Centering Communion23

It’s so easy,
I breathe …
I breathe___
the Breath. 

Life comes 
small packages.
Through lines 
of transmission.
We feel. Not guarded, 
This is real. I am back.
How’s your day?

Keeping it light.
I trust the weather
inside this Cloud
Of Unknowing.
See the stars shine,
Under the rainy skies
of this night.
I breathe,___
and You?

Remember the truth
is structurally
It is the truth 
of making lives
What is upon 
their Heart?

Remember to breathe,…
Can’t believe 
I ever doubted Truth.
What is on my heart 
is Truth.
It is Real.

Dimensions of Space and Time.
Distances of Relief.
And still there is time
Settled persuasion.
Ultimate consequences.
Trusting senses.

Dancing in and out of lines. 
Connecting lives.
There is an 
organic semblance 
of balance and control.
Ultimately, the vision 
of ice and snow
becomes the Spring
New birth of ground forms and
longer days of sun.
The birds and animals return.
And people are more energized 
by the assemblance of life 
and the truth
of Love.

It is here,… just there…
in the haze of memory.
Every year____
the beauty of spring
and the Breath of God.
Early risers come
to break the dawn
The ice is cracking
on the pond.

And we Together,
are reknewing our vow,
To believe in our Life…
We are living 
with all the zeal
and Love we have
to be the truth
of Man.

So settle in 
Continue to be
your perfect concept
You are perfect
in you… And 
out, you.

Architecturally speaking, 
the communication of truth
is perfect in every way.

Continue breathing,
the meditation of time.
There is a time 
and place for everything
and everything has it’s space.
And this was done by God, 
So know this…
There is this truth.
Respect your space. It is the place,
where love grows. 


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by trust the rust (PM , CC ) on Sunday February 18, 2007 @ 4:53 AM   (del)

for once i am speechless
“amen” to your writing, thank you
it’s an absolute 

so glad you are back 

i am calmer now.
i felt i needed to go away …
do the sweat lodge thing 
and just be gone for awhile

it didn’t take as long as
i thought it would 
to feel better, more grounded.

funny how the universe speaks
through crazy wonderful gifts….
like a rock found…

love swirls around me
and settles in my nose….lol

what is that smell ?

looking out the window
i see i’m in an ice sickle cage…

did you say you had rain last night?

just random thoughts….
love you, shoutoutgirl

  |<   <<   >>   >|


by shoutoutgirl (PM , CC ) on Sunday February 18, 2007 @ 9:01 AM


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