No.12 Blood,Sweat, and Tears

 Make__ Trying Always_ To Get It Right

I’m not sure what I’m portraying, but, in the meantime… There are some great artists out here …speaking to our heart-spirit-brain
about our Universal consciousness, our love, and how we need to exercise it _even when we’re unsteady and unsure_ Of how to measure the right amount.

So, To celebrate… and to be one with the very deepest kind of
normal communications with the world, as I know it,. and not to be
at all, distant or high thinking_ I want to share some new songs I have heard…recently.

I am always about listening to music…of all kinds, and reading here.
Not my blog, but around and all over…everywhere,actually, and I find many wonderful things are being done/ Beautiful things.

While at the same time.. I might…know that_ sometimes…I may
have lost my bearings a bit, and can’t find my place,
especially, when trying to cover myself in disguise, but you see
_That is_ Why_ The mystery.
The not ready for prime time player…for me _ Is me.
The unavoidable accidents of not being who you really are.

It is not about hiding, who we really are…and why do we do_ that? Anyway…Thank goodness for the real artists, who live in the extraordinary world of creation and celebration…even if it is
their last broken relationship or their muse has left them or their label has dumped them_ They make real sense and something to share_
Out of the failures and foibles of a life _ Well lived.
The greatest success comes from the deepest trials.

Musically and artfully, failure or success::: true artists live the ups and downs of life with verve, intensity and passion.
And by their grace and creation we are swaddled in a sound track that creates beautiful and fulfilling rivers of emotion _In our own lives.

I’m trying to get back_To
Where I can say_ I am grateful and thankful _
For all that you have done
Live for today.
It is all we have.

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Saturday November 7, 2009
 I Take This_ As Everything_ Can’t Get Over_ What Really Matters

By this little light_ In the corner.

Who? What? When? Why? Where?_ Has this plan
Of forgiveness that reigns complete.
Social institutions question the effect
Of _ man in the moon made_ Marigolds.
Subject not complete_ Enough_ to forge_Complete.

Rendering the dear effort of many tastes.
The leader of this destined artifact
Cashed out and went on_ To a new place.

He and she_ Are_ One in the same .
The over arching shape_Total driven_ Destiny
In all_ This fame_ has a name.
Love is everything. Love is all_ We need

Call it by any other name.
It is All_ Of the same frame.
Won to the house of_ A dream.
The reference elements_ Of the constant trial
Whose errors effort_ From getting_ To omega and back.

By alpha_ These trials_ Our change_ Sequenced_Read_ in Reverse.
What language has_ reverts. We visit ourselves.
Again and again, always_ In the same motion.
As experience_The game is our true identity…Worth and Hope.

Lectured_ Of note.
I am not your keeper
I am the end result_ Of certain belief.
I found my name and accepted my self_ again.
Because_ That is a long way_ from Here

Many years ago, when I accepted_ this journey
I knew I would get through_
to be totally and outwardly_
Even audaciously, If not evenly,
In full escape and receptence _ Modality.

Driven blind _ If not consequentially\
To You _ I am a certain… kind of season/
That has both no rhyme nor reason….
But everything _ Gets back from here.

Beyond the beyond of being
The really good kind of Good…

Kind of being_ One_ Being me.

You the reader… must know_
I don’t believe
I have any more consequence_
Than this new ability_To Be

Who accepts_ the Transcendent states_
Of what Love_ really means.

Forever and ever after
Has Real Consequence.

Waste not _ One Breath.


One Belief

The kindness
of strangers.

The consequence of care.

The holding vision
of Company.

love supreme….
basic path….

Measured out

Endless and Forgiving




Off to bed now, but this writing and music were enjoyed
from a new perspective. What can I give back?
My life is located in Certain Joy _ Even when all of my ducks are not in order.There is not a tune in the Universe that doesn’t contain Our destiny. We are love. And we are finding our feet.
The desire to repair all hearts is complete.
Mankind has_ In its great fortune
All that is required.
To take_To the matters
At hand.
A great graceful sweep of fulfilling means.
By the true grace of knowing _ Love. Works. Miracles.

By the way this music is by the inimitable, incomparable_ U2.
Presented internationally,globally,and to all the ships at sea,
and to the distant planets and stars_ This Fall(2009)

A true compass of truth modality. Coming to you_From
the world-wide broadcast_Of their show_ Of just_ a week ago_
from the Rose Bowl_ In Los Angeles,CA.

The full concert is available_ On YouTube
U2-Live From The Rose Bowl.
Bye Now  Rust

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