Exit Plan… Beginnings

Magnificent and gracious within the Light of God.
God goes with us to the door and opens it to a whole new world.

We shiver from the cold of night and dream of heated floors and windows we can close.

The out _of not being here is and will be__A forever in a symbol and a treasure called Love.

The out of not being here__Is the end of Life_ No mind.

When I contract within the prayer of being open to mine.

The mine I see is Here. Location, location, location.

The verse and vesper of finding our way is our prayer of Beingness.

I swear, I am short on the platform and the frame of being,
but my locator is zero-ing in on the emotion and devotion to life.

I go with the cards I am dealt, because within this frame of a man,
I am what the Lord wants of me.

Reaching without and within the heart of the matter,
and serving the servants of life_ with my purposeful ways.

I know my job_ to be, straight ahead and right in front of me.

As I pull away the tears and understand the dimension,

I see the equation of life as the practice of love and service to the word of God,

Invented on my tongue as the service of me to the prayer at hand.

From where I began which started at birth, and then it was today, and then the driving to the dance, and then a series of phone calls, ending with this….

“I am talking to my ex-wife about her perfect parts… not my choice. She is talking doctor talk, neurologists and whatever.”

I gotta run and now I want to dream about the old days, because she is such a talker… and we go on and on and on…immune systems and the MS.

Soooo, this locus operendi ends, and I move on, but in honor of your great adjustment and suspension of control…you have willed and forged a great rendering of ‘What is the Plan’

Attending to the attention of the point there-in: Love is All.
Around us_ Before each of us began was God’s Love.
From the point of inception is God’s love and attention.
We see the forest, He sees the trees.
God did not say this one is bad, this one is good.
God does not spoil the soup.
In each breath taken_ We have our intention.
To live fully in the moment as Love.

To the point of our ordeal. We began in Nowhere,
and Our breath keeps us in_
Now Here…Our one great moment of Love. TR

Truly John, I hope this was not too much. I was inspired by your writing, but I can’t remember what I said and I have to send on faith.
This will be alright. Go! Life!

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by trust the rust (PM , CC ) on Thursday May 1, 2008 @ 10:21 PM   (del)

Thanks TR. All of this began with a conversation I had with someone. She suggested that Christians – people like me – think perhaps that sex is “dirty” or wrong, and I then had the opportunity to explain that not only is it ‘not-wrong’ but it is, to the contrary, so very very ‘right’ and good, and important – in fact, the single most important thing we are likely to do – that it is not a thing to be done casually – Genesis tossed away in a discarded condom, and so on. In other words, sex is good beyond imagining; the power it gives us is not to be lightly considered or summarily abused. But the person to whom I was speaking, being very much of the world, had never thought of it that way and had no language in her heart to fully grasp what I was saying. Nevertheless, she found it extremely interesting. She had been taught by the world that religious people simply don’t “like” sex, which of course is ridiculous. Most things the world says are ridiculous. But anyhoo, she is well and truly married, faithful to her husband – whatever I said that may enter into her conscience can only create a better appreciation of how joyful the sex act should really be. But – in any event – that’s where the inspiration for this post came from. |<   <<   >>   >|

by John, the Squabbler (PM , CC ) on Saturday May 3, 2008 @ 6:46 AM

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