No.15* I Think

Very beautiful work_ By this YouTube channel Member (Gattinhaproibida)
Details on the channel~ As to recording and images._Enjoy!!

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Sunday September 27, 2009
 Kick Out The Jams_MC5_Fell Out Of The Sky_CrazY Good ‘MAc’

John Lennon ‘Yer Blues’_Band_ The Dirty Mac – Obviously~ supergroup
One night stand_ J.Lennon, Eric Clapton,
Mitch Mitchell,Keith Richard On Youtube By (ludeens)

Next, I have a certain playlist in mind.
Rolling in at No.2 _Is
The Beatles-The White Album_Revolution 9
starring the beatles and various actors, presenters
and effects Leading to certain unavoidable consequences.
Again located at YouTube(alexdfrancisco0116)

Heard this on the radio_ Just today…the video is interesting, but
I am not of the video game age, It is themed to living in Space(futuristic), where there is still war and love.
I really hope-We end up_ Doing better than that. You think!

So, no. 3 is titled ‘Delerium ft.Sarah Mclachlan- Silence’
Found on YouTube(sanlegas)

Grafitti Bologna 4…. singer_ Elisa,’Dancing’
Was this my first choice, no, but it chose me.
Video no. 4 _from YouTube(supercarolss)

There is no end_Yes! _There Is
No.5 is also from You Tube, Of course.
It is one of my favorite songs.
‘Natalie Merchant- Carnival-lyrics-Beautifully Live!1999-Tiger Lilly’
Presented by (Downbythewater73)

Well, then _ What do We have here? We’ve been
Working backward through this moment in time.
What played last is playing now.
I may jump around, but that just swings, so well.
This takes a bit of time as you probably know.
I am seeking a certain dimension of seeking
The foundation of being found.

I want to dream in the light of discovery
and just go with the elements and the rhythms
As I always have_ It is the loving wonder of being
on a style of dreaming that does well for me.

I can not speak for everyone, when
You haven’t seen what I Have seen,
but, I welcome you_ To share true dimensions
Of this Earth~ Dream of the dreamers ~ Why?

Dream of the better day~ that is coming.
for what it is worth there is a groove
That goes way back in history, and When,
it is conclusively found again, We will

Get back to ground and make this rock~roll
Where & How_ The tutelage of all~time will break
The weakness of not finding what we seek.

I want to shift gears and go completely soft
as I vision with you the drawings of this earth
And how it comes to be that the song you sing
Is like the silver that is mined. And gold.

Gifts_ We find are~For always and the love of days
And people we know are truly the wonder of this earth
and we are all here together finding what we need
Why else are we here and when will it all come forward.
Brought forth by the best way~To live on this planet.

As you can probably tell I am not exactly n’sync
to what I’m trying to do, but that is why I do it
and one day it will all make sense, because I finally
Am living in the revival of the best of our dreams.

Giving it up for everything~ We will find this life.
Awesome world that we want to find right here on earth.
No reason to leave before it’s time. Make it all worthwhile
All the best for you_In this search for El Dorado.

Rest in you_ What this has been~ Was_ All lost??
Until I was found….Back in the time of new beginnings
Before the future came round _To be
There were many who thought there was only one way to thee.

In the finding of this life~ There is a determination
To open avenues of expression that will in all respects
gather in all of the loose threads of the patterns
that can be found,where there were those who thought
That this is not for me; They will be able to See.

That they are right there at the brink of Love
What love has to be_______To give you the Hope You need
That is the expression as we have never_ Known before.

There is no crazy need in this.
Through the gift of time and deference
I have found my reference to the path and my craft
Has fallen to earth just in time.

What we have here is a multi dimensional title
that will carry all of the particular evidences
that are needed. Not every body can work like this.
I need and use certain kinds of aspects
that are quite peculiar to me, but I am

Finally succeeding~ And as we will see in time
The dimensional uplift of securing the edges
Of this world will bring everything on board.

I am a dimension shifter who knows well_ what to do
I need to be cautious…more than likely… Rightly so.
Maybe not_I’m just a little too confident in my unknown plan.
Take it from me I am creating a fiction of time and space.

There truly is nothing going on here
We are not the ones _You are looking for.
Still making adjustments_ To the new bravery
Of being real in the whole sense.
My recent recovery of self is the real recovery

Of what was left after all was given away.
Why?, because it had reached expiration,
and I had so_declined to renew_
That would so not do_ For the new time of being.

Stop! mission… stop! Proceed to base for late arrival.
Vicinity understood_ No retractions!
Everything is contact ordered.
Loving this new dimension.
Hope! I can keep it until.. tomorrow.
I really do have to weigh the newness
of this new vehicle.

