No.17 RoyalWedding

Beautiful_You say.
What is he thinking!
Invariably_ Trying to discern
my location.

Scribbled comments_Say,
Declare in letter intent_
This stressful retraction.

Reading verbs in motion formula_
from same _derived meaning factor.
Free floating_ I am feeling the device.
In auto retraction_ Losing nerve.

By all hands_ Nothing
Not in ten thousand years.
I am embedded_
New code_
From this Box of Stars.

Not to erode my intent,
but rawness of nature
Is my vent.
What I need to say,
I will surrender.
With limited ability to gage

To make_ my wage_ extended.
What rests in the swallows
of never ending fortitude.

From pits and dimensions_ Beyond undying fame.
The wondered absence of many time sets swayed.
Certain practiced runs remain _As proof of limit.

Entering upon this vein_ Of fine circumstance.
What perambulates amidst the ruins
What man survives_ But, by this last request.
Whose underlying anonymity_ Grinding to a halt.
Quantifies_ This Course of Sight.

Who_ Has cast_ To stone _this treasure.
What_ errant knight applied_
Wavering not_ In suspensions sworn.
This sword edged_ With heat and light.

Some would believe_ What has manifested
Mental, spirit strength revealed.
As strong_ As the Casting Stone.
The crown of thorns remain
In essence _ Deriving~ Said_ limits.

Lest not_The vision of light and song.
Be sung_ For Love’s last request.
What songs I choose_ Come true.
I choose by Truth’s required Trust.

This Will_ In fact surrender
The Years of Timeless Passing.

That I was designed_ To be_
As I am.
Friendship, Love and Goodwill.

As I write this_ It is work
It is the practice_
It takes to give, and receive.
Amidst the righteous words of Life_
I Live.
I Love,
In Life.

From the ragged edge of Time.
Beginnings are not broken.
Figure_ Pictures work_What list made lines can do.
Divine nature draws_tribute\wells of proof.
Concluding the nature _ From the stars.

Whatever has been scribbled _In speech
I have broken this_Live Attended
Random scraps of dimensions thread.
What our Lady_Has deed Portended.

In this _ Time
What chastized laments
Hold Over…
Most importune sense
of meaning_ Swayed

By nature driven_
A cloak,
Veil of cycles
Circle ~ square

What remains_
Imbues_ All
In manner
Conscribed _
From the Guest
Of Giving.

A Living Trust.
My Comission


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