After Thought… Questioning??

So if I dig in__
Can I be there?
I was looking for a way
to process the grains of time.
It came to me__
I was not prepared.

You have an exclusive
franchise on my heart.
I melt at your door__
Flowing forward
Knowing only mystery.

When I read this poem, today
I saw a moment, a place and a time.
I was there__ not scared.
I was armored in the light.
Your garden spoke to me.

I knew your breath .
I saw you breathe.
I held you in my heart.
This play, essentially,
grows on a thin leaf__
There is no fear.

The leaves of thought__
Fall up to the branches,
through the veins of life.
Life’s blood is pure and sweet.
It grows suddenly and slow.

Watching__ being the garden__
Life within, life without.
All around us now__
the greater we expand.
The more we come to know.

I came away and went
And knew it was not lost__
For I hold thoughts of your
Your poetic version of you.

I am in ways
mysterious to me,
Somehow made of you.
If thoughts of you,
In my trust__ could grow
more able to see this
place you see.

I find you are, as well__
Loving this art, you breathe.
It is casting a beautiful
calm upon this form.
I am feeling free
to choose.
I am free.

I love the way it came.
I know not__ such art.
I believe you know your life
I see your soul and heart.
Proof of Life.

I am distracted by the life
around this room, So__
Now I must now roam,
But know there is appreciation.
My heart doth sing for you,
Beauteous, and lovely__
Maiden of the Spring.

God’s royal light may bequeath
the highest order of dreams,
Upon your words.
What you speak and say
is Real.

Your life is growing
in the bower and the field.
The natural order of life revealed.
There is peace in the glen, and

Trust the Rust -2007-

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