We are going to light up the sky.
Has anyone seen, George? What if it works?
Don’t know if~ it?…, Well!… We’ll see.
Hope it works_ Thank You, Mr.Beatle.
You are a Godsend and May God Bless
John, Paul, George, and Ringo,

That was another time.
Thank You Earth~Time for the blast-to-off_ soon.
Am I streaming consciousness or have I just grabbed
A cab to Victoria Station.
Block that kick, Block that kick

And in the end_ I am not lonely.
I have all my friends, but John.
He is all the goods~ When the goodies are gone.
You just break them and if the initial try goes well
You don’t have to try again.

Does that make any sense?
Does going to give another try_
ever make sense?.
Try as I might_ I still find the Universe a lonely place.
John was certainly squared up and out of sight,
And there is just no getting out of here.

When you get done_Like The Dirty Mac
Driving down the devil certainly could take time.
Where would we be without these minds in spirit
They just soar and go after everything
And it is all in the rhythms of their heads

They are squared up and squared away and they just Troll.
Listen to Eric Clapton go, and Mitch Mitchell,drums
And then to hear~Is that Keith Richard on bass?

And well!John Lennon….Man O’Man ~ He is true groovin’.

Out of the now_ Squared up ‘White Room’
I think I quit for tonight.
You may ask yourself!
What on Earth was that?

Cleaned Up
That was ‘The Dirty Mac’
Go Now! and post

‘The Dirty Mac’
Is Due

TR (9/2009)

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Friday September 25, 2009
 Damien Rice’s ‘Elephant’ _ Experience _Holding On_Brilliantly

Damien Rice….’Elephant’_YouTube(Sky1976)

‘Elephant’_YouTube(flauntmg)..damien rice

Damien Rice-Elephant (SesionesAF 2009) YouTube(ilcorvo2)

Damien Rice-Elephant YouTube (eezlewax2)

So on and so forth. I am not confused.
I am not using just anything to make a point.
Experimenting I am not_ What Fear_ Inside
Pictures this late modern renewal of the mind.

Frozen by years of substitution. Finds
It is just frozen_ Incapacitated_Locked out.
Decisions to decide_What goes on_ Here?
Don’t be crazy_ I would say_ Is the beginning.
I am not lost inside. I am just getting used_ By me.

Who doesn’t get around much, anymore, except to Say.
I want_ Be free_ To say_What is really.. Lying there.
When the soul is singing what this life means.
The heart must have it’s say_Try to get to Truth.

Imagine this search for what_ I have to say.
It applies to everything_ I do.
When I change one thing _It changes everything.
I am only human and I want to be the best of me.
Who is being _ And I want for everyone to have
What everybody needs.

What will happen_ If we never work it out.
I don’t want any regrets_ About what it was all about.
In every way I can and every way I am able_
I am searching the depths of me. For what it is_

To be that_ All_ The what _Of this_ All_Could Be.
I want nothing less for You.
Looking out for everything_I want you to know
That I have obviously gotten into a fix_ about
What is not_ As easy to see, All this Love. About

When we are not_ Beside the other one_We need.
What changes inside _To make it all come free.
Who decides where?_ This is _Where I’m going to be?
Who knows those answers _ Right Away!

I need to see more Light. I want to know
There are places you’ll remember
And one of these_ Is those.
I don’t know what I have borrowed_
From the singer’s sings_ My inspiration.

To try and come free_ To find the necessary change.
I still hold these tiny crutches as I wear this name.
What? It is!_ Beside myself_ That I claim some new dimension.
What in this public way reclaims new sight. To See

Rest easy and try to forgive my sanity.
I am no more than I am. I can in assurance_Find
Time _Reason with myself to find the best path
To this complex identity. What is_
What will happen_ When everything makes sense.

What? With this elephant_ What can make this change?
I am not brilliant _Tonight, But I want to be
I want to say It was the best time.
I made my statement about true change.
The opening up of Atmospheres.

And I want to thank the mighty Damien Rice
For allowing me to hear_ His song
So I could try to change.
What I can’t seem to rearrange.

I just want to speak to the tenderness
and strength of this singer.
He sings his songs with so much heart.
There is probably now way to know.
He is obviously_ About real change.

He just gets out there and throws it down.
What you are experiencing is_ No doubt.
The question is ?
Was he right to sing?
For every one to hear.

I believe he was.
In the name of sacrifice.
That is why we are Here
May God Bless
And Good night. TR2009

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