In The Beginning…

Zowie,ouch. Your words are profound.
There is something in the water?
I feel absorbed.
I don’t reveal feelings to men

I just found a
Norton’s Anthology and was reading Shelly and Keats and Byron and Wordsworth,
That was probably a month ago.
That poem,
That is not a poem
Professori says so,
is amazing.
I am there.

A long time ago, reading “Childe Harold’s Pilgimage”
caused me to drop out of college and join the Navy, because, I had already hitchiked and demonstrated around the country and found and lost or given away God and every other thing the year before.
I just couldn’t stand the depth of my love. I was infused with the most incredible light. It was coming out of the tips of my fingers. I thought everyone could see it. I was too embarrassed to ask. I was obviously having difficulty with reality.

The Navy was not my first choice, but after seeing my long hair and beard all the other services refused my entreaty of service,…Down to one left, I went to the John Marshall Hotel in Richmond,…and got the hot towel and lathered long blade shave from a lovely black man, who understood my quest to be invisible or not so apparent. The Navy loved me. I think I had a perfect score. Close anyway. I was gone to Orlando, the next day. My parents got my civies from there. First time they,… knew, they were so proud of my change of view. There is more, but you sir are just amazing me with your view of the world. I’m out for now. This is one great Sunday. Thank you for Cracking the egg,…and bringing it here.Regards, T.R.

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by trust the rust (PM , CC ) on Sunday January 7, 2007 @ 3:54 PM   (del)

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