No.15 Irradiate


Message: Okay! Now Go* To Page_ Construction Zone & Truth Art

Radiohead Pyramid Song Live(perfect audio)_Title Escaped from YouTube Thank You (fabiocchi) channel

I have not a clue.

Bunches, Details, Disturbance.
Realization…All hell breaks out.
Rough time of no dimension.
Furthering expressions_ art. Time suspended.

Just trying to get on the page.
No hate…only flame. Surging.
Beast, Who is there?
Can’t hail a cab on my death bed.

No surprise. I am art__ for now, a little stand.
At the edge of the forest …the relief of my heart is beating.
Hard at the middle of the night __above.
Call me over….I come along for the ride.

Where is the last straw_ from my heart.
The veins of life run along the edge.
No violence…using words of heavy order. Describing!
Rage over me___Not getting my way.
Courage! You maniac. You are being too kind.

The nature of this love is the subscription_
to the very Much Evolved Human Race.
Waiting for your report. I find myself staggering.
At the edge of the cliff_ over the narrow sound.
Fly with me…I am found in a new order of things.

Glass eyes and antlers frame the bold new visage.
Manufactured substance of writing on the lamb.
Wings of watery blue light. Vespers, prayers.
Voyaging the senses, Waiting me _away.

but that i Could.
It felt like this, because _all that was here_
was something other than.
What I am.

I am a text report_waiting to happen.
How does one get to the full use of their holy brain?
My spirit _for the life of creation….
Weighs on the waiting words_just off the screen.

So we seal the disturbance of ink and light.
Paper~mache molding the dimensional fusion.
Text phone tonight…Hard scrubbing atmosphere.
Wanted to blow the doors off_of fear.

Idiocy is not my forte. I am the principled architect of you.
Storing outside myself
My protection and production_ score the life
of what this all about.
It is all over the page, and it is happening now.
Incidentally, I am the ultimate arbiter of my mistakes.

Mistaken request for my truth………………..Questions?
Can blame me_ Sometimes it’s just hard to be young again.
Look how this ends…It is with a subtle nod to the dark.
It ends on a dead tone…never to be seen again.
Because I said so, I only want to ascribe to the old age remedy.

God’s love and light art the truth.
Massage of the negative fear_ can only blame …
Mistaken Identity.
There is always this question…How do I get above?
The longing for what was lost in my life.

How can I_ now_ make it right?
This is the only thing that makes sense.
Scrubbing out the night.
Scaring myself into reality.
Writing the prescription, as I see it.

Exercising my right to explore the holy attitude of transcending.
What is there, when you have lost the aptitude_
To just go along for the ride. When you bring the house lights up.
The demeanor of knowing the rules_ as they are written.

God’s love is in the word, and the word was God,
And the art of living is
In the description of appreciation and grace
Of Living__I have said before these same things_
In a different way.
And each time I get closer to the River of Life_
Flowing through my center.

There is so much more, where this is coming from.
I do what I can to bring my living seed forward.
Not to get attention, but to finally arrive at a place of being.
Meditation on a life lived…Passed due.

But not forgotten…I know I can,
and will eventually_ get to the obvious reason for trying.
Out of place and out of time, I hang up, but don’t get
to surrender to the outlaws of space and time.

I am here for the duration of Time.
It will take all that I have_ to eventually overcome
all of the distance that lies between me and thee.
If we were in proximity…I don’t know what I would say.

But I would hope that the honor of meeting would…
Settle any doubt about what we are about.
In an extraordinary way…I am such a simple being and
My ways are so distinguished, as to be nonchalant,

But as you can guess, I am simply amazing,
And that is all. Again!
For on this night_
I was said.
To be listening.


