30_Down To The Wire

Quietly,Cautiously,life stirs and the tune becomes real.
A floating point of touch
A place of deep faith forms and fills the space
within the heart of being.
Over the air flows the willowed breath of birds
seeking the wind and
currents of faire sailing.

Free formed, wholly selected tastes of succor flow_
from the tree of life.
The center of the forest is damp in the early morning light.
The glade at the edge of dawn is overflowing with the creation
of the natural universe.
Buds and dragonflies and birds in the trees and on the lower limbs dewy flowers primp for the raising of first light.

The smaller animals of the early day_ rise.
They are finding their way to the edge of their earthly home.
They all are taking their places at the rising of the sun.
The sight of the new day gives their birthright it’s form.

Their beingness is formed in the absolute recognition of purpose and plan.
They were born for this life.
The words of a man does not change any of their desire to live the day as it unfolds.
It is all for the taking.

That on this night, I was in my heart moved to scribe the mind__
that sees all is a precious gift to my soul.
That which Is__and has ever been and will for ever be_ is just another peaceful meditation__
On the light of love and the glorious being_ who is holding our destiny_
In the arms of God.

We, the undivided whole are holding Love in our hearts_ and we are being the truth of our parts.
God’s plan to heal the Earth is heading home_In_ Love.
The Magnificent dream of our souls is being found every day in the increasing velocity and rhythms of this flowing Love.

Your magnificent gifts are a dreaming basket holding possibilities of purpose.
Everyday brings more order and form to the beauty of mankind’s participation in the perfect understanding that nature has already formed and ordered within it’s kingdoms.
All things wonderful speak and add to the true wonder of God’s dominion.
The practice, the meditation, the work and play of life.
The prayer of Love.
The healing of Mankind
The reward of being alive
To see God’s Kingdom Come.


I dedicate these words to the art and hope of your life_
shoutoutgirl_You are a divine soul_I love your way.
This life of words becomes you. You are the music_I hear.TR

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by trust the rust (PM , CC ) on Friday April 27, 2007 @ 3:16 AM   (del)

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