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Hey_ You, I expect a sense of space. Around me is just what is there to explore the you of what you are. I don’t know the secret of our connection, but it is undeniable…outside of space and time.
It has definitely been a gift of the ages. I wouldn’t want it any other way, but can I ever make it more than it is already?

John, I have not time, tonight_ Just got on to check e-mail…none new. I read latest post a second time and the last and comments and there is a lot there and I am proud to have been here for the time that has been a great prize and a privilege. Your generous heart has observed of me a vein of view that I would not take in a real way, but as observed it is true that our faith has been in view and we have held up the time of our lives as a version a small greatness that has a purpose and a proposal.

Where else _if not now? Where else?- If not when you know_ there is the time to begin, and then there is the time spent observing self. This is not the job we trained for. It is the life we live for.

Within this space of ‘The White Lodge’ I have been privileged to read some of the most memorable exchanges of my life. I say that because in the unexpected dimension of discovery I was not buying into a
known and figured accommodation. I was not on a planned vacation or seeking a job in a career I had trained for. No thing_ about any of this comes as a surprise, yet the versions are all of the same cloth.

By true verse and measure and by every drop of blood passing through the heart and every breath taken_ resolving in the mention of the cast of briefing oneself on the treasure that is found.

If the tune that is
played in the room where we observe the truth…is held in the heart, as it begins, the source of life speaks through our hands.

I have always wanted in my life to be able to spell out what I see in a motion of leaving, as I go. The light I find in the faith, that I have in everything. Even in light of all, that still goes wrong…we are well to hold the evidence of love as our true heart’s desire.

Would that I could capture what your words do for my heart, even as we are wending our way by the words of our simple truth. Conversations
Is it dangerous to say_ what just comes out? Somewhere in there is my thank you…for risking the dread of not being right. We venture forth_On Faith and certain Truth. God’s Love Reigns Over All.
I must go to bed. I do not sleep enough, sometimes. TR Results are IN

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by trust the rust (PM , CC ) on Thursday April 23, 2009 @ 2:34 AM   (del)

Thanks TR. This book has stopped me dead. It doesn’t disturb me in a bad way, but I’m certainly being disturbed by it.

Meanwhile, my peoples’ houses want opening for the season so I’m turning on water, re-glazing, touch-up painting – that sort of thing. Busy in the summer like heat. I went to a party yesterday at the Buddhist center. Smart people can be very stupid. I like my hillbillies better. But it was very tiresome, overall.

I’m always hearing about books that will “put things in perspective” – whatever that may mean. This one doesn’t do that. It completely eradicates my perspective: everything I deem important is meaningless, and other things that have been waiting around in some rear lobby of The Lodge, it turns out, are really the only things of any importance. I suppose what I wrote here is True: I wasn’t ready for Merton until now. Maybe I’m still not. But I’m finding demonstrated in him what I would want for myself – to want in that way which dreads just as much as anticipates. That’s the effect of shame. It doesn’t purify all by itself. Nothing we do by ourselves amounts to anything more than death, and worse.

Space. I know too much, and also nothing – just like so many others.

You know, when Christians began to accept the notion that religion is an entirely interior and subjective affair they ceased to be Christian. It’s not really complicated.

Well – sleep well, my friend. I’ll be on-line another few weeks.

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by John, the Squabbler (PM , CC ) on Monday April 27, 2009 @ 7:23 PM


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