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Friday October 2, 2009

 Thoughts I’ve Pondered In The Past_Borrowed From Comments To A Friend

Video/music/concept by ieoie
Located at that Channel(ieoie)
On YouTube_Title Is_

Counting upto 7 in 4D Space-Time (Sacred Geometry by ieoie)
Music by Articus

One fluid body of Humanity_ See_ I:You:Me:We
Everyone_Two divided by three
In Two, where one side is accorded to doubt,fate,and fear
The other full_ Onto love and faith, open and willing
Who_ is Divided by Three_
To Witness_ In Accord.
That no one_ Is without Hope.

To find the Balance in Life
To find in the worth of the Whole Body.
The Three Domains,the other side of Faith
That Unify_ in Truth
Mind,Body,and Spirit

To Not-Be Submerged_in Fear.
The Faith, that I might find In _ Me
The way to move forward_ Each day
Unified by Practice_ In
The practical acts of Belief.

I Will Freely_ Spend ‘My Life’ Realizing_
That every thing is_ For Purpose
Greater than I can pretend
To know_
That what is_ In your heart_ Is
The mirror_
Of what_ I can_ Come to know.

And that,
In the prism of life’s gravity
I will go along_ knowing
I came along, not to_
Throw it_ All away.

So, In the conglomeration of All_
That we Present, I will probably never know_
Why, I, well, represent_ This new artifact
Of what my Mind-Body-Spirit_ Reveals
I can’t take that away.
I feel, I feel, I feel.

I am looking for the Universal ‘ground of discovery’
So, In the examination of what_ I found this night,
And with all the distractions of life, I think
I should ‘thank you’_ for being You.

You represent the presence of the misunderstood_
Through_ you, I have crawled away
From the fear of acknowledging_ ‘the life of Christ’
Not in what it can do_ for others, but how it can find
It’s way back to me.

Selfish_ It must seem_ That, I would assume,
That everything is about my mind. Of me.
It’s just the only way I can know more about
What is going on with_this Life.

The narcissists have arrived?

The exact opposite is true.
I would name my group ‘the Lovers’

Before I cast the die_ for ‘The Killers’
What were they thinking?

As with all vehicles_ I could easily
_ throw this one_ away
But it represents another stage of development
For all manner of reasons_ I would think_
_ Be considerate.

I usually say, It is_ All for the best,
And, For_ What would seem_ By all practical matters
Another orbit around a very closed atmosphere.
I reassemble something else, tonight.

I am attuned to_ What_ I have read from your thoughts,
And all the history of time, And it is in_
This_ My belief_
That I find_ that I am looking_
For the God of the Matter,
_ and it is in me… to Say _
That the Discovery of our True Being_
Is in the Upwelling of Love_

And the Letting Go of Fear.

Fore soothe it _To say
One True Mind
Evaporates the Crime
That God remains Whole_
In Jesus Christ
Waiting for us_

To Bind our Fear,and
Whilst I remain_ On this part
I stay the unopened heart
Looking back.


Now here

Reveal to me
This Love
That can be
Won from Fear.

Too late, too light, good night
What IS Going_
On In Here.
Is still going on
No Fear_
Only Love


I think I should explain. I have borrowed this piece.
My writing from a comment I made at another blog_called
‘The White Lodge’, which is hosted by, John the Squabbler
… (a friend, who is not blogging here_presently).

I think he would be okay_with that. I would hope, that he would be.

Drop by, and say Hi!…He has a really great blog,
And, it is all there for the reading, while he is away.
He is getting his new ‘down in the tooth’ monstrosity_H-O-U-S-E
“home”_Ready for winter. He just made the acquisition
In August, so he will be away for awhile, so I thought I might_
Just borrow a little of the flavor_ From my perspective.

This is a piece I wrote there_ On Tuesday January 20,2009 @ 3:36 a.m..
So,that’s how one thing _Leads to Another_He commented back.
He always has…Just as we all lend support to each other. I am honoring that. Blogstream is a great place for _all of the Real Love That Is Here…and May God Bless Everyone_ For Their True hearts
And Participation….And, I Already Know_ You Knew That.
Whatever _ We Are _We Are All Amazing
and Wonderful _ In Each_ Our Individual Way.

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