No One Quits~ My Surprise _ Live Living Hides

This is a massive heart~attack _To my sense of time.
I realized that_ When I thought of the way we live.
What _ Little time _ There is _ Needs our full attention.

The sublime test of this modus of terms.
Is all an illusion ___ To the subjugation.
Into the pressing business of being_ Misunderstood.
No action I take _ Claims advantage over the Production
Of Love_ Needed to fill the void of dreams

By our own hand_ In our Holy Hearts…We survive.
The pain of our lives is focused on the frailties of Existence
We are being driven over the cliff toward Redemption.
Loves suicide is a very public act. What matters that?

My thoughts are of this moment__ Which is common to us all.
When we have a future we believe in completely.
We go toward our present Peace…and our only Hope
With certitude _Is that the One~Belief is Everything.

Anyone who knows me _ Knows by now. That every once in Awhile.
I surrender to the light of no burden. I begin again.
What supercedes? Reply _ If based in the bare firmament of living.
At once to recall the vivid evocative words that fall in our midst.

Some taking _Some giving always wise to the frame.
I desire a way _ a connection to the relay circuitry.
I have been so blind and ordinary in my self indulgent crime.
I missed the boat and gave away the crown _One Life lived amidst
The past came and went_To the In-Between world _ Outside the Light.

Resolve here to say…I don’t really know why this is happening,
But, In the midst of ordinary life, with conversation
_ Just to the side.
I gave into being astride the elliptical tide
And entered the stream of life.
_ Just there in the night.

On the magic box I was willing myself home
To another encounter with similacritude.

So, As disturbing as hell, and Well!…
Just not_ A new Dimension.
My cause is my lost purpose;
It is my will to find the formula.
Using the certain evidence of promotion to fill the file.
My noted attempts keep me believing something must come of this.

One day Is Tonight… Obviously!
Instantly… I was struck by the clarity of this ‘Hurricane’.

Neil Young ‘ala mode’…et al…”I was blown away”
And when it unconventionally… Added in the movie-ola footage of yesteryear.
I went into a fugue of delight based on “Nothing At All”.

Except, that I was intrigued enough to disappear into myself
And convene a new kind of submission. What is in the way?
Nothing except a thousand screaming grains of sand falling
Through the fill-up of my Bare~Existence.

Only Time and Preparation…Remain.
Thanks to the inevitable calling
Through ‘The Remains of the Day’.
I am done for tonight.

All that remains _ Is to say…..Thank You!!!
I am beholden to the musical visionary Neil Young and his
entourage from the American Tour(1982)
For ‘Like A Hurricane’
And the clever art direction _For the video_
Which was created by the (A View To A Kill) Channel~ YouTube
The movie footage is from a movie trailer of a film
w/ Rita Hayworth
As Gilda_’the Incomparable One’ and Glenn Ford, as Everyman.

So,now,I have to go to bed. Come what may.

In the nebulous adventure of having lived
Through _This evening
I took some flack for taking this time
To create an unknown product.Which
No one here(Home) ‘in my view’_shares

Please,please__ Allow me the dignity of finding my relevance.
I am trying through my efforts _To conceive the End
Of Being Lost_ With the Hope
That one day _ Circumstance and Consideration
Will reveal the Artistry
Of My Having Lived
This Certain Life

This is all about original creation _ to Me.
Whoever reads this _ I hope you will consider.
My molded immobile~mobile_ Sense of Frame
Not just another workout…or Another day’s useless energy spent.
I really am gone.

I really love all of you.
Thank you for being so wise and wonderful.
And so forgiving.
Good Night


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Friday February 5, 2010
 For Roamin’ in the Gloamin _ For Fridays in the Snow

I should read that screen one more time
But as you can see I have moved to set three
I am a stranger standing up for what you do
Do you know the power of your complex order?

Where does it say I don’t understand.
I caught the vision at first light
There is no drag on your wings
You fall free and flow.

Ringing away_ at being strong in place
The self fulfilling prophecy_Destiny
Rotated in turn_ to tell the blind
Make me go back. I am not completely here.

Passed_ distractions_ Presently, find me_ lost in place
Losing the losses_ To get over…to begin again.
More…I am whole and completed.
I trust the words that spell out the lines_
… I give to you.

