself as a left out fourth_ In a third of time.
What is the dimension of the word, when there is blame.

See what happens_ when I stand at the edge of_
My shortened frame_ I realize all the broken parts are
_ there in the bag of tricks _ at the side.
I almost fooled myself_ with a lie.

I come to you through the factor of ten. It is out.
Rhythm and send _ the melody of truth and mend.
What cliche! What my endeavors are about!
Why would I doubt myself?…Indubitable paradox
The end is not ending and the fictions of my fractions_ Calculating_I could say my brain is freeze fried.

Setting out_ on the shelf of mystery ‘is’_
The stirring stick_ my framing_’hammer’
Carpentry_Actions in the dirt…the building up.
Frames and shapes of sins and sinners.
Resulting_as, no one else’s_ What an extra helping…’Is’

Love of the rugged and robust manner, an actual star
_ fortitude of hope..Back to our fourth dimension.
I could have run away again, but back to the maths.
This will explain a lot, but not always in the human way.
How does the one dimension talk to the other?

I want to know why we don’t get it, yet.
The doctor_Of the work_ of Love has_ already
_ proscribed the cure. The ‘love’ is in you.
Beyond, that_ is the knowledge of everything.

When at the point of_ the fate in store_
We run from the love of our hearts_
What plan can protect the dimension of belief_
That has your faith, about the whether or not_
There is this song you always long for.

I am not the hope of anything else_ than_
I would connect and by degree get the faith,
that lies in me…I seek the opening of the day
That knows the way…Of how we came to finally_
Be the Way…Set the day.

I see the Fourth sight of recognition, and the_
Result of belief_ about- what came to be_
Called the resolution of all frames.
For on that night_ we_ realized_ we_ were the future maths.
The counting points of destiny. The net result of totality.

Understanding the true beliefs of how we know_
God came to love us… What came of knowing_
we got thrown out. We put into the facts
the lies _ that got us_ froze out.
The factors of belief_ At the expense of lies. EXPLAIN

Truly love is given _which supports_
The love of God_ That is_ A given.
Beyond the dimension of what has been
Is the dimension of the Love that ‘Is’

The language of these reasoned questions_
came through and by our dimension.
I am not afraid of lies_
I just need to explain why I seek the prize.

Truth is our our one and only hope.
By that dimension I seek enterprise
with protection of the rhythm and the rhyme.
The tone of my tune is a tesseract development.

Trust the Rust 3/2009

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Saturday March 28, 2009
 Just Singing Along with the Tribe from The Desert of Our Dreams

Rest in the swallows of never ending fortitude,
From pits and dimensions_ beyond our undying love.
What fame _ The wondered absence_many time sets_swayed…as
Certain practiced rounds remain_ In proof of limit_

Has in _ entering upon the veil of fine circumstance
Been Wise_ To perambulate amidst the tombs.
Man_ survived despite _one lasting request
What was_undying authority_grinding to _A halt.

Wavering not~In suspension of motives worn
_this errant knight applied his brain.
Lost in the while, but not forgotten, he forged_
the edge _his sword with heat and light.
Quantifying action in course of sight.

Believing the observed manifestation was
_ mental, spirit  powers revealed.
Stronger than casting stone_
The crown of thorns remained
By measure found of natural breaths
_Trusted limits _ Corresponding.

Renewal of older ways with plans, yet found
No diminishing of  luster,  What lasts_ On
Feeling the soft petaled feathering of breezes_abounding
Lest, not , of vision_ in light and song
He sings for loves_ long passed.

Upon sweet request_hope’s deep desire…longing.
Lest our review _ the ladder of this lacing_
That will arrive through_ spacing
Immaculate  conscription to the level pages borne
If man adrift_upon this plain_has_by near pleasures _

Evidence __What regains_ More_
the age of There and Then.
What comes by this Life_  so changed _
If less _What of _ Means?
The inspiration of All things_ Light.

Perchance_ words I choose _ come truth_ By my mouth
I trust, as once, in all advice~in being real
As never before, am I,  more certain, What has _  This
Coming _in_me_Within_these memories of_
Years of Timeless Passing.

That was designed_ Being , as I am_
Friendship, Love , and Goodwill
I write this, as it is_ The work I do.
To no avail _To score it not.

