Forty Minutes Left

Calling my Lady of art and song. 
Where are you? Spiritual, love of this life.
Want so much for you to come out…Just for the day!
Miss you, but know in your time…you are exactly__
As God wants you to be. 

From time to time…I have ventured back to here,
… and remember when it all seemed to be so beautiful.
Free to discover the cover under the trees.
The light and fragrance of certain flowers’ petals
Falling slowly down through the sunlight.

I am here now. 
I am back and this is so strange,
…because I wonder why it took so long.
‘shoutoutgirl’ is the reason for my freedom
…to explore the never before reckoned line of inquiry.
What are we here for, anyway!

I loved the way you were never ‘on pretend’,
and how you found in everyone else the beauty of their delight_
In the ‘not pretend’ of the result of the love,
… that exists on this plain.
And I am here to bring your ‘breakout-back’…No Pretend!

Reason being,,,I am following the direction of my heart,
… and at this moment_
This is my reason for being.

Shoutoutgirl, we await your return.
I am on the side of everyone, of us, 
who remember the joy you were giving away.
Your song was_such a delight. Presenting

The flame of the light ahead_ burned very brightly, then…
In the illumination of what was said…was the unusual acceptance of love__ suffusing all fear.

Another day_’this one’, I am blurting out a certain kind of communique.
I don’t know exactly why I write this way. 
It is out of the ordinary. And certainly against the grain. 
And I know I am brave to even think 
that it could possibly make a difference.

… but I remember, when ‘you’ would just be there_
With the way_ that you say the things you say,
… and I was just right there on the notes of the song,
_ and it was so right and I thought it would never end.

We are almost a year away, and it has been a long waite, 
but I know you want to be back_
And it is Time. Time to live again.

Come back dearest one_You are missed by everyone.
In just those ways_ that can only be imagined.

Presumptive of me to say_ Live Again!
You will always live in our hearts.
I know you are alright!
My prayers tell me you are okay!
What kind of method is that?
I think only positive rays of hope and love your way!

No Pretend! This life is on the rise,
… and we are needed more than ever.
You inspire so much_ in the way that we become.
It is the art of you_and the song you sang_to me_to everyone.
It gave me all of the ‘special’ spark. That told me_
“I am brave enough to be the result of my every act”

Do you know how cool that was?
And now it is all coming down.
Gradually, not bitterly, not falling down…
Always moving on toward the light_
That family of actors and friends, where there is ‘No Pretend’

We are the love of our life’s and the gifts of God above.
We bring this great beauty and regard for life _to the table and I know…
That has been done before, but for each one_ in the line ahead…
We are not going to lose this one.
We are the Art of Love. Just keeping it real! Facts is facts.

I’ve been stuck, and now this, Don’t know how it will go down.
‘No Pretend’_ Can’t run away from myself, anymore.
I have missed your beauty and the words of your heart.
Looking out for you and hoping this is only a dream and that we will talk again.

So then he said..End
Trust out__Loving you always.Friend.
All my best.
Smile!!!!!!!!Sunny days ahead, and rain and clouds, and then snow and ice again.
Hope all is very well in your life. 
You are Unforgettable. Love you always! Hello! Good Bye! again.
Trust the Rust_ small’i’

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by trust the rust (PM , CC ) on Saturday March 29, 2008 @ 7:23 PM   (del)

And then it ended_ not with a snap,… but a whistle
’49 Bye-Byes’_ CSNY
Couldn’t find_The one. 
Not one I liked. YT
To the End Goodnight TR
Miss you_so much
These are not simple men
Perfect match _I say,Yes!
To match the beauty of you.

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