Leaving off_ just here_ On time, and at the end_ of
a not so perfect_ Wondering. Away
Given that you were always living this life. Yours…I say!
Alright! Nice to meet you. Want to impress with_

Something_ a Gift. The Opportunity_ To say_Something
Yes, you are very good and shall keep going, of course.
The complexity of your heart_ Comes into focus_
so well drawn, as to break through the veil. In Time

The mist of being amidst the wanderings of your star.
The bright light above a grove of trees.
Shining silvery-golden spines of beholden requests.
White gold holdings_ Evidences of securities in Faith.

I am no more able to go on, than I am able to begin again.
I have done all_ here now_ what has been for you_ this night.
All_ that a friend_ to your heart, Believes.
Wills_To have it_ Found_ The beauty of your Quest.

To be an Understanding_ Fully given and achieved.
I must end here and hope I have given you_
A touch of your Golden Frame
The picture within Is of solid Fortitude.

Your Way_ Is of Beauty and Depth and Insight.
Great visions_ Greater than We know_ Dream the World around.
Wishing I knew_ Why? I go on_ this way.
I wanted to give You the Everything is Yours_ Speech.

I am _ What I am. Be Good, Carry On_ TR

…the end.

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Sunday January 17, 2010
 A Calling… What Can I Say? _ What Grace…We Have…Here!!

There Is A Blending Here…I can’t say where.
Obviously, I am calling this inspired.
A provocation of my involvement__ Of my otherwise
Call it my delighted sagacity _ A determined brim~sill of rain.

I patrol the night with my duplicity. What gains
If I have found the light_To see_ Through ~ this dark night.
When I try _ I know, I can’t remain_ as I am.
I see the triune and the duality …the lost individuality.

The End of the last light lingers. In the sounding…, Of Who
Waits …If the way left to gain_ the place
From Here… If my brow seriously_ Lights up_ In my certainty.
Another day of left over runnings and reigning in. Going on.

Here___Where I have been___When I know this is all.
All I have ever been. So certain, in this Dylan~esque Enlightening.
Breathing the range and the rover_Of what.. are the gravest days.
To depend on this supply through time…What good sense _It made.

There are so many clues to the entire rewinding.The primitive clock.
In Time…All_In Time… Go_ We forward and without doubt.
Rhyming and sending our throat’s golden affording’s.
Strumming and drumming our true nature’s wonderful light.

This night I am doing as I do___ At once.. and, with all certain
Pointedness, because I must, and because I can_
When I am in Truth __Depending, and certain _ Of the course.
I have made…this way that leads me back to You. Depending.

Of the muse_ Of my Near ~ Uncertainty ~ Invariably ~ Balancing.
In What? This exercise says ‘Is’ Life_ What It Is!..All about
In the corresponding light of_ What goes on _ At the back _ Of Here.
In the purposed dimension of Belief and Hope. Don’t Defy It!

If this be the portal… To what I have _ In commitment done
Then alas..What has been _ By deed and determination
Engendered.. In legacy…A true path.. At once, Remaining__
Clear…I am filled__ By the filling of the day.

What remaining time,Then _ Is fallen_ From distraction _
From the near world _ Which begs me back…With all intention
Alas, I am _This One_ Remaining~ so far away~ from Here.
And I mean in the reality of the near world…My home.

What goes on in here…makes it so hard to play.
But, I must find my ways, so as not.. to go blind.
I am them and they are we, but we are so far away~ from here.
Seriously_ depending on the truth of this kind of dependency.

Listen _You all! I need to find a way_ RightOn!_out of here.
And, I cannot call this ~ My song. if not completely
But, it has been too long…Doctor Dylan…
Thank You for the candle and the light.

And so, I have found my way out of here..for tonight.
And _ As, This is all.. a Thank you_ To Everyone
Who has ever read here and said, Hello!.
I needed to say ~ I appreciate each and every one of you.

Good night! dear souls. What friends! I guess I don’t know how to end.
I thought, at first, I could wrap this around thanking everyone,
But, then it became this, and that’s that…Isn’t it?
I’ll have to read now and see what I have written.

I only see the course remaining _ Of really..Being Here.
The way I am meant to be…Making sense of what I have always
Intended…To remain true to the Hope of Love ..
No matter _ What time remains.

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