Exactly Twenty Time_Plans

There Is Nowhere.

This is nowhere.
Everyone knows
this is nowhere.
Think of two.

When were you__
ever afraid?
I can see you,
so at home__
in the changing light.

Crazy life.
I have no shadows
on my eyes.
Meditation on wholeness
in a place of secrets.
Welcome to the door.

I always think__
I can be serious now.
I am too light.
I have some kind dreams
my heart feels true.

There is no way
I can make real
a path__that
appears and
To last__we are a thought,
a word, a smooth ripple in time.

I believe in the soft touch,
I’ve never been a real person__
only an imaginary version__
of free__
I’ve been afraid.

Solo in this strange
cold drive to love.
Nothing will change,
I only want
to rust in place.
I came to be the real
precious kind of
something real.

You broke the mold
in this earth heart.
I live to find
the music
in this plan.

Never afraid__ to try again.
Hold the wraps__
and be safe in your heart.
No reason to lose your appeal.
It becomes you.
To broadly stand
by your joy.

I am this man
and that is all.
No big deal.
Just keeping it on
the level of love
We can reveal.
You know my heart.
We are real.

I always drive
to go deeper__
It is the nature
of my path.
I say as if__
I believe my latest
pressed key.

One letter at a time
this becomes the ‘piece’
of this place__
in this moment,
that came and went.

‘I dream of sweet caress__
from you’-N.Young
“Bad Fog Of Loneliness”
the song,1971.
enough said,
There are
more than enough__
lovers in this world.

I feel not foresaken,
because for some reason,
I have not missed my life.
The best of love is ahead
and holding the dreams
we all long to embrace.

My small part
I do embrace.
Honesty is a plan
we all must share.
No fear behind our tears.
Embrace the whole heart__
Sweet it is.

Love is love
Love is life.
On this night
All I have is
this lantern__
to lead my brain.
Signaling me__ to exclame
I claim my Truth.

And that is how
I hold this moment.
Close to my heart and
very real.
the moments explain.

Trust the Rust-2007-

Shoutoutgirl in everyone.
peace has blown my heart.

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by trust the rust (PM , CC ) on Wednesday March 21, 2007 @ 3:06 AM   (del)

my love, i do know…
i will always reach out
from where the heart travels
i catch sight in dreams and
small wanderings i allow….

life is precious to give this
gift of touch, soul to soul.
i want to tell you so much more.

i spent a year and a half
engaged to the earth…. laying
every day upon the soil, in all weather

for what? only my soul knew…..
my body needed it like it needed air….

the marriage consumated… just like that.
i was whole again.

i learned alot in those days of courtship
to the mother, mainly to open and be satisfied
knowing a plan is in place…. the gifts are already wrapped..

and so on…

i love you, we are the same…
and it will always be so.

i carry you with me as a constant.

more later as i am at work, today
actually i won’t be able to write
until sunday.

what so you mean….cut and paste?
can i paste all my old blog into this new one?
could you help by telling me how?

i’ll try to check back later.

sweet honey and lavender for you today my love….

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by shoutoutgirl (PM , CC ) on Saturday March 24, 2007

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