I’m Liking This….

That was sublime,…I read every word of your posts and am amazed.
For real,…You are a man, who writes with love in your heart. I’m not saying that other men don’t have love in their heart’s. I’m saying what is coming out of my hand, because that is how I must write to you, because you have caused me to write this comment in front of my wife and daughter, because usually in their presence, I am too hung up to even write, but now suddenly after reading every word,…every word, and they were not to be skipped over, because they all fit together,….beautifully.

Anyway, I am this guy out in Washington state, who just started blogging last year, because my son was back from the cruise ship for awhile and I wanted to keep up the good habit, that had begun and it is getting easier for me, even though I still can’t remember where the keys are, but at some point the reptilian aficianado will take over and I will be flying over the keys. You see I still am encumbered by my doubts about abilities,…Because I do shop at Walmart and because it is the town center of our rural location,…It has become a main street of choice for a lot of people. Target across the street is not doing as well, because they are French and even with the environmental factors of starting out in Minnesota, they don’t get that people can only take so much red, They’ll do great in Russia. I wonder if they’ve thought of that . It just came to me.

As you can see,…I am just winging it …but if you do happen to see my blog,… I will continue to read yours,…whatever happens, because I find it quite amazing. Seriously.

I thought the White Lodge was in reference to the spiritual teaching’s,…I can’t remember (who) of the world war II era. I used to go to a little bookstore called Catchpenny, which sold gobs of inexpensive esoteric and spiritual,religious books. Point being, I thought your white lodge was that White Lodge, like in the quest, which I am no longer on, but still appears every once in a awhile,…
Actually, all of it is just there, just as it was with you and your mom. We are always in the presence of God consciousness. Not to be God, but to be gratefully, graciously, aware of.

Breathing,loving,hoping,desiring,being grounded and active in the ways that convert our true dimension into good attention and works, that aid our fellowman. I do go on. This explication of me has been different, because I am not here very often. I am used to hiding my love away.

I’m not saying the experience of anything in two places is the same, but we on earth are always negotiating the next moment thinking we are an independant operator in full control of the outcome. As I get older I take more on faith and acceptance, than by trying to get the best deal.

I hope mostly, that I have not been boorish, but if you want to squabble, maybe here is an in. By the way, you don’t have to visit my sight, unless? Things are going on here. We’re trying to fix our one tv, which is 19″, which is so old it won’t play DVD’s. Daughter is sick and wants to watch ‘the little mermaid’,…she’s that in-between age 14, where she doesn’t know what she wants and today, she is only talking to her mother, because she is sick,…so we have a house full of love, this morning,…really it is quite pleasant without the tv and with the wind and the rain tearing up everything outside. I’m eating the mistake oatmeal cookies my wife was going to throw away and so all in all it is wonderful to be alive, and you have a happy day, sir. Please don’t leave blogstream,…I think you are just in time for the new year,… the resetting of the table,..so to speak. This is a great site with alot of very interesting lives and thoughts and feelings and a lot of heart. It is an honor to read of your adventure in New York,…I used to live in Buffalo and NYC and used to drive down through the Finger Lakes on the way south to Virginia. Gotta go. Just a reminder, you can delete me,…my post. I won’t be offended,…as long as you give me permission to come back aboard to read you again. You are BM,…The Great Guildersleaves. I wish. Great radio.,Regards,T.R.

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by trust the rust (PM , CC ) on Sunday January 7, 2007 @ 3:29 PM   (del)

Nice to come back here_ to where this chapter began. My compliments.
Just now 11, and I am off to bed.TR good sound and clever feelings.
|<   <<   >>   >|

by trust the rust (PM , CC ) on Thursday October 16, 2008 @ 2:07 AM   (del)

The basics haven’t changed too much from this post, TR. But I can see a lot of fine tuning has been done since. |<   <<   >>   >|

by John, the Squabbler (PM , CC ) on Thursday October 16, 2008 @ 7:17 AM

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