The practice given.
I take, I seek, I give, I want , I need,  I  get_
As in no particular order_ I find the way.
Amidst the righteous words of Life _ I  live.

Enter live_In camera_ I examine, and, in it, find
Mine ‘own’_ reality of sense. In actuality_
Livening the progress of simple measures
Where and whence _ I pursue my goals.

Whether be night or wrong
I know _all convicted order of this end.
Truly riding on level participation along our path.
By bolts and partings of these second sights,
Not out of phrase_what comes back_Is_ to me

You are the trial _I follow _ I find easy_ Not _what is.
Back into_What in me_ wanted _ always more _ of having not
On orders_not to give_To be here _Unwound , but True.
So, as all things are coming through…Once more
Is found the crack_  , A wall , A tomb

By design _What’s left…on the back of  the darkness _in Light
Of these_ Questions of prostrations and prayer.
The inside of dark_Through breathing_ Release
To the path of Life resumed…Inside_
Opened _By_ To the Way.

Gotten rhythms mean _ All the Shapes of Things
To see and say_ Rounding out _The Forms
Calling out_ to rooms
To say_ Be Alright  in Hopeful Insight.
Turn on the Light_ To  Dear Life ~All Eventuality

And as Thee_ Described this Way_ Upon my heart
I give back_As Can _What goes  and goes_
As_On and On_

Go On! In Truth and Word
This Nobility of Hope;
This Love Of Manner.

Not the End

Trust the Rust 3/09

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Sunday March 1, 2009
 No Regrets_In This_ Matter Of Time

People Leave_It is just a matter of Time.
Came to say, I love you, Man. It has been good.
Did you think I had left? No doubt.
Where to_ Have I_ No sense of belonging.

Will I want to keep coming here… When I can.
I have the extraordinary ability to form
Thoughts that are mine,.. and only mine,
When I am available to be a form of me.

This is just about the hardest thing to do.
Making time for what is real and primitive.
Revealing_ What has always been true.
We all need each other, and_

So in my own way_ I struggle
To return to the place.
In the woods,
Where the heat of the fire,
and the sight of regrets
Come and go_ On the forever_ that never was.
Nothing allows me_
_ to have the true-sight to exist.

God keeps working out my chances_ for belonging.
On faith I go forward and backward.
When I fall_ I pull myself up.
When I run__ I want to know_ how far.
If I get to write_ I want to be_ there,too.

I belong in the world_ that is becoming
Because of belonging_ To the learning.
Existing at the edge of trusting and dread.
No more doubts… the beauty of being alive.
Solving the puzzle of “Is”

Speaking of love and believing.
When I trust my deepest truth_
I know there is no fight_only surrender_
To exist at peace with the practice.

Revealing what is real.
Soul training, soul diving.
I am not the mess…I planned
I fly_ To the eye of existence

Giving up and giving in_
What is truth?

Know this_
In your practice and presence
You have shown me your truth
From stem to stern.
We have come. This far.

It is a beautiful thing, man.

If this little fling counts for nothing.
This is my personal testament_from
A truly unremarkable day.
Right now_ through my breath and thought and settlement
I claim_ without any doubt.

What I have_is Real.
It is this ability_ to appreciate
The greatest truth of all.
Love exists.

The sun just came out
After three days of constant rain.
Me_ Feeling… Sorry for myself.

Oh! we did all of our usual life-style
_ and we slept and got up.
Making love…one forgets.
Trying to stay true to the script.
What am I writing for?

I wanted you to know,
That not one letter is ever wasted,
When what you are_ is _
A writer of thoughts_ for everyone.

Nothing is for nothing.
I don’t know why I ever get the shivers.
I am one totally self-contained human,
Who can hardly believe_
He is still alive.

Moving in and out of forgetting.
Remembering the best of the light_ that is.
Loving the life ahead and being real.
All we have is this moment, and the one thought,
In the presence of: grace, that feeling, that word
Speaking of Love.
Attending to care.

I could cry, and I will_ if I go on.
As usual. There is not substance_What is
Only circumstance and opportunity.
And the endless “time of hope”
I am grateful for possibility…&
Pretending to write_what is on my mind_today.

Thank the Lord_Love exists.

August 21, 2008 @ 9:17 PM (del)


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