No.16 Over/Under

By thinking_ High Ways and By_Ways.
Performance of the grandest scale,
And present
A world artist of a character_
Who illuminates the true North of Visioning
Higher Healing.
The Coming Together of Need and Wisdom.
So maybe I can flow for a few.
I’m digging the way_ This rolls.
Lots of Love
Say Hey! Playing _Just for you.
I thought we all could enjoy the energy.

When I first heard this.
I did not feel_ Michael Franti.
It almost sounded like the Prince Of Bel Air
so there you go…
What do I know?

Remote Control_ I heard today. I said, I know.
That song is so positive.
Out of what_ Could be anger_ Comes structured Love.
A vision of harmony and connection.
Rhythm_No Pale disorder.

Music the world can build on.
What with all that is happening
We have to regain the initiative.
I am but a cog in the wheel.

What is the silence, but, unspoken truth.
The record speaks_ To a certain candor
and proclaims a vision of
The responsibility
To Love.

The singer Michael Franti_ Has a vision of his path
And he has found a way to proclaim it_Through his music.
It is a clear and emboldened love of mankind
On a very large scale, but down to a single
Love_ Between a boy and a girl.
He knows_ I love You.

And in that we find the
Greater Good.
The Knowledge
of Understanding.

Knowing in all things
There is a Plan.

Always TR. I wrote this…
Enjoy the songs
I am still searching for Me.

I love the daring nature
of producing thoughts on a page
and finally leaving it all
out there.

Whoa!Feels good.  

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Tuesday September 22, 2009
 Love to The Love_ That Was Doing_ What Love Was Meant To Do

This beautiful song is sung by a beautiful Hawaiin man _
By the name of____
Israel Kamakawiwo’Ole. It is called ‘In This Life’,and was found on YouTube. Israel has since passed away, but his spirit will certainly live forever_In the hearts of everyone, who has heard his spirit sing.

I must say his words_ sung true.

Automatically yours, You don’t have to say a word.
The life of the Light within_ Will burn bright.
I have everything I need to Survive.
What you have given me_ I have received.
Don’t question_ Who you are. You have to know.

May nothing ever stand between us.
We can’t always say_ How! It will turn out .
What_ I wanted to be_ Probably could never be found.
I know the Way_ It is_ Doesn’t seem True.
What would happen? If you didn’t know.
It was You.

I have a Life_ I live everyday
and I should say_ That is good,
Because, that is the life_ I know.
What we have had_ Has been a most magical time,
That only really Happened_

In the very most perfect_ Way.
It was imagined as the most
Endless kind of burning through.
Decided on the wing and a prayer.
What came through was the Lasting Heart.

What knowing Of_That sense can Enthrall_
To know the greatest Love_ Given
Through words and visions
Singing the true song of Life.
I wished that for You.

Decided then, That my true heart_ belonged to you.
But what can I do, but return to ground.
Grow again a simple plan_
That is Forever. True.

So many things_ You have given me
The recognition to know_ What is on my heart.
What am I?_ To do with_ the Love_ I have found.
The reaching out to True Dimension.
Call this state_ A Great Spirit_ Holding.

I am Only_ a participle of time and space.
A feeling of new wonder_ Of knowing deeply
What is within_ Is without_
And all that Exists_ Holds time and space
in one Breath
Breathed from the heart of the Universe.

There is no waxing or waning_ from this.
The Knowledge given Sustains_ Forever
Holding There_
What we All_ Have looked for.
True Acceptance and the Knowing
Of true life
From_ the Love

The Peace and Serenity
Of Being True.




There is no junk in this Universe.
Bette Midler_ singing the same song. First sung by Colin Raye.

‘In This Life’

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Saturday September 19, 2009
 YouTube_YouTube _YouTube Saturday,Then Sunday…Monday

‘Henri Matisse’

Phil Collins _’I Wish It Would Rain Down’ [Rare] live

And ‘Samuel Barber-Adagio For Strings,op.11. Uncut’
BBC Albert Hall,London,UK.,Sept.15,2001

Done Both Ways

All In The Spirit Of The Moment

Thank You And May God Bless

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Friday September 11, 2009
 Fleet Foxes ~ New Discoveries~ Within Hope~Reside

Isn’t this_ What we are all~ living for?
Such a beautiful light shining.
I derive great solace from knowing
That God allows us to discover
The endless versions of Love.

Lately, I’ve been ranging across the music of YouTube.
I want to leave no doubt _That I choose to introduce
In my very small way_The Band_Fleet Foxes.
They come out of this area, but as you can see
They are many things_ From the many places. Truth!

Know this, also_ My inspiration is_ In You.
What can I do_ To say more about the Way.
This all comes to me, as I receive_
The late request for envelopes with mail.
I can only write so long, but writing is dream.

I can no longer conceal. It is everything_
about me and everything~ I am_ Forever_Now On!
So, the dream exceeds and demands from me
That I bring forth everything_ I am.
Into this we will fill the fruits of_ our Labor.

Beautiful Love_ Of great consequence_
To virtually conceive the instants of formation.
There is no better feeling .
It is still not fault by default fulfilling.
Not everything is right _ Until~

There is the Balance of Life.
Feel the frail and quivering light.
Where_The shimmering door is
There is such a wondrous luminescent
_ light in their verses.

I feel I am right there_ I just put
_It back on play, as I write.
I am glad I did this.
Now it is breaking down into
the very nature of naturalness.

Free by the nature of breath_
Standing in the clouds
With the exceeding gladness of living_
In thy Light Of Love~ We accede.

Time flows straight through____ To the heart of smiling.
Gladly given to adventure on this run_Toward true life.
Breaking there. I broke a light in the living room.
_Turning it on~ metaphorically.
It broke right in my fingers.

No bleeding___ I caught the light.
After some clean up, daughter’s friend’s arrived_ late.
And life goes on~ As ever. This world of ours.
A friendship of Everything_ Brought to the Light.

All the good that is in Our hearts
Is on the Line tonight. I need to know.
I can free up my submerged reminders of what cannot be.
The nagging doubts about everything.
I want to let expectations take their freedom.
Finding the true level of this new life.

Listen to this-This glorious this.
So many other choices and I chose this.
There is a reason and it is
This is wonderful and I am
Accepting~ Of this moment in Time.

I feel totally collected and revealed.
What Happens before I sleep
When I put this all to bed
And get to live another night.

What holds this Truth?
What holds the truth of everything?
What in each of us recognizes
The divinity of Love.


In all ways
By Grace

And always,


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